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Goof evening you 'nuckle'eads and grots.

Humies, little frail space dweebs, those 'tupid bugs, and every other git whiny about something called a "FAQ".

I 'unno wat all this screaming and wailing is about but nothing changed much for us looks like boyz. If anything, those pesky, bloody, grots and lazy boyz been in tip 'op shape..

Grab your Squig-brew, a bag of Fungal friez and let's party like it's 39999
Me ladz 'ave been nappin' fer a while and are itchin' fer a scrap.

But da Boss ain't sure wot 'e wants ter bring fer krumpin' gits:

Dat flash choppa wot 'Eadwoppa used to swing about, or a good ol' fashioned Power Klaw.

Way I figger it, da choppa's good enough fer... er, choppin' most fings, but da Boss has it in fer dem walky-bots wot keep smashin' his bike up, an' he thinks a proppa klaw would do da trick.

Wots a lad to do?

(Non-Ork speak: Headwoppa's Killchoppa on a Warboss or just a Klaw? With the CA Warlord trait an S14 Klaw seems just the trick for the dreadnoughts my buddy likes to try and drop pod onto my boss, but it's just flipping the hit and wound rolls around. Meanwhile the Killchoppa will still wound most dreads easily enough without the CA trait and he can take Legendary Fighter instead for an extra attack when he charges for more chances to roll a 6 on wounds)
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Oi! I sawz Mad Dok Grotsnik atta mek's garage on Armageddon yestaday. I tol' 'im how proppa it wuz ta meet 'im inna flesh, but I ain’t wanna be a snotlin' and bovva 'im and aks 'im for gubbinz or anythin'. 'e sayz, “Oi, like ya doin' now?” I wuz right gobsmakked, and alls I sayz wuz “wot?” but 'e kep' cuttin' me ovv an' goin' “wot? wot? wot?” and closin' 'is klaw shut in fronna me gob. I walk'd ovv and kontinued wiv my lootin', and I hears 'im laffin' as I zogged ovv. When I came ta pay for me stuvv up fronna sees 'im tryin' ta walk out da doorz wiv like fifteen Juicy Squigs innis mitz wivout payin'. The grot atta counta wuz right weedy about it an' professhunal, and wuz like “Dok, ya needa hand over sum teef for 'em foist.” At foist 'e kep' actin' mad an' not 'ear 'im, but evenshully turned back around an' brought 'em ta da counta. When 'e took onnuva squigs and started scannin' it a buncha timez, 'e krumped 'im an' tol' 'im to scan 'em each indivishually “ta prevent any gestalt infetterence,” an' den turned around an' winked at me. I don’t even fink datsa word. Afta 'e scanned each squig and put 'em inna bag and started ta say da price, 'e kep' interruptin' 'im by yellin' really loudly.
Oi ye grot! Iz woz at da lokal mek shop fer a brand new shoota wen iz saw wot ‘e woz doin in ‘iz shop! Da git woz buildin’ a big teleyporta fing, an wen ‘e pushed da button it summoned lotza weird red spiky gitz wif Red ‘ot choppas an zoggin long ‘eads
If ye haf da waaghbanna is good for powerklawing gits (because negates the -1 to hit)

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