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Every game I join it seems like the DM is convinced from the first second that the players are all retards and must go out of there way to punish them for even relatively normal behavior.

>Player: I'm a barbarian, so I eat my meat rare!
>DM: Heh, make a fort save, idiot. 19? You instantly throw up all over yourself.

Or in more extreme cases the DM will actively goad the players into doing something stupid, and then pounce on them.

>DM has npcs offer a mission involving spying on their political opponents. We accept.
>Suddenly everyone in the city wants nothing to do with us and the moment we even casually mention either party they all get super defensive, saying they don't trust us, despite the fact that we are apparently local heroes.
>After the session, the DM mocks us for trying to get involved in the internal politics of a city that we're not even from.

I'm sure this isn't normal. Why the hell do I keep running into these people?
Play a shit game, get shit DMs. Have you tried not playing DnD? (It's a meme because it's true.)
>Why the hell do I keep running into these people?
Run your own game
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>eating rare meat
Not even fucking cro-magnon troglodytes did this. And for good reason.
>"rare" and "raw" are the same thing
Cool cool.
>is convinced from the first second that the players are all retards
... have you ever seen players from the other side of the GM screen? do it long enough and you'll start to wonder too...
>Or in more extreme cases the DM will actively goad the players into doing something stupid, and then pounce on them.
okay THAT'S just the GM being a dick and trying to exert power over the players.
My char is a lizarmen, what now?
not a thing anymore.
I don't believe either of these things ever happened. Please find a game so you don't need to do your roleplaying on /tg/.

>Or in more extreme cases the DM will actively goad the players into doing something stupid, and then pounce on them.

>running LMOP
>ruins of thundertree
>oh shit son there is a dragon!
>oh snap there are dragon clutists too!
>Clearly the best course of action is to attempt to lie to the green dragon and say the people here to worship him are really hear to kill him
>party marches into dragons lair with clutists
>feels good about trying to lie with a roll of 13 including mods
>dragon does not fall for their shit
>clutists planed on offering them but are still butthurt
>dragon tells them to cool their shit while he slithers around and blocks the door
>shit eating grin

Im not really sure how the party did not die that day.

I tried to play a green dragon like the sneaky bastards they are but was i "that GM"?
I can tell you're someone who communicates poorly and then assumes people are stupid when you aren't understood. If your players are making the "wrong" decisions, then you haven't done enough to help them understand the situation the way you see it.
>Have to investigate the completely disappearance of an entire town (the people, not the actual town)
>Investigate and find 3 suspects
>Centaurs. After befriending them and finding common ground we find they werent
>Goblins. After trying, unsuccesfully, to negotiate with them and killing them we find they werent
>Cyclops. They supposedly were exting, but the more we investigate the more we find clues that point at them
>"What do we know about cyclops GM?"
>GM "They're below giant powerlevels"
>"Ok, we already fought giants"
>A few days later find a random Cyclops, wearing only loincloth and a tree as a weapon, wandering around the ghost town trying to find food as he nicely said at loud
>He seems rather retarded doing retarded shit. Sense movite of 42 (we're 9th level) pins him as indeed retarded and clumsy
>Follow him to a cave
>He falls sleep
>The moment we move into action he wakes up, stands up, charges and full attacks dealing enough damage to kill 2 PCs
>Rest flee
>GM "Hahaha, you so silly, why would you follow a cyclops?"
so he made us to follow a cyclops and then punish us to follow said cyclops?
GM dissonance is a weird thing.

In our campaign the npc factions tend to be either incompetent, uncaring or infiltrated by some evil force. It is fine because we play mostly street level operators who are in it for money and don't expect to change anything. However GM clearly wants us to stick our necks into the politics so he can surprise us with some wacky shenanigans but because everyone already expects backstab we always just take the money and run and he is clearly dissapointed every time.
I had a GM who hide information, that we should know like what we actually see and hear, on purpose to force "le caught you" situations

>I open the door, what's inside?
>A room
>Anything else?
>Nothing that you find interesting
>Ok I'm going to check the nex
>Hahaha, you get attacked by the 3 wolves there were inside
Didn't even finish the first session
Worst part is that he seemed like a nice person in session 0
some people have no power in their real lives so as soon as they are in a position of creative power it goes to their head
> Running a Black Crusade campaign.
> PC's find mysterious hole
> can't see bottom
> light won't extend past the first 2 feet into said hole no matter where a light source is positioned
> drop something in
> never hear it hit the bottom.
> dunk an npc follower into the hole
> comes out with his hair stark white and screaming and babbling incoherently.
> Player: "I wanna stick my head in the hole"
> GM: "Okay seriously! what do you honestly think is going to happen here? what outcome are you actually thinking will happen?!"
> Player: " Um... you know, maybe I shouldn't put my head in there."
> GM: "A wise choice"
> PC drops mentally broken npc into hole to make him stop screaming.
> Other Player: "wasn't that our pilot?"
> Player: "Uh... aw shit!"

How was this series of poor decisions solely the GM's fault?
My players are retards, they admit it.

I am also a retard, and I admit it.

If they don't understand something they ask and I try to explain things to be as simple as possible.
Hard to say hearing your perspective. That's the problem, everything seems obvious to you, because you're the one saying it.

Players can be dumb, as can GMs, but acting like all players are stupid all the time is more often a problem of the common element.
Kek something like that happened to us in a game, no NPCs though.

The entrance to the dungeon collapsed and we couldn't find any other exit. Literally the same shit, we coulnd't see shit in it, we dropped stuff and never heard the end, we yelled and only echo came back, same with torches, fire arrows to even see if it had walls, not even detect magic ping shit, etc We stood in that dungeon for sessions and sessions, we even tried to dig up and stuff, and GM grew more and more mad till he ragequit.

Funny thing, that was the exit.
Even more funny thing? the previous session to find the hole he told us several times "I'm not going to pull any punches, think well what you're going to do, if you make a mistake or do something for the lulz don't expect me to save your char's ass".
get a better GM
are you roleplaying as the guy in ur pic?
meat that is either fresh or properly hung/preserved is safe to eat raw 99% of the time, and that 1% of the time it isn't, its an upset tummy or a night on the toilet another 99% of time you aren't a feeble senior or toddler. Even more so in a society that predates modern farming practices, parasites, and diseases. Taste aside, the risks of raw food is an FDA spook.

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