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"Pull up a seat adventurer, and tell us a story of your exploits."

Post your characters, what they're like, what their stories are like, share art, whatever you like.

Keep it friendly.
File: Caeri art.png (3.39 MB, 2963x2907)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
Caeri is a runaway princess who went off to Chult in order to find the Soulmonger hoping to become a hero like her father.

Caeri generally is really immature (or rather, acts her age) and see's the world through rose-colored glasses given her age. That said, she's a surprisingly good fighter due to a draconic lineage.

Most of what Caeri's done so far is get into an argument with two guides over who owns a triceratops, cuck the party rogue at least thrice completely by accident and kill an undead T-rex in one turn of combat due to a bunch of lucky rolls.

Is having a bit of issues with PTSD now that she saw half the party wipe.
File: medieval mask.jpg (50 KB, 458x458)
50 KB
Wild Sorcrerer. Made it for a short campaign. "Allanor" when he's in a good mood, "Zeromus" when he's pissed.
He wears a mask and can't take it out. He constantly lies for no good reason and likes to be flashy. He also constantly changes personality -- sometimes he's naive, sometimes he's megalomaniacal. Either way, the man loves gambling. All of his body is covered by gloves and clothes.
He refuses to talk about the past, so he pretends to be amnesic when people try to talk about things that have already happened, even though he's not.

I got bored of him quickly but the other players loved him. Wild Sorcerer is not as fun as people made it look like - I prefer methodical strategic combat, like Battlemaster.

Pic related, but it's a hood instead of a helmet.
One of my first characters was a cleric in chainmail and metal kite shield. We were in a pub and the DM was harassing our party with a creature who could dimension door through every reflective surface. I concluded that I needed to do something to make my shield nonreflective, so I said, "I bend over and take a dump on my shield." The monster teleported there just in time to attack my bare bum and I died from an ass critical.
File: Nimladrie.jpg (98 KB, 850x444)
98 KB
Nimladrie (or Nim for short) grew up in an orphanage run by a church of Cayden Cailean and eventually became a cleric. As soon as she was old enough to leave, she began on a journey to see new places, meet different people, drink all the drinks and spread the word of Cayden.

Nim is helpful to a fault and hates the use of violence. She would much rather solve problems with words, believing in the good of all people and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. She is slowly coming to realize this cannot always be the case.

Early in her travels, while still new to drinking in taverns, she drank too much and blacked out. When she awoke the next morning, she found she'd sworn a blood oath but to whom and for what, she could not remember. Her only clue was of an adventurer's guild in a walled off city. She traveled there and joined the guild in the hopes of finding more about her oath and hopefully fulfilling it.

After a series of mundane quests from the guild with a diverse group of adventurers, she ended up getting stuck with a cursed amulet that prevents her from dying but at the cost of someone else's life. Shortly afterwards she then discovered to whom she shared her blood oath with. Turns out it was a rogue psychopomp masquerading as a gang leader. He's attempting to become the new god of death and plans to make her his new reaper.
Damon Noptereche. after learning of my noble family's history of monster hunting he trained every day to restore his family's lost reputation. Eventually he joined an organization devoted to fighting vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures and his first mission was sent to hunt down an evil necromancer. His friends died one by one until they got to the heart of the dark wizards lair and after the battle he vowed to study the arcane in order to further combat these dreadful spellcasters who create evil monsters. Now he is travelling with a druid, a ranger and a barbarian and has just returned to his family's estate after being infected with lycanthropy in hopes to find some long hidden tome in the estates library that could lead to a cure.
File: Grey.jpg (122 KB, 720x1110)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Grey The Warden
D&D 4e. Grey was a dragonborn Warden with a magic long sword that did lightning damage on crit named Cleave. Traveled with some nutty fucks and all became good friends. Grey and friends become minor lords and shit. The party's Wizard a Eladrin named Randolf made a pact with a Magma Dragon. He's soul for more magic power and becoming lawful evil. Grey and the groups cleric are lawful good. Grey and Clericman hunt down Randolf on top of a volcano. Clericman pulls some bullshit item shit and stuns Randolf. Grey walks up to him tells him that he loved him like a brother and then beats he's head in with Cleave's hilt.

Stats: (was our DM's first time so we where broke as shit even for 4e)
Level 12

File: snatcher.jpg (316 KB, 1432x1888)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Mickey is a bugbear monk who was slated to be executed when his mother was tracked back to his siblings and him after stealing a child for dinner. After his noose snapped it was taken as an omen by the prison friar who sent him to a monastery in order to instill a peaceful nature in the creature. While it had been successful he ventured out of the monastery due to what he believed was a divine message.
The separation from the monastery has led him to begin to indulge in his more savage nature, and while he still seeks peace, he is becoming more and more open to force as a means to an end.
Pic related is because with last level up he has a free grapple with punches combined with his existing disengage so his fighting style is less drunken master and more tackle someone, maul them, and then carry them off.
Amafrey Belmont was a noble in not!Constantinople. She ran a very successful brothel business and got mixed up with a pirate, two assassins and a slaver and ened up killing the king and becoming Empress. (She also got to nail her own sister)
File: 28.jpg (44 KB, 564x797)
44 KB
forgot pick
>Wild Sorcerer is not as fun as people made it look like

preach it
Its so underwhelming. I remember leveling up and seeing all the shit the Draconic bloodline got, then being disappointed when wild magic got shit.
KYS my dude
File: 1515326161031.jpg (67 KB, 499x755)
67 KB
Lukas is a former mercenary who recently joined the party.
He's a seasoned soldier and the only one in the party who has some degree of experience in the adventurer's life. When there's a job to be done he makes sure to do it correctly and to always get paid for it.
He's very confident of his skills to the point of being boastful and coming from a background of criminality knows a couple of dirty tricks.
Morally speaking he's pretty much superficial, he enjoys drinking, smoking, gambling and women, he cares mostly about profit and his gear, especially his bastard sword which he named "Betsy".
File: SDS Diane.png (1.14 MB, 707x1000)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Saga the Strong from a post-apoc nWoD campaign currently going on. She was a normal girl until about the age of 13 when puberty hit her like a burning tanker, getting more and more rebellious with her parents as she grew more and more out of the norm (Giant merit, she's 7'6" as of the beginning of the campaign.)
She ran away from home and took up the name of Saga after finding a book with the word in the title, as is the norm at this time. She got in with a gang and learned to fight and do other general thuggery from them, being the bodyguard of the boss by the time the campaign started 15 years after joining.
Pic semi-related as Diane is the stand-in for her appearance while I work on fleshing her out more. She's basically a giant brawler and has already killed a magically-altered wolf with effectively a single punch.
File: the_faggots_three.png (488 KB, 1497x1110)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
Hester, Ashiok and Otho are the three PCs in my current campaign.

Hester is a hot-blooded human cleric and Kossuth's biggest fan. Orphaned at a young age, he joined a band of mercenaries that suffered a terrible fate. He received a sign from Kossuth, was reborn through flame, and found new purpose. He has a soft spot for animals, especially his horse, Jessup, and will kill anyone that tries to touch her. Hester met Ashiok just outside of a capital city and was given a magical artifact from Ashiok imbued with his God's essence. He's taken this as another sign from Kossuth, and has stuck by the tiefling ever since. He was brought into the campaign originally as having been thrown in a labyrinth of death by the BBEG and his real goal is to kill the BBEG, but he's not suicidal enough to try just yet.

Ashiok, the tiefling warlock, is the reincarnation of the PCs first character. He suffers from amnesia, and has been slowly unraveling his character's history. Turns out he was cursed by an evil hag who has tried and failed to enslave him and his soul. His main quest is to discover the identity of the hag who's responsible for his sore lot in life, but gets distracted easily. Hence how our dynamic duo met the last character.

Otho started out as an NPC for a murder mystery. He's a halfling bard, egocentric, foul-mouthed and the only thing he loves more than performing is his mother. It's a story too long for the character limit, but he killed his father and 6 other nobles in the city before Ashiok and Hester were recruited to investigate. When he tried escaping apprehension, he had the extreme misfortune of trying to steal Hester's horse. The cleric didn't kill him, but when he and Ashiok caught him, Hester cut the tendons on his hand, crippling the musician. Ashiok interrogated the perp, and was surprised by how sympathetic his motives were. When he found out Otho was being tortured indefinitely in the city dungeons he resolved to break him out.
File: .png (735 KB, 621x833)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
An old man from a cold land who learned pyromancy to make life bearable for him and others
He fell in love with a fair girl, went to war,got imprisonned for 15 years after burning the face of an officer who made him (unkowingly) kill women and children.
After he escaped he came back to his homeland the girl was already dead waiting for him
He now wanders, trying to help people in need of warmth while trying to find other non destructive uses for his fire magic
File: 250px-Dini.jpg (26 KB, 250x408)
26 KB
Sister Maria, Drow Life Cleric

Orphan who was raised by nuns and priest. She had a natural affinity with healing magic, became a fully qualified phyiscan before her 75th birthday. Strong supporter of the Healing god and served good where she went. Found some adventurers, went on whacky adventures, spread the word of love and joy.

In one session she was sent to a farm to investigate weird magic. She used dancing lights to bring joy to the farmer's many children, got inspiration for that.

In another session she met another girl of a rival religious order. Got into a pissing contest and called the other girl a bitch. Felt bad about it later and apologised. Bitch didn't back down so Maria socked her.

One of my favourite characters.
Inherently a good person who wants to bring joy and happiness to the world around her. Also still like a 14 year old girl and wants to do 14 year old girl things. Snark older people, sht talk bitches, buy pretty things, etc.

A fun role play character.
File: iuYAOfIr.jpg (69 KB, 1456x1456)
69 KB
This here is David Dinsdale, the mage who just wanted a normal life.

Without going too much into his backstory, he found himself forced to join a Night's Watch-type unit: a lifelong post, fighting the undead far away from civilization, the whole deal.

Over the course of his time with the unit, he developed a taste for orcish cuisine, saw a halfling recruit get cut in half on his first mission, had one of squadmates ascend as a god's angel, and, most importantly, got married to a fellow recruit (a half-elf by the name of Annie) due to a fear of death and wanting to make the best out of what time he did have.

Additionally, he would die four times over the course of his service with the unit.

The first time was the worst for him: the party was supposed to head back to the main outpost to retrieve a giant bomb, but they got distracted by an apparent trap on the way. While everybody was busy, an undead halfling rogue ran up and stabbed him good a few times, killing him.

Now, David had just been cursed by that thing's god, who apparently had plans for anybody that was cursed, and his soul was promptly sent back to his body. Once they did arrive at base, he was sent to the medical tent for inspection.

His wife apparently caught word that he died and was in the tent (but nothing else), so she immediately ran over. After seeing he was alive, she started to cry, and told him that she just learned that she was pregnant.

After the mission was completed, he decided to try to see if the devil would be willing to make a deal to help him and his wife escape the unit: as it turns, his soul's value went down due to dying, and turned down a counteroffer for his son's soul.

Fast forward a bit, the party's on a mission to retrieve advanced tech from an ancient spire, which happens to be right in the middle of a country that the normal army's invading. Unfortunately for us, the undead made a pact with the nation in question, and gave them some of the tech.

I read that Doug Dimmadome
Furthermore, they'd sent some reinforcements to help that nation in their fight, including a vampire sorcerer to lead their elite troops.

Now, this vampire was able to take control of quite a few of us at varying points, resulting in David getting coup de grace'd twice by his own allies- fortunately for him, he came prepared, and had bought talismans that restored the dead.

After waking up from the second death of the day, he decided that he didn't want to leave his wife and child to fend for themselves, so he rang up the devil again; this time, he offered a soul from another plane.

As it turns, after the first death, one of the undead gods' souls had hitched a ride with David's into his body, which he discovered during his subsequent deaths.

Given that the other gods were debating on whether to help fight the undead, this soul was valuable bargaining chip.

Unfortunately, the soul was also kind of bound to David's as a result of his curse, so the devil made a counteroffer: enter the devil's service as his mortal champion and give him both souls, and in turn, David's soul wouldn't be condemned to hellfire like anybody else who traded their soul, the vampire would stop threatening the party, the effects of the curse would be supressed, and his wife and child could live in the devil's palace as "honored guests" to keep them out of the unit.

He didn't really catch onto the fact that this last part made his family hostages to keep him in line, so he accepted, and got out of the unit.
That's what my party referred to him at first, funnily enough.
Fang of the Thunderhill Tribe who worship a bear spirit named Nuri. So named after the object he used to secure his first kill on a hunt; the fang of the wolf who ambushed him.

A barbarian of the path of the Bear, Fang is setting out on a cross between a holy rampage and a pilgrimage as he follows prophetic dreams in which Nuri appears to him, guiding him in his quest to become a shaman for his tribe.

Eschewing such mundane things as gold and luxury, he stands out compared to his more wealthy and fragile teammates and is the frontline combatant, caving in heads, crushing armoured foes and shattering the undead with his Kanabo, which are honoured weapons in his tribe and made from the lumber of the Great Trees that his tribe protect, something that has brought them into conflict with some of the more greedy lumberjacks and manufacturers. It’s a weapon he has trained with all his life, and can wield as masterfully as a duellist with an epee, despite gruff appearances.

Picture pending, have a Hero Model
That is quite a dong that dude has got there. Goes excellently with the Leather Viking theme though.

7/10 would twink
That's a cool model. Did you make it yourself?
File: Doppelganger.jpg (281 KB, 720x998)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
The Doppelganger is a shapeshifting part-time mercenary part-time supervillain. He can perfectly replicate people, from he smallest birth mark to the most subtle scar, nothing goes unnoticed. Furthermore, he is quite cautious. He stalks his targets for weeks and studies every phonetic feature they posess, as well as theit typical phrases and body gestures.
He used to be an skilled actor so, he can improvise and fake emotions. His deception skills are currently unmatched and the group often loses sight of him. He announces his presence by shifting an easy-to-miss feature of his target, such as a small change on the color of his skin, slightly big shoulders, etc.
He is currently tracking a bartender and he will prob replace him a couple of days. Or maybe he already did. It's hard to tell who is who so, whenever the Doppelganger is around, everyone's paranoid. Which isn't good becouse fear is quite easy to imitate.


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