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Thinking of flying to Peru for my birthday around mid-May. What are some cool things I can do there other than the obvious Machu Picchu/Inca Trail?
Are the Nazca Lines worth seeing? Any other ruins?
never been to Peru never will just thinking if those alpaca pussies are fuzzy
I'm heading there at the same time as you OP. Get there the 13th. What I've found so far - rainbow mountain, salt flats, markets in the sacred valley, Iquitos amazon jungle adventures, the quakichan or however it's spelled rope bridge, ayahuasca, eating cuy, and hot springs around Cuzco are all on my list of shit to see.
How's your Spanish?
Not OP but yes...gf is coming with me... Do I need to worry about them if I'm around?
el peruANO
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Enjoy the aya.
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For other ruins you could try Kuelap, Choquequirao, Chan Chan and the huacas in Trujillo, and there are plenty around Cuzco and the Sacred Valley.

They all vary in terms of quality and visiting them would be dependent on how much time you were spending in Peru but hope that helps in our research.
They are all boxy 5 foot nothing pointy faced gremlins. If she falls for that then she is beyond slutty.
I hadn't heard of any of those, I'll have to look them up. Thanks.
Spanish is very basic, but I know a fair amount of Portuguese and I can get by on written Spanish decently well.
I was looking for other ruins, thank you!
I'm so jelly OP!

I'm starting a TEFL class in 2 weeks. I was hoping to use it in Cusco, Peru. It seems that there are not many paid opportunities there, though, but an abundance of volunteer work.
I'm sure if I look hard enough, there are some decent gigs.

Anyways, I hope you have a blast. Stay safe!
I am from Peru. The food here is delicius and There are a lot oficina other places to visit
I am so excited to try ceviche and bebe leche de tigre. Going to try cuy as well. Anything else you'd recommend other than mate de coca?
Hijacking the thread a bit but I'm heading to Peru in March for 2 weeks. So far I've planned to do Lima, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Inca Jungle Trail and Cusco.

Papas rellenas, palta rellena, lomo saltado, pollo a la brasa.

If you have the budget for it Lima has some of the top-rated restaurants in the world.
Thank you!

Hit me up wirh you questions/doubts

Do you have to book a tour wayyyy in advance to see Machu Picchu? I know hiking the trail costs money and needs to be done in advance, but I have like a week or so in April and would love to cram in a trip to Peru to check it out if possible.

A week would be just enough time to do a trek to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail and KM104 both require permits that need to be booked in advance. You can look into it for April but they're just about entirely sold out at this point.

Alternatively you can look into the Lares or Salkantay treks, neither of which require permits but you should do the right amount of research to secure good guides.

If you're super budget conscious you can take buses and shared taxis from Cuzco to the hydroelectric station then walk the rest of the way.

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