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What advice would you give for someone who has just gotten into the hobby?
Depends on the system
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There's something for everyone. Try to find your niche, and help other people to find theirs.

It may take some time and courage to discover what you love, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore options.
Go to somewhere other than /tg/ for advice. A large chunk of people on /tg/ don't play roleplaying games. In addition, you get some really stupid ideas floating around here which have quite a bit of credence. The cult of the Roll is probably the worst of that.
Stay away from /tg/
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It's not too late, get out while you still can, kid.
1- If possible, dont DM unless you have to. Learn the rules and mechanics. If you are interested, work with the DM to design a basic encounter and run it. It can be a very basic dungeon crawl. For example:
>"our cemetary keeps being disturbed, find the culprit"
>follow the trail of fresh dirt or whatever
>goes to a cave guarded by a zombie or something
>low-level necromancer is experimenting

That type of quest is easily self-contained and wouldnt interrupt the main DMs story or DM NPCs.

2- if you are a player, make sure you know what you CAN do. There are many players who waste their characters potential by not doing their homework. Learn your abilities well and how they can interact, as well as combos with the greater party.

3- "to the squeaky wheel goes the grease". Basically, you have to make your character present. Dont sit in silence for 4 hours only to ask why no-one asks your opinion, player dialogue is integral to advancing the story and characterization.

4- DMs want a backstory they can work with, not a Tolkein-tier tome. A backstory can be functional and still be a single double-spaced page with 12-point font. Just make sure key parts are exploitable. Dont copy-paste from Anime for the love of all that is holy, because I know you browse /tg/ Trevor and I'm not accepting a character synopsis copy-pasted from the Bleach wiki.

5-Melee builds in any RPG tend to be easy to make with straightforward abilities.. but hard to put together right, especially if a caster-type class outshines you and you really need to power-game to keep up.

6- make sure you understand how initiative, damage, and defense work. Those are the things that tend to lead to arguements. Does the Defender win a tie? KNOW THAT ANSWER.

7- Know what the DM expects in terms of tone, ideally negotiated with you guys. Dont be "that guy" aka "lmao so RANDOM xD" if the table expects a serious tone. If it's light hearted romps a la a Saturday morning cartoon, relax.
Start with GURPS before you lower your RPG tastes with trite like D&D.
>he's new
>start him with GURPS

I mean, I don't think D&D is ideal to start, but I really don't thing GURPS is much better. It's okay, but a rules-light RPG game may be better, or even just a straight-up starter pre-baked Module just to get his feet wet before he jumps into the whole thing.
Bit late for that, my group runs Pathfinder and Paranoia.
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Start with D&D. You already know how to play D&D. It's LotR. It's WoW. It's babby's first RPG.

Just don't stick with D&D. When you start houseruling to tweak D&D, it's time to drop the whole system. There are other worlds than these. At least try out FATE and Savage Worlds.

And don't listen to faggots on the internet. If we knew what were talking about, we'd be playing a game right now instead of trolling 4chan.
don't worry about being good
worry about being fun
get out of the hobby
Dude I started with GURPS 3e when I was 15 with no one but me and the pile of torrented books. It's not that hard.
Yeah, and look where you ended up.

On /tg/.
I'm on /tg/ to ask questions about GURPS my dude. I play tabletop regularly
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1. Don't be weird.
2. Other people will be weird, don't let a bad experience turn you off the hobby.
3. Good groups do exist, they're rare though. Treasure them because nothing good lasts forever.
4. No game is better than a bad game.
5. Don't let yourself get stuck into one system. Encourage your group to try new settings and systems.
6. The first time you do char gen in a new system do it by hand. It helps to learn the system a lot. Once you understand it you can use generators and tools.
7. Consider trying out one-shot games first. They're easier to organize and don't have the level of commitment a full campaign does.
8. Have fun.
Not >>55840453

I guess I may have just had a bad experience with GURPS, the DM was bad at explaining things though.

Personally I llike FATE, it's very easy to get into, but really relies on a solid/flexible GM.
This is all great advice too.

>Don't be weird

>Other people will be weird
Best social advice ever given for this hobby

This x1,000,000. Don't hate your hobby.

>Don't let yourself get stuck into one system
This is also fantastic. This is why people bitch and complain about 3.5- getting their group to play anything fucking different is often as hard as pulling teeth.
My progression went: 3.5 >> D20 modern (forgive me, for I have sinned) >> Call of Cthulhu >> Firefly Cortex >> Palladium Rifts >> D6 Star Wars >> FFG Star Wars >> Savage Worlds >> 5e

Try everything you can.
Trust the GM. He is not your enemy. He wants to make a fun encounter/event/campaign. It the story takes an odd turn or things dont go as you think they should, roll with it.
What are these comics?
GURPS is deceptively easy to play. If you can get over the hump of character creation, the basic system is intuitive and easy to follow. GURPS does a great job of supplying the GM with guidelines to make quick rulings, and with actual rules to help establish tone and consistency. The main strength to GURPS is that it's extremely easy to monkey around with different rules to see what works. A competent GM can run a GURPS game that doesn't feel like it's trying to be a simulation, while a shitty one has a tendency to become too focused on the rules.

I suggest reading through the Basic Set yourself, honestly, and picking up books that you think would be interesting to look through. Even if you don't play GURPS, GURPS books have a wealth of knowledge that can be used for any other system.
/tg/ explained.

So how is Rifts?
>And don't listen to faggots on the internet. If we knew what were talking about, we'd be playing a game right now instead of trolling 4chan.
This is the only good advice in this entire thread.

OP, just go do it and figure it out as you go. Don't listen to anything else we pathetic fucks have to say. If we knew half the shit we say we do, we'd be out there doing shit instead of fucking off on 4chan.
My group played a heavily modified variant, borrowing from several RIFTs books while fully ignoring about 50% of the text, because the writer ranges from "autistically detail-oriented" to "clearly this was written as a joke but it isn't landing".

It was actually a lot of fun. The problem is, Rifts is written in a VERY dense format, filled with charts that you may use only once in the entire game, if at all, and can be pretty punishing. But a lot the mechanics are actually pretty good. The action economy is pretty nice, relying on action points instead of "one maneuver, one attack per round". You can spend it on things like Dodging or Full auto fire, or just extra movement. But the limited action points make you really think about how you want to spend a round; do you take "Burst" for the sweet x3 damage bonus, or do you want to save action points to Dodge because of the Sniper up on the tower?

It has a LOT of potential, and if it was written by almost anyone else it would be a legitimately awesome system. But the writer needs a seriously stronger editor, but I suppose that's what happens when it's basically one guy in his garage.
Avoid D&D. That includes Pathfinder. And all other published d20 System products.
Try to with the flow. Dont be an asshole to people. If people are shitty or creepy it's okay to leave or not come back. Remember that no one player or group represents the hobby. You might have to shop around to find what you like.
>the basic system is intuitive and easy to follow.
As long asvyour GM isn't a pedantic rules lawyer who obsessively references the books for their 400 million optional charts and mechanics.

Like how every GURPS player ever does.

Saying GURPS is simple if you ignore most of the rules is like saying heavy metal music is melodic if you play it without distortion. Technically true, ultimately meaningless.

That's unfortunate. I feel like Swords & Wizardry delivers a more focused, leaner classic D&D experience.
>Like how every GURPS player ever does.
t. man who does not play GURPS
>Discuss what everyone wants from a game before playing

>Try different systems and settings. Don't get stuck to the first one you happen to play.

>Try playing and GMing with different people.

>When you run into disagreements with your group, talk about them like an adult.

>Have fun.

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