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File: ships.jpg (613 KB, 1632x1224)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
Looking for more ship lines to collect. Post your space ships. Pic are the favorites in my collection.
File: 20180323_085646.jpg (3.38 MB, 2660x2660)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
Get you pretty much anything from the old star wars action fleet.

File: IMG_1880.png (553 KB, 750x1334)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
This is from a person i follow on IG. Idk who hurt her...
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Its called satire. Its a classic swerve you think hes going to be nostalgic then he twists and says hes glad its dead. You need a sense of humor anon

well that's why
Amazon still has eBay to contend with, and when ti comes to buying import toys they're kinda shit. Only way to remotely guarantee it's shipping from the US is to buy a Prime eligible item. They do not let you sort/filter sellers by region. It's fucking annoying going to Amazon to get a Figma and every goddamn listing is from Japan. I don't like waiting 4 weeks for shit and I'm not paying out the ass for Amazon's overseas expedited rates.
There were no TRU in my little town when I was a kid and my family was too poorfag anyway. I did shop there when I started collecting. But they haven't been cheap for years. Even collector shops outprice them now. So as far as I'm concerned, good riddance.
Remember when they dedicated half a aisle to a full aisle to a single toy line? Now it's a 3' wide space for any brand because half the store is baby goods and kids clothes.

Will anyone ever have the balls to do a true crime series? No lie, I would pay $500 for a Jeffrey Dahmer figure
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fuck hitler i want a true monster, i want a stalin figure
File: Mezco Jack The Ripper.jpg (42 KB, 500x469)
42 KB
This was a cool concept but since it was McFarlane Statue Shit, it fell apart pretty quickly. I had a few of these, at least ones that had some articulation as a kid and they made excellent bad guys for my heroes to fight. I also had picture related, both this and the variant.
I doubt we're going to see figures like this ever again.
Leatherface was inspired by Ed Gein, there's lots of pop culture saturation by these killers whether we accept or not. I can sort of agree to an extent, I wouldn't mind getting a figure of the Zodiac.
>Funny how free speech and enterprise has essentially been destroyed
If you're posting from the United States then that's completely false. So tired of chicken littles crying about the sky falling.

>I still dont understand why their hasnt been a toy made of such an influential person such as hitler
There are lots of Hittler figures. You know, because free speech and enterprise are alive and well. Don't hyperbolic internet warriors ever tire of being wrong?
>good guy
le bengali famine face
> i mean weve gotten toys of jesus, satan
you do know those are fictional characters right anon?

>>and winston churchill already
fair point, he also had his own roundabout genocides but they aren't the kind the world paid attention to or would bother about.

I’ll start
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File: 60324750_p0.jpg (118 KB, 724x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Not gonna lie.
As stupid as that figure looks I would buy a well made oppai loli figure.
jesus christ, my sides
File: signlet.jpg (180 KB, 532x783)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>No Rana accessory
File: DYfTVVsVQAEsyXx.jpg (111 KB, 722x1199)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I am waiting for you sempai
File: DWTYFd3VQAAIY9q.jpg (237 KB, 900x1200)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
It is not funney when I am sold out

File: starbutterflyplushtoy.jpg (66 KB, 418x745)
66 KB
How do I create a Star Butterfly plush toy from Star vs. the forces of evil? What materials should I use? I did not create the one in the image, I'm just using it as a reference.

Any of you collect Simpsons figures? I've just started my collection
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>also why arent Simpson revolfigmuarts yet?
...I would actually LOVE Figma/SHF Simpsons figures.
Those actually look pretty good
File: homersapien.jpg (96 KB, 970x976)
96 KB
File: ibringyoulove.jpg (9 KB, 355x355)
9 KB
I have a thing for GID stuff so this is all i have

File: 434.png (530 KB, 671x425)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Name more Low-brow kind of think in /toy/ hobby than collecting Funko Pops and keeping them in boxes.

Protip: you can't
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that explains why George W Bush had his open so much
Yikes someone took these posts to heart
Pops would be neat at $5 each, at $10 I've only bought a few and never kept them. Rock Candy is better for the price.

2 big problems with these Funko novelty brands that even the price couldn't fix-

1) I'd rather have a proper action figure. I got Rock Candy Lara Croft, was nice I guess, better than the Pops at the same cost but.... I got rid of it and went to eBay to buy a proper action figure instead. I have the same issue with Nendoroids or Loyal Subjects, I don't need the chibi style/big head and buying them feels like I'm settling for less.

2) They will be common and worthless eventually. It's bullshit they charge the price of a Pop for a clear box, then tell you you are "protecting an investment". At that point they may as well just sell a plastic cube with the box contents printed on the sides. People aren't opening these things, not that there is much to see or do if they are, to the point their wall is tiled with the things and looks like a Gamestop store display. Then they spend that cost again for plastic boxes on things that will not hold value.
I've been wondering if Clint Eastwood is an actual Jojo fan, or if they just paid him money for a photoshoot and ghost wrote his interview. He seems rather anti-gay rights and all that.
i love this thread

File: CharlesLazarus.jpg (84 KB, 600x466)
84 KB
Goodnight, Sweet Prince
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>defrauded and cheated several comic creators out of credit or money

he doesn't deserve respect, you stupid bastard.
And who say I respect him? triggered faggot.
Stan Lee is also a thieving jew
>being mad someone called the fucker out

oh I'M triggered? Go blow a black guy like a Breitbart reporter would.
My bad for not being coherent

I cringe hard that TLJ Rey,Kylo, and saber-less Luke go for 40 Euros, Intertoys in Eindhoven got a entire warm peg full off Luke,TFA Finn, and a red soldier.

/toy/, how rare are the snap on armor godzilla figures
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I will later today. I have to clear off my desk from all the books i found from cleaning up and im really tired rn.
Oh man, those things have been shelfwarming at a comic store near me for like a year now.
Which ones are they and how much are the figures?
These trendmasters Godzilla figures always fucking show up in “The toy store dream” that I have
You know the one
What else shows up in these dreams anon

File: PicsArt_03-06-04.00.43.png (571 KB, 1080x514)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
I met ShartimusPrime over in San Jose for a recent toy show, and he was so fucking rude. He kept on trying to barder with every single seller and cursed them out if they didn't give him the price he asked for. He'd storm off mumbling about how the seller had knockoffs.
He also kept staring at the feet of girls wearing sandals.

I didn't say anything to him personally, but I felt like I should've.
Have you met any /toy/ youtubers?
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>Asian Male, White Female pairings (like the 2 mentioned before) always end up with all the negative traits physically of both sides and thus, you would not even believe they have any white in them.
This sounds fucking scientific as fuck, /pol/
The dude is a pathetic beggar bum who, as a new father in his mid thirties struggling financially, refuses to just grow up a little and get a real job and instead spends all his time begging on YouTube trying to coerce and guilt his viewers into sending him Patreon bucks. I stopped watching him because it just kept getting worse last year and he wouldn't stop doing it. There is a point at which, if you are having a kid, your pride and personal wants have to take a backseat and you just have to suck it up and do something to make it work. That something is not and should not be begging teenagers and NEETS to use their parents credit cards to send him money on YouTube (he literally made a video last summer begging kids to get their parents to send him money, even though his content isn't kid friendly at all imo, ironically enough given that it's toy reviews, he's just too vulgar).
File: _hJKbYmW_400x400.jpg (9 KB, 240x240)
9 KB
>if you are having a kid, your pride and personal wants have to take a backseat and you just have to suck it up and do something to make it work.
Or just get an abortion and continue on the True Ending path
To be honest, I don't have a problem with people making a living outside of the norm. Playing games or reviewing toys or whatever, that's fine. If you can make a good living out of that, then kudos to you. And if your parents support it and help you achieve it, then that's even cooler
But I have issues with Jobby and how obviously greedy and dispassionate he's become about what he does and that sours the entire thing. It goes from an accomplishment of managing to turn something that's a dime-a-dozen and associated with laziness and whatnot into a career and spirals into being a greedy scammer who takes advantage of the people that simply don't know better and idolize him
I won't say that his dad is aware of any of this or even cares about it and I don't know anything about him so I can't say what he had in mind for his son's future or stuff like that. But judging from his reaction in that video, I just get the feeling that he was maybe hoping Jobby would've gone with a more traditional job/lifestyle
At the end of the day, though, the only thing I can justly criticize him for is the declining quality of his videos, his greed and the goddamn cancerous meme shittery
The whole Jobby situation is...complicated. If you watch some of the videos where he's walking around just palling around with his friends, he seems like a pretty normal dude. A guy I could maybe even see myself hanging out with. You get a similar impression from some of his early videos. The utter dissonance between that Jobby and the one you see in modern videos just makes me wonder if he even likes himself, what he's become.

I tried reading the comment section on his latest video to see if anyone had talked about the similarities of the figure to Prime Arcee, and no matter how far I scrolled, it was just an endless horrible pit of despair. I thought you guys were exaggerating, but it's more terrible than I could have imagined.

File: images (10).jpg (3 KB, 150x150)
3 KB
Show me pics of your toys r us, Wal-Mart, target, over flowing with black series Finn figures
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All nonwhites should be executed

This. Lando was a cool figure because he was a cool character with a cool outfit. Finn is just a guy in jeans with a jacket with a generic non-gun gun. By comparison, X-wing pilots always sell out fast because they look cool.


I might do this, depending how deep on sale they go.
But he is mentioned as "black" 0 times. Just a washout Stormtrooper who deserted at the first sign of blood.
Isn't it hard to get down the aisle with all the toys piled up on the floor?

Nilla detected.

>Is this for your son?
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I hate when retards misuse this quote and only refer to the "When I became a man I put away childish things"
I saw a movie do that, some military asshole type saying that to cadets who were all like 16 or some shit and I cringed hard at how they blatantly failed to both read the entire quote and understand its meaning to boot
>pudding pops, jello, and your prescription for ambien
File: 1494983514829.jpg (9 KB, 145x176)
9 KB
that old guy looks nothing like Robert you racist pricks. Get some respect for my man.
>I'll never understand why some people feel shame for the things they like.
Because we have jobs, and we need an image to keep them.
worse now that employers insist you use social media. They want to see it when you apply for a job, they browse it when you're employed. Should be illegal to do so but they do it "off the record" so you can't even prove you were fired over it.

Employers? Not just them. Used to be you were told to NEVER tell your real name, location, etc online. Now the idea is "are you hiding something?" while assholes like Zuckerberg fucking force real names, Youtube wants you to use your real name, and paid fraud psychologists insist anyone not doing so is "mentally ill". I'm glad Zuckerberg is fucked, as shit as Drumpf is he'd be 10 times worse a president. Kiss all internet privacy goodbye, Zuckerberg would outlaw it.


So apparently efforts to relaunch KB Toys have been going on for about a year..
151 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
hurts worse because physical copies of games are dying solely due to corporate greed.

A copy you can play whenever you want even if it's 10 years later and can sell if you don't want it anymore? May as well be Hitler in the eyes of a game publisher if you want that.
i hate buying digital copies. unless theyre free.
>chili beans
File: 1470181916390.jpg (35 KB, 353x314)
35 KB
>Don't open 'till Christmas!
File: index.jpg (7 KB, 258x195)
7 KB
Sam & Max did this as a buttrape joke in a prison shower. This was the Fox cartoon meant for kids.

File: image.jpg (21 KB, 225x225)
21 KB
Hey /toy/, I have started to collect figures from the TF Animated line, and I really enjoy this line so far, and after watching the Animated cartoon, I fell in love with its incarnation of Swindle, and I would like to pick up the figure of him, but I know that Swindle's figure was a bit controversial. Do you guys think I should pick him up?
He is one of the lower tier figures in the TFA line but if you can find him for cheap I would say go for it.
I had/have him but tried to transform him last year and it broke at the clear plastic arm
Or maybe i hamhands'd it
Still a badass toy though. I like that the cannon goes orange when you put the bullet in. Simple, effective transformation and the fact that he has hidden weapons like heavyarms is just the icing on the cake
Not to mention the great lightpiping in the big beady eyes
>Or maybe i hamhands'd it
I own it too and don't think you're really at fault. I didn't break mine yet, but moving the clear plastic parts always felt scary to me. The joints are way too tight for this kind of plastic to withstand the stress over a long time.

It's a shame they used translucent plastic because other than that I really like it as much as any of my other Animated toys.
I cleared off most of my Animated a month or two ago, my Swindle was perfect when I took him out of storage, but to be fair, he went into storage almost immediately after I opened him up. The toy's great, I'm just one of THOSE collectors.

weekend hauls /wht/

Giant Chain Closing Edition

Tomorrow is another day, but what have you guys gotten so far? I picked up a few different items.
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One of those Mysterio's has no head. He's the real one, the others are illusions.
Gib me please

Why even post then
It's all good, friendo.

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