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Everyone is always bitching about D&D, but how often do you guys play anything else?
What systems have you played or at-least read the rules for and want to play that aren't D&D
Dark Heresy and all the other FFG 40k games save for Deathwatch
Stars Without Number and Other Dust
Fate, both Core and Accelerated
Edge of the Empire
Mutants and Masterminds
Vampire the Masquerade
I haven't played dnd in more than a decade.
Last game of Pathfinder was in college. Since then I've played VtM, Dread, WH40K, Everyone is John, Mutants and Masterminds, Shadowrun, and Shadowrun Anarchy. Currently playtesting/running my first actual homebrew with friends
If you had the ability to dethrone D&D and replace it with another system to be the most popular tabletop system what would that system be?

for me it's Rogue Trader
>Shadowrun Anarchy
Is that actually any good?
Savage Worlds. I'd love more pulpy action-adventures instead of bog standard fantasy getting popular.
IMO its 100% better than standard Shadowrun. Rulebook is actually readable. Has less equipment autism. Character creation isnt retarded.
My only criticism of it is that it is written assuming you already know how shadowrun works on a meta level. It does a poor job explaining what runners are and what a "run" is in the context of the world.
The fate point use always giving the GM a counter fate point is also pretty vestigal. Our first session the GM had 20 cop cars shown up at the restaurant we were debriefing in for a birthday party because what else was he gonna burn all his chits on?
Terra Primate
oWoD (VtM or WtA)

Nothing because a monopoly stranglehold isn't good.

>replace D&D with Babby's First Non-D&D
I've been learning GURPS so that my players can make any kind of character they want in our motley crew of interdimensional misfits. Our first session is going to be on Halloween and we'll be transported to 1967 Romania to storm Castle Dracula and stop the titular vampire lord from using the Necronomicon to usher in an age of eternal darkness.
>how often do you guys play anything else?

I haven't played d&d in years
Then what have you played
my spooky halloween nigga
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Talislanta has a decent resolution mechanic and a creative magic system.

Changeling the Lost has a lot of neat fey character options and some cool powers.

Rifts has fucked up rules but a wild & awesome setting that just explodes with adventure.

Call of Cthulhu has simple rules and a deep lore world of mystery, investigation and horror.

Open your mind and try them out, OP!
Really enjoyed Blades in the Dark and Gumshoe.

Read the rules front-to-back for Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard and really want to play both. Generally just in the market for a "roaming band of adventurers who solve mysteries and/or fix problems" type of game with actual roleplay mechanics and much less emphasis on combat/violence.
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>>62435121 some neighbours and I are running a dcc campaign shits fun as fuck
Off the top of my head;

Shadow of the demon lord
FFG star wars
Mutants and masterminds
Open legend
Mouse guard
Recently Savage Worlds, OG Star Wars and a PbtA patch. Always come back to D&D descendants from time to time but it’s never been the one big game, not even when I was s munchkin.

That honor belonged to Twilight: 2000.
That list is long. Been playing for 17 years, going to several cons trying out new systems as well.

Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) 1, 3, 4.0, 4.1, 5
Shadowrun 4, 5
The One Ring (including my own ancient mythology hack)
Pokémon Tabletop United
FFG Star Wars
Mongoose Traveller
old and new World of Darkness (Werewolf, Vampire, Mage, Mortals)
A Song of Ice and Fire
Call of Cthulhu
Eclipse Phase
Wild Talents
Rogue Trader
Savage Worlds
Ars Magica
Doctor Who
Cthulhu Dark
Dragon Age

Fire Emblem
The Last Airbender
Dark Souls
My Little Pony
several others

definitely forgot some. but yeah, I played enough to bitch about d&d.
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Alright. How'd you make a Keijo system?
Mazes and Minotaurs
Lodoss War rpg
File: gamma world.jpg (255 KB, 789x1024)
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255 KB JPG
>What systems have you played or at-least read the rules for and want to play
Other than D&D editions, I've played Ironclaw 2, Shadowrun 4 & 5, Corporation, Cyberpunk 2020, SIFRPG, GURPS 3, and WFRP2. My "want-to-play" list is basically the couple dozen systems I have books for on my shelf but haven't played.
Lasers & Feelings
Dungeon World
Three Sixteen

>Read, want to play;
Burning Wheel
Dogs in the Vineyard
FFG Star Wars
Apocalypse World
Blades in the Dark
Monster Hearts
Night Witches
Bluebeard's Bride
The Sprawl
World Wide Wrestling
King Arthur Pendragon
Stars Without Number
Vampire the Masquerade
FATE Accelerated
Dungeon Crawl Classics / Mutant Crawl Classics
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Warhammer Fantasy
Star Trek Adventures
From my own personal collection I have the following from D&D
>Rules Cyclopedia
>5e (most complete collection)
For other systems that are related to D&D
>Darker Dungeons
>For Gold & Glory
>Strike! RPG
>Dark Places & Demogorgons
For games decoupled properly from D&D I have
>The One Ring RPG
>FATE Accelerated
>Battle Century G/Z
>Kids on Bikes
I'm expanding my collection every month. Really, damn near any system is playable (notable exceptions being VTNL, FATAL, RaHoWa and a few other minor ones), even D&D. I find that D&D is more like 5 systems all tacked together (except 4e which meshed nearly everything together really well) and you have to pick which of those systems you want to focus on. The other systems I own do a really good job blending the various systems to various degrees.
Is there a specific type of game you're wanting to play? Then find the system that you think would work best for it. Like, you should use D&D for a Call of Cthulhu game just as much as you shouldn't use Star Trek Adventures for gritty noir detective game.
The one's I've been able to run and my personal favorites:
>Dungeon Crawl Classics
>Mutant Crawl Classics
>Savage Worlds
>Star Wars Edge of the Empire
>Dark Heresy
>Only War
>Myriad Song
>Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

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