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So at this moment I'm planning a travel itinerary to go to Scotland in mid to late May with my uncle and while I have an idea of where to stay in Glasgow I'm not too sure about what hotel options are like in Islay and Campbeltown.

I'm hoping to check out Springbank and the Port Ellen distilleries (Laphroaig, Ardbeg and Lagavulin) at least and I'm wondering if anyone can share some experiences or tips as to how to efficiently and cost effectively find a hotel in these semi-rural parts of Scotland?
Sup OP, I lived in Glasgow for a year. I've never been to those isles but when I was in Skye and the northern parts of scotland most of the lodging options were Bed and Breakfasts, which are run by local families. I would look into that instead of hotels which are very far and between
Fuck off we're full
I'm not moving there dumbfuck, I'm quite content here in Canada as long as I can GTFO of Toronto by 2020
Okay I'll try that then, thanks!
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Go to Glasgow man... at least you had been in the highlands once
Have you considered traveling from Glasgow to Mallaig by train? Then get ferry to Skye or small Isles for the distilleries? Lovely trips my man

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