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Ok, I think I just had a CUHRAZEE idea.

Devil May Cry Tabletop
>But OP we've done that a dozen times and they were all lame

DMC Tabletop that uses card game mechanics to create the combos in combat.

Imagine each player having a deck of cards representing their skills, equipment, taunts, defenses, and finishers, alongside a few simple stats. Most cards have two modes to them, such as "basic slash [claymore], deal 1 damage to a target, draw a card, you may play another [claymore] card this turn. Put this card onto the combo stack" as well as "Pinwheel Slicer [claymore] - Discard four cards from the combo stack, deal 8 damage to a target and knock them [airborne] (aka, loses their next turn unless they are a flier)".

Damage from enemies would both hit the player HP, as well as their combo stack to deplete it and keep them off their big hits. Taunts would end your turn but would let you put cards from your discard/deck into your combo stack.

Throw in some dodges/ripostes so you can whip them out of your hand like yugi moto and negate attacks

The main short coming i see right now is that it assumes everyone is as crazy as dante and simply wont be impeded by something like an athletics check. Also no social skills
Another thought im sitting on is the idea that a given piece of equipment has say, 20 TYPE cards (this is a sword, you can use sword techniques) and X SPECIFIC Cards (this is the Queen's Rose, it has these abilities) and what you can put into your deck is up to 20 cards in any combination of them

This would give quite a bit of versatility in play even with limited cards, if you give me the assumption that I could balance the cards.
Why does Sephiroth have a gun?
I mean it seems like you're better off just making it into a full card game rather than trying to have the card game fit into a tabletop rpg.
Well, what do you think is the overlap or disjoint between such a card system and ttrpg? I feel like there is a population on tg convinced thar combat is the least relevant part of roleplaying, even though its like 90% of the time you spend at the table

I want combat to be fun
not him, but with the system you're suggesting, you can only handle combat, which will limit greatly roleplaying abilities. Plus it seems very dependant on deck building, which is not something most RPG players will want to delve into.

I still think this system is fucking rad though. It would make for one kickass card game, with both players trying to out combo each other.
Why not something speed- or reaction-based?
As in physical player dexterity?
Yup. Throw darts at a dartboard, try to catch a succession of thrown balls, or just try to hit the GMs hand before he pulls away.
I for one think that sounds like cancer and will lead to one person always being the best
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Probably, unless you measure their rate of success and base their personal difficulty off that.
That's not a great idea. First it will be super hard to handle different levels of difficulty. Second it will quickly end up with the most dexterous guy rekting everyone else, and that's not RPGs are about : they are about escapism.
Usually in a ttrpg that uses a card system, a standard playing card deck is used. Generally, it's that way in order to be a simple enough substitution for dice. There are also some board games that use unique cards for items and spells (like HeroQuest) but in those cases, it is to simplify what the players need to keep track of and the combat isn't actually based on the card system. At the point where you are making a card based combat system for your tabletop system, and the cards themselves are not just a regular playing card deck, is when you have to consider if it would be better to just focus on the card game aspect. That isn't to say you couldn't have this card game work as part of the ttrpg, just that for what you seem to be going for (a deck building based, combo and counter-play centric card battle system), it seems better suited as a standalone thing.
Also what >>60794567 said.
Although now I'm imagining using UNO cards for some reason as the deck used in a card combat system
For you, maybe. I just like playing games
Now we're talking.
I wonder if i should just be full entrepenuer about this and treat it kind of like a living card game with expansion packs with new items and new bosses, built with an autonomous Dungeon Mode, but also containing "so you want to play a roleplaying game"
So is the general consensus that this would be a fun and functional core of a game?
>*neatly severs finger tendons*
>Damn, sorry buddy. I'll take that 80$ you bet now. GG
Yeah if you fleshed out the mechanics it could work pretty well.
there is an spanish game that is CUHRAAZEE made real.

The name is AKUMA and is pretty similar to ANIMA. And i think they want to publish on english in the future.

In the game you have various action points. You consume one to attack and the rest can be used to do diferente combos.

Depending if you have sorcery , strong attacks or swift attacks or firearms. You have options to difefferent combo modifiers.

So for example something simple would be i hit as hard as posible:
Attack + Strong+combo+ stun

Strong is a modifier that adds dmg
combo is a modifier that adds dmg and has to be used between effects
Stun is a modifier that makes your attack stun the target

Another one would be i want to hit in the head of someone with my rapier (im faster so i have more actions)

Attack+aim+combo+attack location+combo+fast attack

Aim is to offset the attack location penalty
Attack location lets you attacks to the head, arm ,legs... Geting diferent effects
Fast attack is the modifier to add more dmg in swifts attacks.

This is the basics: you have combat styles, classes related stuff, animu powers, sorcery ,psionics.

And its has its own CUHRAAZEE edgy setting. Pretty fun if you like crunchy and weaboo games.
That sounds borderline "option overload"

Still sounds cool though
It is and its super complicated to understand at first.
But is well balance and plays fast after 3 or 4 sessions.
Does it result in fighters using the exact same attack every single turn because its the optimized attack?
>A DMC tabletop game has been done, bach of times and has always been lame.
Can you please post or link some examples? I only know of a Dungeon World playbook/class I could post . Reading through Shounen Final burst, it already uses a card trick system for offense and defence and also losing health escalates the fight by giving you more cards to work with, cloud work, but mechanics are making my head spin.
I think theres one on 1d4chan but they tend to die on the vine
Everyone is a figther with some kind of speciality.

think that powers are expendables resourcers that play in every part of the game.

Quick example, im a Yoma (vampire) that can make a sword of blood or flight or suck blood out of people or enchant the mind of my adversaries

Then stats

Then your have fighting styles:

Combat style: basically wich kind of weapon and stances.

So the figthting style and combat style give static bonuses more or less.
It defines if you are a strong attack two handed weapon user
Or if you are a strongwilled potent kung fu figther (that uses the force of ki to punch)
Or dexterous defensive rapier fencer that does ripostes.

And the figthing style and combat style defines the starting combo modifiers in which you focus ( not exactly like this, but say the most optimized ones to focus ).

So normaly yes, if a certain enemy do the same every time you are gonna do the most optimized thing again and again and again.

But when you star using expendable resources and the enemies are doing it too. You are gonna start chaning tactics as the enemy does.

Of course is not exactly organic and the DM has to play with the enemies to make it work.

The important part is that its gives you a lot of options.
>I need to have the mechanics bolster my RP instead of only use dice for fights and actually talk at my friends
>You know that thing half of /tg/ bitches at people for not doing

Not everything has or needs social interaction stats, I'd say the only roleplaying mechanic you'd need is maybe a card or two for taunts and one liners.
Not much in mechanics for roleplaying, nor really anything to make an individual character feel that unique. The only reason these games are even good is variety of combos a person can do rather than having a great story, world, characters, or even mechanical variety since it's just hacking and slashing.
Well thats just small minded anon.

If your character can only have two weapons equipped, each of which give at most 20 cards, plus another 20 for Body Techniques (basic taunts dodges and so on), then everyone certainly can have a lot of variety in how their decks play
That's still not a lot of variety in combat mechanics alone for a pnp RPG. I don't even think that it would match up to even a class like say...a DnD 4e Fighter. Also I feel that your mechanics only really accommodate DMC 3 Dante/Vergil and MGR Raiden at most. Nothing that accommodates say...Nero's particular brand of crowd control through his arm stuff or Bayonetta's magic stuff or God Hand's Roulette system or the sheer difference in weapon variety Ninja Gaiden has, or if you're willing to go a bit outside Cuhrayzee, God Of War's simultaneous multi attack management or Wonderful 101's control of multiple characters that all work like a single entity. It's not out yet but V from DMC5 is sounding like a summoner, too. At least from that combat mechanic perspective in general there's a lot more that can be added.
Who would you play in a DMC tabletop? Except for the figurehead I mean (Dante, Trish, Vergil, Lady...) players would probably like to create their own characters and there aren't a lot of powerful human who could face the demons in this setting
Oh come on man, you think so little of me? I gave a basic example of how the core rule could function (cards that go into a combo stack which have alternate modes to burn the stack for finisher moves), and you think it only works for swords?

Give me a bit of room please

First thought is to just generalize the players to "Nephalim" or something instead of directly ripping the DMC setting
Eh, I think you could have a number of different explanations for player characters depending on the setting rather than just making them Nephalim.
It's possible, the fluff is kind of the last thing I'm worried about though.

Things like how character stats work seem more important at the moment.

Like, maybe each turn your character has a certain amount of damage they can choose to add to an attack, and most quick attacks actually do 0 damage, but someone powerful can make them deal 1 damage as they're comboing.

I think taunts are going to be the most "design critical" aspect of this, if I want to do things like

Rapid Reload - Taunt
Return up to two GUN cards from your discard to the Combo Stack, and one to your hand. You may play another GUN card this turn.
That sounds about as appealing as a peanut butter and puss sandwich.
So, I'm thinking of stealing from Kingdom Death slightly, and saying every time you hit an enemy (even if it's for 0), you draw one of their cards, and thus have a chance of getting countered/retaliated/etc.

Attacking a mook like a scarecrow would have next to 0 chance of breaking your combo, but big ass bosses stand a decent chance of fucking you up. Can't make it too easy, right?

Maybe the mook deck is like, 10 cards, most of which say "MISS!", and when you get through a deck, the player that caused it gets some boon (free card draw? health restored?) but the enemy takes one final action which is typically better than their card draw attack

Consider this scarecrow deck
>MISS! x 6
>Slash! x2 (1 damage to a random player, Combo Breaker 1)
>Lucky! x2 (2 damage if drawn and that player discards all cards)
>Wheel of Death on empty (3 damage to All Players unless they reveal a Dodge)
sauce me up bro.

I can read spanish so it shouldn't be too hard to translate shit for my players.
sounds cool

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