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Have you ever quit a campaign because of That Guy being a dick?
also share other stories of leaving campaigns
That guy was the GM in one of the games I was in. He had it out for my little plague rat. I left the game by suiciding into a giant Kaiju who later resulted in a TPK.
My GM killed half the party last week, never playing with that guy again.
>Get invited to a game by a friend to replace a player who quit
>Meet up with everyone except That Guy (he wasn't there for this session).
>Catch up on the plot and decide to make an apprentice wizard from a major academy city the party is about to visit and wants to form an alliance with, plus the party needs an arcane caster anyway (their only casters are a cleric and bard, and they mostly just do healing).
>Next session That Guy shows up.
>DM is introducing my character and having me show them around the city as their representative from the academy, and the head of the academy basically wants me to travel with the party for a bit to see if they're trustworthy and worth making an alliance with.
>It has literally not been 10 minutes yet
>That Guy (playing a Barbarian) proceeds to bitch endlessly about how the plot is "all about the wizard, because DnD is always about wizards"
>That guy decides he hates me, hates the city, hates mages, and when we meet with the academy head he decides to threaten her into an alliance "or else", much to the horror or me and everyone else.
>Instantly gets knocked out and arrested, because he decided to threaten what's basically the equivalent of a countess or queen who's also one of the most powerful mages in the setting and she had the other academy teachers with her.
>We go out of our way to try and persuade her that his actions were just the result of stress from adventuring and travel.
>We literally get him out of jail like 2 hours later (like 10 minutes IRL).
>That guy now basically wants the campaign to be about killing everyone at the academy.
>Spends the next 40 mins vehemently arguing this, and re-bitching about how magic can do everything and the DM is railroading by not instantly letting him kill everyone.
>Glares at me the entire time like this is all my fault
>After the session, I tell the DM flatout that the game isn't for me if That Guy is around.
>Friend tells me this is why the first guy quit too
Another player switched it up on our Dm and decided to do a one shot, our Dm is a player. He plays a young wizard who has graduated from the wizards college at age 12 who was kicked out so he could get some real experience, but he says it's just because they were intimidated by him.
He attempts to "Role play" by screaming at random intervals and acting like an autist. Party ends up sneaking up on a camp, I'm playing a knight in full plate armor, I say I act as a distraction or just walk with someone as they go up and talk to the group in the camp. He asks if I trust him, I say no. He goes "OK I cast polymorph on anon." Uses his wizards whatever the fuck it's called to make my roll a 4. So of course I fail. He turns me into a rabbit, acts like an ass in front of the enemies, our party casts fireball from behind a bush directly in the center of the camp. That guy goes "I throw the rabbit in the fire." I got up and left right there. I said I couldn't do this and I left. He calls me childish and says to act my age, I need to talk to him alone in private if I had a problem with him.
Still get mildly irritated if I think about it late at night.
I was once such a That Guy that a year long campaign died.

Yes. My PC had a cute Automata / gynoid maiden he sort of had a thing for. Then she abruptly revealed that she was fucking another PC, and that she thought of my character as her best friend.

That pissed me off but good. I'm pretty sure the other PC deliberately did it to spite me.

What would the stats or Big Boss look like?
Wow, kill yourself any time
File: salutt.jpg (92 KB, 610x346)
92 KB
>17 strength
>16 dexterity
>18 constitution
>14 wisdom
>15 intelligence
>12 charisma
Tbh turning you into a rabbit would probably a clever way to sneak your big ass knight into the camp, if he tried to do that instead
>Big Boss
>12 Charisma
Nigga what
Would his wisdom be that high? He completely ruined the bosses ideal. Also his charisma should be higher or lower. People seem to instantly like him but he acts autistic.
why is the rest of the group still enduring him?
I have no idea. I didn't really know the DM personally, and the friend that invited me ended up dropping out a few weeks later, so I don't really have any ties to the group anymore.
The big boss's personal charisma is disastrously low. How ever, he has great wisdom and intellect with a keen focus on battle and the politics of a global war machine. Katz and ocelot recognized this and started a cult of personality around big boss. They're the key influencers, they're the ones keeping people loyal. They hold big boss up as a deific figure and all of his soldiers simply hold a huge amount of faith in him, and for good reason. None of this means the man himself is charismatic, only that is wise enough to surround himself with those who are.
you getting the news from one eyeball. For all we know the group as a whole has hated the railroading and things were coming to a head why before this. OR the GM is so magic is best/melee bad no one else thinks about playing a tank. They had TWO healers after all. So I can tell something is off by that.
I'll take "This never happened" for 500 Alex
Yeah but when you're going to end up confronting the encampment anyways why would you put the tank in a position that they could end up losing a fuckton of their life you know? I think I'm still just pissy about me saying in a non joking manner that I did not want to have the spell cast on me, and he fucking did it. This is the same DM that gave us a lecture about casting spells on party members when the bard cast Friends on our sorcerer that wasn't cooperating.
>Have you ever quit a campaign because of That Guy being a dick?

Oh, plenty of times. I've probably left about 8 games on Roll20 because of shit players.

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