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File: Budva-Riviera2-1200x360.jpg (188 KB, 1200x360)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>be NZer
>UK working holiday visa finishes
>stay in Balkans with friends
>change plan from applying for a dutch working holiday to try get a job on a yacht
>find out Schengen rules about staying too long on a tourist visa.
>go to Belgrade for 3 months to wait out for the Schengen reset of entry
>Go to Montenegro to look for yacht job or any job
>Money runs out
>Haven't found shit
>hostel owner letting me stay if I cook and teach his kids English
>tells me in summer more work in running the hostel
>passport is expensive to renew and has 7 months left on it
I don't know if he'll ever pay or what, but I consider keeping quite for now out of respect that he's letting me stay. I don't want to ask anyone for money. Guess I have too much pride. I could have my friends in Slovenia get me some work for cash if available. But to get to Ljubljana form Budva is around 70 euro. Have been thinking of walking it. But I have about 10 pounds in Croatian kuna and another 2 euro in Serbian dinar. Probably enough for a month of bread. Summer is here so should be ok outside. Or try hitch hike. I don't know anymore. Or I could stay the summer, problem that after its over I'm really in the shit if it pays out nothing.

TL:DR Stuck in Montenegro, out of money. working as a house servant. How to escape?

Pic: place where I'm now

Find job as a waiter in Budva's turbofolk clubs aka Trocadero, you can steal from clients as much as you want aka charge double drinks from foreigners
Also, you can sell Vitamin c as ecstasy, no one will notice for one night and you can easily get 100-150e

Already know people who have done that
I tried to find a job. But as a chef, I got 10 years and some of the bets places in London as reference, still no enough. Waiter I could but should I head back to all the places again then? Will look desperate I think, I know I am but shits a turn off.
was thinking of stealing as last resort but this is better.
Your embassy is probably the first contact.
Usually for people, wheter they have been robbed or lost economic independence, they usually check your personal details and kind of grant you a "loan" (under conditions) for a return
here is the link
a kid has "too much pride" to ask his parents for a WU transfer of 200$ to get to his next destination.

>was thinking of stealing as last resort
pride is an interesting concept in this one.
Pleb,that's a flight ticket to Munich. What fucking use is that. I need around 1200$. I got my self into this, ill get my self out. Not going to burden the family.
>pride is an interesting concept in this one
Guess you never left the suburbs or your tour bus. I think most people sympathize with someone who has nothing to eat so they steal. Then runing home to parets being a typical middle/ upper class white kid. Also not really a kid.
Dont like to borrow. Especially from that government, i learned that back in uni.
Nice blog, OP. You should be telling this to your mum and dad, though, not us.
>I got my self into this, ill get my self out
What you "got yourself into" was an adolescent working holiday. You've had your fun, no go home. Your parents miss you.
Start hitchhiking dude. Buy your bread, water and cheap protein and get moving.
Read Hunger. Go down to Albania. English summer camps start soon
Pay is good. Also start hitchhiking. Better to start now before monsoon season
>monsoon season
>on the Balkans
Rain season can get rough
>Rain season

like Fall? how drunk are you?
Balkans have 4 distinct seasons, it rains in all except summer (exceptions)

t. lived here all my lief
anyway, op, good luck

if you're allowed to work and have ((london references)) something is wrong with you for not finding decent work
people actually go to Albania? I just want to get in a position where I can buy bread on a daily basis. Sounds like it will turn into another Budva. thanks for the advice tho.
Makes me feel like that much of a fuck up as you are implying that I like 21 not 29. Didn't even go to fuck around either. Went to get better as a chef. Did, just made a bad decision with who I went to work for. Not going home, not done with this yet.
fuck if I know desu. A lot of these 50 year old waiters who act like they own the place tell me no. Nobody even checked where I worked they just scratch there chin and say no.
OP you dumb fuck, do you know how you find jobs in tourist places? You go from bar to bar, from restaurant to restaurant as whine as fuck

>People will think i am desperate
BOO FUCKING HOO, some retarded montenegrin criminal who you will never meet again in your life will think you're desperate

you better start visiting every single bar and restaurant until locals from serbia/bosnia come to steal your work

SPECIFY you don't want some sick salary, that's what they'd think seeing you as foreigner

Visit Boka bay, you'll find some work there
You're not fucking Aladdin people won't sorry for a westerner stealing from people in a 2nd/3rd world country. You are fucking scum. Suck it up and ask to borrow money from your parents and go home. You're pathetic.
Read 1st. I already went to all the places, asking fir a hob as a chef as its what ive always done. If they are already smirking at me just asking for a job what yoy thunk they will do after i cime back asking for any job at all? I dint care if u dont see them again, im just sure it going to be all NO. And anyone did end up taking to me I already said ill take their minimum wage.
And every 2nd/3rd world country rips of their tourists as much as they can too. Whats your excuse for them? They are broke?... Wow how convenient.
>I'm an idiot that overpayed for a tourist attraction so it's ok to steal from people.
And what tourist attraction in the balkans is such a rip off? Everything I did there was free, really cheap or tip based.

And no it's that you're an edgy kid from a rich country that thinks it's ok to steal from people worse off than you because tourist scams exists.

>They are broke?... Wow how convenient.
>I can steal from broke people because I'm a moron who doesn't have his shit together.

You are scum and I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you get caught stealing and tell your little sob story.
Also being a sucker and overpaying or getting scammed isn't quite the same as having something completely stolen from you.
They arn`t broke. I`ve seen broke people. They generally are nice. Ask any balkan, they dont realy speak well of Montenegrins, its all about money for them. Hency why im gratefull for the guy whos letting me stay. He atleast exepts labour.
You almost there to being a fly by being a cockroach. Lighten up, i said last resort. Meaning ive been on the street a month and haven't ate in a week haven't worse. Fuck, you think like im a nigger who use's it as daily go to strategy or something.

So far one guy tells me to take the risk and hich hicke l. Two tell me what i already said. And the rest call me scum for even mentioning "stealing". Some top tier seasoned Contiki vets here
Hitchhiking is common in the balkans you should just do that. Offer them some food. You'll use less food doing that than hiking for a week.

https://www.blablacar.com/ could be a good website for you
ah that's what he website called. I remember using it once but forgot name and it never came up in search. Thanks.
Ye better spend what's left of the last to get there fastest then hike for a month through mountains.
Thanks anon, probably will do that if this.
A palce just emailed me. I got a job. Holy shit that was a close call. Thanks for all the scum remarks.
Fuck the dumb cunts. Congrats bruv. Keep on keeping on.
You're a second division Australian on a working holiday visa who ran out of money, and you act like you're on some grand quest to find the north-west passage or the source of the Nile that you must see through to completion. You bring out the worst in people, OP.
I am from (Auckland) NZ living in Berlin. You are the worst type of dole bludger. Hope you get stabbed
File: 1392079178297.jpg (51 KB, 552x411)
51 KB
Never been on the dole, closest thing I got student benefit back in uni days. Have fun with the refugees faggot
Go to your local mega mall suburbia fag. I'm not some long haired hippy who "loves" culture. I just enjoy being at a place until I know it like the back of my hand.
Would you rather stay stuck and end up as a hobo than swallowing your pride and get home?
Contact your embassy.
>But to get to Ljubljana form Budva is around 70 euro. Have been thinking of walking it. But I have about 10 pounds in Croatian kuna and another 2 euro in Serbian dinar. Probably enough for a month of bread. Summer is here so should be ok outside.

this could actually be the dumbest "idea" I've seen in this place

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