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File: joey.jpg (36 KB, 416x544)
36 KB
Hi /trv/

What kind of backpacks are you using for travelling? I am thinking of buying pic related as it has all the features I need
-25liter pack volume
-black / dark colored
-pockets for quick access
-can wear it for commuting with business clothes

My only concern is that it looks maybe a bit too feminine.

it is this bag actually:

So do you have any other suggestion for a backpack that would fit all the above expectations?
File: 41X8v2LM4GL.jpg (25 KB, 333x500)
25 KB
I like backpack threads. I think I spend more time researching this shit than actual travel plans.

I got this on Amazon for about £30. It's alright I guess, but I'm never satisfied with a backpack and I'm always thinking about how to reduce hassle and annoyances

been thinking about the Osprey Farpoint 40, but there's always something that keeps a bag from being perfect (eg, the useless bottle pockets and the zipped inside pocket with no sections to keep stuff apart) and £100 is a lot.

My camera bag and waterproof jacket, which is pretty packable by waterproof standards, are always the things that bulk it up. Plus a lot of small things like toileteries and chargers

I do want to stay with a carry-on luggage size and opimtise everything.

IMO 25 is too little, though that's subjective. I also hate top loaders, just creates hassle.

I have no problems with top loaders. my main problem is I guess that I am also doing too much research, therefore have not found any bag that would be perfect but probably I do not need a perfect one. Anyway pls someone recommend me a better looking one with similar features. thanks
semi-rigid frames help even with light loads if I like the heat venting grooves but it's hard to find them on smaller ones

more often it's the heat rather than the weight that defeats me

you can do asia on a 25 no problems if you don't plan on camping.

I did asia with a jansport. It really depends on where you plan on going though and how up to par your languae skills are
I only take one day trips. Always sleep in a hotel / hostel.
if you are able to pack everything you need inside this one, it's the perfect choice.

I have a somewhat similar one, though much bigger and it's perfect
This is mine, 5.11 rush 24. 37 liters I didnt want to buy another so I used this which I had from my time in the marines. Ive had it for about 6 years, shot it once on accident when using it as a rest, stitched it up and its still going. I can put enough stuff in it to last a week before I absolutely need to to laundry.
REI Trail 40 (the black one, not the red one). Haven't used it very much so far but it was comfortable when I did. I typically check into a hotel and then leave most of my shit there instead of walking around with a bag all day. I think if I was to walk around all day, I might stuff a smaller day pack in there on my next trip. This bag is probably on the larger end of the scale for what I wouldn't mind walking around with all day around a city.

It holds a fair amount of stuff, has easy access/side loading zippers (in a u shape overall so you can open the entire bag), several smaller pockets, light internal frame, padded hip straps w/ zippered storage compartments for easy access, and a pocket for a camelpack or other water pouch.

I'm going to try a month in Thailand with a 25L this summer. I really look forward to the freedom of having a small backpack you can carry everywhere with ease. Might be a challenge because obviously you can't take a lot of clothes with you, but I think it'll work. I've done 3 weeks Vietnam with a 34L before, and that was already so much better than the fucking 70L I took with me on my first trip.

its this bag btw (dont worry, I got it way cheaper):
I'm thinking of getting the Förenkla from IKEA.

>35L capacity
>roll top
>expandable bottom compartment
>side zippers
>hip belt (this is important for weight distribution)
The one thing it doesn't have is waterproofing, but I'm thinking of buying a spray for that.
I've done China with a 20L.

I only brought 3 days' worth of clothes, so I had to get them washed a few times.
>My only concern is that it looks maybe a bit too feminine.
My concern is that it looks too fancy. Makes you look like you have more money than the average traveler.

Sure, the security features will stop pickpockets, but it won't stop blatant muggers.
Any1 else who travels with a duffel bag? I like it and i like to travel with just a carry on luggage.

Forgot that about this bag, has a waterproof hood that is zipped into a compartment on the lower back side. >>1252477
i also bought it . the only thing that annoys me is that it only has the carabiner lock to close the roll top, i'b be much more comfortable with traveling with it and putting it in a plain if it had some sort of extra closure like a zipper ...
thinking of sewing one in...
>25L volume

Don't forget to instagram your friendsies back home all your totes awsummm trip stuffz LOL :D

>bit too feminine

Nah OP that "pack" is perfect for a fancy boi like you. I can just imagine you now strolling through the rough neighbourhoods of a real traveller's destination like Cancun or Prague smiling at the locals and learning to count to ten on your iphone. Just don't forget to text mommy your travel itinerary before you go.

how do i compare between backpack size and normal luggage size?
i have the exact same backpack and am shelling out £100 for a farpoint to do a few months in india
seriously thinking of geting the nomatic

A 20 dolar bag to travel in argentina+chile+uruguai
I have this. Used for the first time on a trip to Vegas this past weekend. It work for point a to point b travel versus wheeled luggage. I wouldn't want to wear it all day, though. An excellent piece of luggage, at the same time.
Oh my god those proportions are comical.

I mean it looks like a normal backpack, but it looks like something that a children's entertainment character would wear.
File: 1491349032138[1].jpg (68 KB, 540x960)
68 KB
It's very well reviewed. https://www.amazon.com/eBags-Mother-Lode-Weekender-Convertible/dp/B004C0PHNE

I pulled the trigger on it after someone on in another travel group suggested it (albeit the smaller weekender jr version) and I got advice here on this thread http://archive.4plebs.org/trv/thread/1232963/#1232963
that looks terrible
Well, you'd be wrong for what it's for. B3st convertible, out there. Not great for actual backpacking, though
I have an Osprey momentum 30L and a Chrome bravo. I usually prefer my Osprey for travelling.
the biggest question is "what kind of traveling are you doing"

if we don't know that we can't tell you shit

there are often good threads on /out/ and sometimes /k/ unfucks itself enough to be useful
wheeled luggage is so underated it hurts

I see all these people taking backpacks when
A. they arn't fucking walking further than their taxi to their hotel room
B. they are in a country with good sidewalks, or staying in citties
C. they have so much shit with them that they shouldn't be carrying it

I'v had a few bags, currently hiking/backpacking with a broken Kathmandu gluon, it's not a good bag but it gets the job done.

for hiking bags having the ability to adjust the height of the shoulder straps (not their length) is critical.
the bag sits on your hips, so the shoulder straps have to match the length of your torso.

other really important features are:
wide hip belt, really wide
quality zips
ability to shrink the bag so your gear isn't loose inside it
actually waterproof, not just water resistant. too many bags fail when submerged, left in puddles or when a cheap waterproof coat is damaged
pulling shit makes you look lame as fuck
lol what a total asshole reply
What the hell does an anti-theft backpack look like? Bombs that blow up as soon as you take it off without previously entering the password?
1. Secret compartments (for passports & such) that are located as close to the wearer's body as possible. Usually lined with RFID-blocking material.

2. Zippers/closures/fasteners that are hard to open. They take some effort to open, making theft attempts easier to detect (if some gypsy/Indian/Hispanic is fidgeting around with a zipper that takes longer to open, there's a good chance you will spot him before he can grab anything).
Any fag using photo gear?

I basically only use my pack back for transporting camera gear and tech that don't go in check in

that is interesting but it just screams rob me I've got expensive stuff inside
File: E.jpg (185 KB, 660x330)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Yay backpack thread. GR2, best backpack in the world in my eyes. Probably the most expensive as well, was around $500AU when purchased.
All those features are nice but the ergonomics look horrible. Really wide, no waist strap and no back support from what I can tell. Dealbreaker for me but I guess maybe if you pack super light it could be ok
Surprised no one has mentioned the North Face Base Camp. It's basically a duffel bag with back pack straps and has terrible ergonomics as a back pack, but is sufficient for most urban vacations. Features: Doesn't look as gay as the military tough guy designs - water resistant - compression straps - roomy 50 liter capacity, but using the compression straps you can get it down to carry on baggage guidelines, I travelled for a week in Cuba using only this bag and avoided the whole baggage check-in clusterfuck - simple design so less to go wrong.
Oh yeah I commuted for a year with this and have seen other guys commute with it, also its pretty theft safe as the main compartment has only one zippered opening that sits against your back while worn.
>Osprey porter 46 (pic related)

Tons of room, heavy duty and extremely reliable. Hasn't let me down yet
File: trail-35[1].jpg (206 KB, 700x800)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Just back from a month in India using this, Vango Trail 35.
Cheap at about £25 but not the highest quality, 35L was more than enough even with some basic photo gear. I prefer top loaders without zips for their simplicity and ruggedness, no fucking around with zips etc.
Was great being able to take it anywhere while anyone with me struggled with a 70L pack on sleeper class trains lol
In future I'll spend more money and get something more comfy, have a farpoint 70 but it's a monster and I can pack more efficiently with a top loader.
How long ago did you purchase it? How well has it held up? Living up to the "built to last a lifetime" promise?
Just had to check my emails for order information.. Ordered my first one in 2014, it's been to the states twice coast to coast and around asia 3 times at least boat hoping, trains, travel, monsoon rain still keeping everything dry in that time as well.

Doesn't have one loose thread or damage yet even though it hasn't been treated nice by any stretch. It honestly feels like it will last a lifetime, more than happy with a purchase something once that even my kids will be able to use in another 20 years.

I recently bought another one for my new girlfriend, about to do asia together next month actually, and looking at them both now mine feels a hell of a lot softer all over broken in straps etc, and compression straps that they took away on the new ones for whatever reason? Might post some pictures tonight of brand new vs well travelled.

Usually fit 3 pants, 5 shorts, 8 shirts, another shoes, laptop, camera, cables, kindle, notebook, toiletries. One massive waste of space I found was underwear, changing daily and scrunching up into one of the pockets and usually needing 7 pairs by time can get to a wash but looking to rectify this with quick dry wash 2 pair shower every night.
Just got back from a week in colombia using only a jansport backpack. With it, I was able to pack enough for hiking to a glacier, 2 nights out, clothes for warm and colder weather.

I suggest looking for carry on/ personal bag size requirements for most major airlines. I used the jansport because I flew >spirit and didn't want spend the extra 40 bucks both ways they would charge Also, I've used Dakine backpacks in the past. Would recommend, but your size might be hard to find
Posting and leaving cause it is late, but this is what I use OP


I have the grey one. I love it. Meant for daily life and has a work space and personal space. Fills your want list of features.
It's a pricey pack but I absolutely love my Tom Bihn Synapse. It holds everything I've needed it to. It Has useful pockets that are always easy to pack, even when others are stuffed, it carries well with light and heavy loads, it's not too heavy, and it doesn't get soaked in the rain. I own quite a few packs but the Synapse is easily the best
You know, I have no idea what everyone else's opinion on it is, but I recently got the GR1 from GoRcuk, and it's the best bag I've ever owned. I am by no means a backpack guru or anything either. Just my opinion.

Christ almighty I need to spell check.
What's the risk involved with buying some unknown Chinese brand?

As far as I can tell, most backpacks are made in third-world countries, so I don't really know how different they could be in terms of quality (except for maybe a few inconsequential features).
Insane amount of money to blow on a backpack. IMO one should not be paying more than $80 for a fucking backpack. So many better things to use your money on. But I do understand the appeal.
Having been a student for most of my life, I can't even fathom spending more than $30 on a backpack. That being said, I try not to be judgmental of people with expensive backpacks.

When you look at it from a traveling perspective, it's probably a very inexpensive investment. Your plane tickets, hotels, and food budget will cost more than your backpack. But at least you get to keep your backpack.
for me, it's örben. the best backpack.

available at walmart
You realize these backpacks are luggage, right?
I don't know what direction you're trying to take this.

I fully agree that the purpose of a backpack is to store items for when you're on the go.
How much do you guys pack? I'm thinking about traveling around the world with only one change of clothes and just wash and air dry one them for the entire trip.

So in total I'll have: my cellphone, passport, wallet, backpack, and one change of clothes. Would this be bad if I was going somewhere like LA, Korea, and different countries in europe?
just a kanken
That's pretty close to what I packed on my last trip, except I had three changes of clothes instead of one. For my next trip, I plan on reducing it to two.

>Would this be bad if I was going somewhere like LA, Korea, and different countries in europe?
Nope! If anything, it is pretty damn close to ideal for those locations. I would only be worried if you were going to places with limited laundry access (such as the worst parts of India, Cambodia, etc.).
That dude I quoted doesn't seem to understand the differences in a basic bookbag, a convertible backpack, and a frame/hiking backpack.
File: vacc.png (391 KB, 607x720)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Not really a backpack question but it is related.

I'm traveling for a month coming up soon and I would like to have everything in my backpack and 1 suitcase. I was thinking about getting (pic related) vaccum bags to help save some space. I've heard pretty much everything to they are a life saver to they are useless. Don't mind wrinkles since I can just let them air off and fix themselves in a nice steamy shower.

Anyone have any experience with them? Amazon reviews seem to be mostly positive about them but I've never used them personally
They're handy but not magical. They have the added benefit of waterproofing but that's only important if you're camping.

No harm in trying them. If you're short on cash you can get a similar result from just using jumbo sized zip-lock bags - fill them up, close it most of the way but leave a small sit, squeeze the air out then close.
Yeah pretty much what I expected. Mostly looking into them as a "oh shit I bought some souvenirs and need that extra inch or two of space" Figured if I can spend 20 bucks might as well do that, but then again I might just invest in another suitcase but I really don't want to carry 3 bags
Check your dollar store to see if they have them. If they do, you can save a tremendous amount of money. I've bought many of them, and they work just as well. And don't be discouraged if the packaging doesn't mention anything about a vacuum being required or not. Most if not all vacuum bags can be done by hand.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that if for some reason you get selected for more thorough screening at the airport, you're gonna have to empty out the contents of your bag. Once they find that there's nothing wrong with you, guess what you're gonna have to do? That's right, you gotta re-vac your bags. If you're doing it by hand, they actually take a bit of time.

That said, I would only use these things if I'm packing something voluminous. If you're mostly packing shirts and pants, the space you save is negligible. If you're packing blankets, pillows, or puffy jackets, that's where you'll see the most difference.
Thanks for the tips I'll keep that in mind. Looking at getting this for my month long stay in japan

Packing 10 days of clothes/laptop/charge/normal shit. I know it is overkill for 10 days of clothes, but I do plan on buying some things and bringing them back with me which is why I want to maximize space when and where I can.
I have used them from Walmart. They do save space. Cost $10 or less and work by hand

File: dublin winter 4 days.jpg (244 KB, 1279x878)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
That's not a bad option. It's usually worth it to throw in an extra pair of undies and socks in case you're lazy / go out/ get laid and aren't able to wash one night. Depending on your temp range you might want to throw in a light midweight sweater (I like uniqlo's merino v neck but a hoody works fine if that's your style). depending on weather packing pants vs shorts is a question you'll face. If you're doing pants throw in a pair of gym shorts to wear around hostels for laundry/ warm weather. If aything happens or you want more clothes you can just buy 5$ replacements from H&M/Primark/Zara. Avoid anything that requires a belt.. Final point, I always like having a zipped pocket (usually on jacket) that I can keep my passport in.

This was what I packed for 4 days in Eastern Europe Winter.>>1256800

Attached is 4 days in Dublin in the Winter
File: Photo-20.jpg (132 KB, 914x1270)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>5.11 Rush bags
Muh nigga. Same here, got Rush 12 as EDC and 24 for travels. Rugged indestructible motherfucker, great construction. In five years I'm using it, it will never cease to impress me how much shit you can pack in.
Anything that's expandable/shrinkable so I can also use it for everyday school use?
File: $_84.jpg (17 KB, 280x498)
17 KB
Berghaus Aztec II for long trips.
Carhartt Kickflip for EDC and short trips.
See >>1253632
get trolley bag ya hippy faggots
Will second rush line.
Used rush 72 in afghanistangAfghanistan great bag
Fucking mobile
File: images.jpg (2 KB, 72x96)
2 KB
Mine is this
Has like 35 L capacity
Looks nice
It costed me like 200 $
It smell nice
Its nice with my unicycle
File: D100001001570575.jpg (19 KB, 300x300)
19 KB
I have a deuter 35 lt, expands into 45lt.
pros- its well made, a good size and comfortable...
cons- no detachable day bag, side zipper doesn't open enough to be useful, looks too "hiker" for the type of travel I do.

6/10 I am looking for a better bag
>>1262554 continued

because of not having a detachable day bag, I bring this little guy, I love it.
I'm hoping to invest a decent amount of money into a backpack which will be suitable for both of the following:

First I will be doing a 12 day motorbike tour in SEA and need to pack enough to last that trip. The bag needs to have some waterproofing capability (whether a cover or a feature of the bag itself), needs to be not so big whereby it will be a burden for me on a motorbike, and would hopefully be of size to carry on for flights in at all times.

I also intend a year long world trip after the tour with a combination of backpacking-esque travel and a more standard way too. Therefore I would like the bag to have some safety features to avoid easy theft.

At this stage I'm thinking around 40L, with a budget up to $200, but am yet to find the exact one I'm after. Any recommendations?
Are there any good daybags that aren't totally collapsible?

like a backpack that can be somewhat folded, but between a proper backpack with mesh/padded straps and a paper-tin one that fits to a pocket

It's called a normal backpack. Not one you'd use for camping/hiking/traveling/working, but one you'd use for school.
Try the Tortuga, it will change your life.
File: lidl.jpg (29 KB, 300x200)
29 KB
like this
actually that looks near perfect.. cheers anon
Hell, I'd buy it myself. It actually has the things I look for in a backpack.

>45L capacity
>sternum straps
>waist straps
>waist straps that also have pockets
It's hard to find a backpack that meets all of these requirements, especially all at once.

The only thing I don't like about it is price. You can find some models of Ospreys that are cheaper than that, and those are usually the pinnacle of travel backpacks.
Are daypacks worth it? I'd honestly be fine carrying a 45L or so backpack around with everything of mine, but curious if it would be more worthwhile leaving the big one and taking a day pack around?
are you a Legionaire?
File: download.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>Carribee Cadet 65l
Starting travelling with in two weeks time. Probably not the best one I could have went with but I'm a sucker for camo
I love a good day bag. Why bring all your shit around with you? Just get a bag that collapses into something small
Got a 70+ 10 deuter - usually carry around 14-17kg of shit..."OMG that's so big and heavy."

I'm 6'4 200 lbs...not that heavy + the material and compartments are excellent. Worth every penny. The only downside is you can't carry it on a plane.
I once made the mistake of taking my main bag everywhere. Even though it didn't weigh all that much, just having it on me for extended periods did a number on my shoulders.

Yes, I would strongly recommend a daypack.
For me, I like military-style backpacks not because they're tacticool or anything, but because of how rugged, practical, and modular they are.

>ugly blocky shape for maximum space
>MOLLE webbing to attach stuff
>easier to customize to your personal needs
Was. Few years out.
File: riut25.jpg (31 KB, 750x558)
31 KB
OP here. Nice to see that the thread is still alive. So just a quick update: I bought pic related. Riutbag R25.

It had all the features I needed and it does not look so fancy as the one I posted first.
Happy with it, already did a day of hiking with it, been on a 4 day city trip, using it for daily commute and it does not look awkward with formal clothes (got a dress code in the office), also good for grocery shopping. So basically its an all rounder, I can use it for everything I do not need to keep a separate hiking backpack. Maybe the price is a bit high but I hope it will last as long as my last backpack (6 years).
I have often been warned about camo gear, especially in south or central america, even Caribbean for that matter.. but I'm sure they are used to tourists playing dress up
>I have often been warned about camo gear, especially in south or central america, even Caribbean for that matter
What's the problem? Getting mistaken for military or something?

>sweaty fat nerd with dad-glasses, ponytail, and khaki cargo shorts
>white hippie with facial piercings & dreadlocks
>Asian dork who will always look like a dork with all his tech gear
Haha.. I get where you are coming from.. I don't look like any of those.. 35 yo dark skin Latin name and fit...
Honestly though camo gear is actually not advised in many countries. .even illegal in some, but a meme backpack is fine I'm sure.. go camping in Colombia and tell how it worked out for you
blue force gear jedburgh

1) very tough
2) resists water OK but the only really waterproof stuff I've used has been USGI wet weather bags. I don't know your needs.
3a) multicam is out, some people think coyote is normal. i do not
3b) black is normal, gray might be but it is close to ACU. their olive is not close to duffle bag olive, so it's pretty normal looking

awesome customer service, as well
I've heard the material is somewhat water resistant, but water can penetrate zips. Is it worth getting a rain cover for it?
>Is it worth getting a rain cover for it?
Yes, and that goes for any backpack, not just special snowflake travel packs.

You can get them for less than $2 on eBay. Jesus fucking Christ, what a question to ask, I am facepalming so hard that if I knew you, I would just buy you one myself to not have to hear this shit again.
I just got this. For $30 its a cool unique bag ,I like it. Not the most comfortable backpack. I climbed a 14er with it and the straps kinda hurt my back. I wore it for 6 hours straight though.
lel, I am literally the guy you're replying to, and I've actually decided not to buy it. I committed to this just a few weeks ago.

I'm still looking for cheap backpacks, however. I'm thinking of buying some random Chinese make on eBay/Amazon/AliExpress. I'm sure many people will find this idea contentious, but that is exactly the reason I want to do it. I'm even thinking of posting my results (if I do it); I can either confirm that Chinese makes are shit, or who knows, I might find a hidden gem.
So I'm thinking of making my own backpack. Every backpack that I find when I go shopping just doesn't seem to do it for me. So I'm thinking of buying some materials and sewing one together, by myself.

What are some features that you typically look for in a backpack? I already have a few things I want, but I could always use more ideas.
>What are some features that you typically look for in a backpack?
staying in one piece from having been designed and manufactured by professionals
>What are some features that you typically look for in a backpack?

I think I am pretty handy and can put some cool stuff together but I would not trust my self with my possessions in a self made thing going on a plane. I'd rather pay the 50-75 bucks for the added peace of mind and quality build to keep my stuff secure.

Also self made shit throws red flags to anyone when traveling. Looks cool if you are local backpacking, but that is about it.
sturdy, just two pockets - the main bag and a medium sized on the top, covering it.
brown/green in color, so I'm not well visible while hiking
strips hanging from my arms, so that I have something to do with my hands

I have such a backpack and it's a true masterpiece
File: fidget-spinner-blue.jpg (85 KB, 1001x1001)
85 KB
>strips hanging from my arms, so that I have something to do with my hands
I'd suggest searching the term backpack or sewing on the blog bedrock and paradox. Lots of helpful posts and theory.




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