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Hey /trv/,

I will be going to Madrid this weekend for a few days.
It is my first time in Spain and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations as far as sightseeing, museums, food and drinks go.
I will be staying with a local.

Also, Spain General since I could not find one in the catalog.
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You can visit the royal palace

if the weather is fine, chill out in some park

You can visit the stadium of Real Madrid

You can participate in the spanish way of silly walks
Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza, Reina Sofia and Casa Sorolla (bit small) if you like art. Check on what days and time they are free.
Archeological museum has some nice things, i went there for la dama de Elche. Also has a replica of a painted prehistoric cave iirc.
Toledo is nearby and pretty nice if you like El Greco and old buildings.
Should I visit Madrid and AndalucĂ­a in late august-early september? Those are the places I'm most interested in Spain but I heard there's almost unbearably hot around then.
>I heard there's almost unbearably hot around then
It's true. Maybe by early September it'll be alright, but I'd avoid spending time in July or August there
Thank you, the last video was very interesting!

Cheers anon, I had planned to go to El Prado and Reina Sofia. Casa Sorella seems lovely and I had not read anything about it.

Will definitely go out to Toledo for one day, seems very pretty.
hi, im also thinking of going to spain next year and living there for three months, while working remote in my current job.
Right now i make 2500 euros per month, how much do you need to live comfortably in a big city like barcelona now?

I mean going out, eating out, and just not thinking so much about money
easy to get drinks, tapas, cheap. try to go to the naval museum, has colombus's original map of the americas

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