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Travelling to Valencia (ESP) soon.

Any recommendations regarding accomodation, must sees and hidden gems? Generally, my travel companion and I are interested in nature, hiking, but also beach and water related activities.

Also, what are things to avoid: tourist traps, criminal areas, etc? Cheers!
I only spent there 2 days and from the experience it was a very comfy city. Touristic but on a way lower level then Madrid or Barcelona.
Some organized gypsie beggars and the usual fake good sellers but the police seem to hunt them down at the beach and in the city center.
The city beach was comfy, restaurants with pretty good food everywhere
>paella feels like a scam in the city center and at the beach, 2 people minimum, 15-23€ per person for a bit of rice and the smallest amount of meat I ever saw
2 days are enough for Valencia: one for the City of Arts and other for the Old Town. And I recommend you to rent a bike: the city is plain and subway is worse than Madrid and Barcelona.
My friends whove been there always recommend to rent a bike there
Make sure to eat their o r anges?
Also forgot to add:
Be careful with the Aqua di Valencia, it tastes awesome but you will underestimate the amount of alc in it.
Italian studying/living in valencia for the past 5 years here, ask me anything, i'll answer you tomorrow

Thanks for your help. Do you have any recommendations about the surroundings of Valencia? Aside from touristy spots? Any areas I shouldn't rent an airbnb, due to crime etc.?
Ok, here I am. I'm not really sure what do you mean by E.S.P., you will be some kind of erasmus? Anyway Valencia is full of foreign young people coming here to spend their 9 months of erasmus, work for a season or just stay here to learn spanish and have fun, the night life is really good and there's always something to do. I like it to describe it as a smaller and less chatoic version of barcelona, with all the good side of BRC (nightlife, young people, laid back attitude, coastal town..) but without the shitty side of being constantly crowded with tourists 365 days at years.

> accomodation
The best areas for students and young people in general are 3

- the city centre (ciudad vieja) it's amazing, but it's more expenive than the others. You get the full authentic valencian experience living here, especially during Fallas.
- Blasco Ibanez: the University-area, where the majority of the erasmus students find their apartments, next to the main universities. Almost no spanish people, but still very fun and more affordable
- Benimaclet: the "bohemienne" and hipster/liberal part of the city, it's used to be a village separated from valencia, then the city grew and "ate" it but it still maintain its identity. Lots of spanish young people living here, and prices are a bit higher.

> must sees
the city centre in general, the three squares (de la virgen, de la reina, del ayuntamiento) the Torres de serranos and tores de Quart, climb the Micalet, visit the city of art and science (amazing) and rent a bike and go along the Turia Park. If you're a museum person, the Almoina (roman museum) and the Museo del Patriarca are really good. There's also a Biopark (never been there) and an amazing Aquarium in the city of art and science, a bit expensive but still worth it.
> and hidden gems?
the Carmen and Ruzafa neighbourhood, in the city centre, visit the Pub "Glop" in Benimaclet on saturday night, and if you have a car you can go to Albufera, it's a small town south to valencia were Paella was invented, super comfy, very nice paella and you can do a tour of the marshes and some birdwatching.

> Any areas I shouldn't rent an airbnb, due to crime etc.?
Valencia is incredibly safe. The only area that is a bit less safe from the rest is teh Cabanyal neighbourhood, next to the beach, because lots of gipsies lives there.

> tourist traps
paella restaurants in the city centre serves a shitty paella, but it's cheap and after all paella it's just rice with azafran, beans and meat, so it will always taste decent if if the cook doesnt have any Michelin star.
Careful with Agua de Valencia, it's a shitty drink (it's like alcoholic orange juice) and in some places they can make you pay 40€ for a small bottle, always ask the price first
When in the city of art and science, don't visit the IMAX cinema, it sucks

And that's all I guess, tell me if you have some other questions

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