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>Be me
>Growing up my parents sheltered me from TV and movies
>Only time i got to the movies was for my birthday and on vacation
>Never got to see any cool cartoons or movies
>Cool uncle gave me his dbz dvds and vhs' and comic books
>He also talked my dad into letting me own a ps2 (rip cool uncle)
>Came with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
>Played that game for hours and watched nothing but dragon ball
>Fast foward to today
>I just came back with two bags filled with marvel legends and dragon ball action figures
>I currently have a set up in my room to play with them all '
>I'm in my 20s and i'm playing with toys and having really elaborate fight scenes
>Is there anything wrong with me?
There's something wrong with all of us. If there wasn't something wrong with you, you wouldn't be here. Don't worry about it.
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I have very permissive parents, I love them, when I was a kid I had almost all the toys I wanted, but I never played with them, I much preferred to expend all my time watching TV, and later on, browsing the web or playing videogames.

Recently tho, I've been looking at my old toys with much more interests, and I have actually started to play with them more than I ever did as a kid.

Society has it backwards, kids don't give a shit about miniature figures of characters, it's adults who care and actually find entertaining to use them as story-telling devices.
You sound like your average /toy/ user around here.
In any case, nobody can question you if you're paying for it with your own money and paying your own bills.
>In any case, nobody can question you if you're paying for it with your own money and paying your own bills.

This. Adulthood is realizing that you aren't obligated to give a fuck what other people think about you.
I don't think you know what autism is.
Damn right.
>Is there anything wrong with me?

Well, except for the weird confidence thing.
Did you pick up the Dragon Stars or something?
yes! I picked up goku,vegeta and freiza

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