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File: Veolcity_cover_03.png (606 KB, 766x1000)
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Howdy folks, and happy Mother's Day. This is Mr. Blue Sky, lead developer for VeloCITY - The Wind in Your Hair, a /tg/ homebrew system inspired by Jet Set Radio, Air Gear and the like about shredding pavement and shredding vinyl.

As always, you can always find the latest version of the system at 1d4chan.org/wiki/VeloCITY

Today marks the release of version 1.42, and this time, I can't take full credit for the update. Thanks to the efforts of Taco, a fellow on the VeloCITY Discord (discord.gg/t8FxpWm), the document now has some much needed color added to it, with the addition of PICTURES! I'm a writer, not a graphic designer, so credit to him for reaching out, finding some good art, and interspersing it throughout the document. Now you don't have to look at just pages and pages of text any more.

As always, any feedback, stories, characters, or anything else on your mind is always welcome. You can join the Discord and sling some ideas around as well; I'm almost always present there, as well as plenty of other good folks willing to hang out. Enjoy!
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Sup faggot. Good to see you're still keeping at it.
Oh man, I remember reading this back in 2011! Awesome to see it's still going strong. I'm gonna have to get a group together for this!
Howdy y'all, Taco's here. I'm glad to help out with such a dope project. In the spirit of trying to add more content I've also made a character sheet for the game, something lacking for awhile. You can find it attached to this post or on the 1d4chan page.
You're quite literally the ideal of what a /tg/ dev should be.
And proof that, yes, the best way to get '/tg/' to get something done is to take it off the board ASAP and cook it to completion on your own.

Keep up the absolutely legendary work.
I appreciate that, thank you.
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File: AirGear1.png (824 KB, 1280x800)
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File: Roller Polis.jpg (42 KB, 500x667)
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Yeah I've never actually played but being around for those early threads means I get a nostalgia pang every time Mr Blue turns back up.
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So, anyone have any stories to share? Every time I see this game brought up all a I hear is.


Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Looks, and sounds, like a really fun game! I'm going to snag a copy for use next time I need a one-shot.

Many thanks to you and your team for your ongoing work!
File: 1454918199333.gif (1.72 MB, 500x281)
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File: 1515287748940.jpg (72 KB, 608x651)
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I've been wanting to run this for a while, but I won't be able to until I finish running another game with my players that we can only manage to play once every couple weeks.
I'm glad you're still at it, nignoramus. Maybe I'll actually find an opportunity to play this one of these days. Hope springs eternal.
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Whoa holy shit this thing's still going?
Damn, you do a god's work Blue.
I feel almost obligated to stat out a Chun-Li expy just to use that picture.
File: 1510213517805.jpg (71 KB, 1000x1000)
71 KB
>Hanako Sakazaki
>Law School Karateka, Doting Sister
>19, 5'5", A
>Full-blood Japanese

BODY/Strength: 4
>Stamina: 3
>Resilience: 3
>Coordination: 3
>Brawl: 4
SPEED/Agility: 4
>Reaction: 3
MIND/Balance: 3
>Academics: 3
>Acumen: 2
SOUL/Grit: 2
>Awareness: 2
>Willpower: 2

>Health: 80
>Energy: 60

>[P] Sakazaki-ryuu Kenpo: +1 to all skirmish-related checks when fighting unarmed
>[P] Is That Legal?: +1 to all social and knowledge checks of a legal nature
>[A, 5 EN] You Lack Discipline: Grant a +2 bonus to an ally's Willpower check

>"Gale Winds" inline skates
>Couple bags of granola
>$325 USD

>Being a girl doesn't change that Hanako is the eldest of three children and thusly poised as heir to both her father Shouichi's family dojo and prominent law practice. While she inherits a sense of justice and goodwill that carries her onward, her parents always expect the best from her and to excel at all things she puts her mind to. The family relocated to Velo City for new opportunities and to give the Sakazaki kids the best education possible. The pressure is intense: between being a sophomore in college at Velo University heading to law school, maintaining the dojo, living up to the family name and also watching out for her two younger brothers, Koga and Ryuji, both entering high school, she's liable to fall apart at any moment with how much weight she carries. Aching for an outlet, a chance encounter with a couple Black Roses - whom she promptly beat up for bullying another girl getting ganged up on - introduced Hanako to the underground, a world that fascinates her. The irony of participating in ostensibly illegal activities while studying law herself is not lost on her and, in fact, is surprisingly delicious. When the pressures of family, school, and legacy grow to be too much, the underground serves as an escape. For how long, though, she can't say for certain.
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File: 1501139609451.png (2.42 MB, 1600x1600)
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File: latest.gif (43 KB, 250x150)
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Now I'm just picturing the spinning bird kick as an actual aerial trick and its fucking fantastic.
File: 1501091020822.jpg (113 KB, 850x850)
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File: a2612811458_16.jpg (55 KB, 700x700)
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I had fun just reading these rules
Hope I can bring this to my group
File: 1509484680415.png (208 KB, 700x500)
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File: 1419983112057.png (118 KB, 384x256)
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File: RAD.jpg (104 KB, 500x604)
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I been reading the pdf and I have question; how do I determine how much soul a character should have?

Shouldn't all rudies have at least 3 soul? maybe I just need to have the stat better defined.
I'm def gonna have to check this out when I can.

Also am I the only one who dropped Air Gear when it got REALLY stupid? Apparently it was to be expected by the Mangaka but...
Avoiding having a core stat of 1 is generally good practice, I like to think.
yeah of course, but that wasn't what I was asking.

Like if my character only has 2 soul does that mean he has no passion? is it a representation of how alive a person is?
>does that mean he has no passion?
Not necessarily. Maybe they just find it harder to express their creativity because they don't know how to do it.
oh okay
I'm glad you liked reading them. I hope things weren't too dense and that the short stories were good to read. I'm always eager to read replays/game reports.
Someone here has to have played the system by now. Any stories?
File: 1395932741532.jpg (915 KB, 1220x1664)
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Air Gear was dumb

But like, the dumb fun kinda dumb
File: 1399686714852.jpg (259 KB, 800x670)
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259 KB JPG
That pic looks a bit boyish.

I should make a trap character!
File: 1417580818589.jpg (322 KB, 754x1005)
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File: 1380218073805.png (12 KB, 300x250)
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