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Me and my friend are planning a road trip from Toronto, Ontario to Nevada to see the Grand Canyon. It's about a 35 hour drive and gas isn't a problem.

I have a new Mazda 3. I was just wondering if this kind of car would be suitable in Nevada. I just don't know what to expect and if there's a lot of off roading over there.
Err, plenty of off roading if you want to....
But the roads to both canyon rims are paved. At least to the big views and visitor centers. There are tons of forest service roads out there that go right up to the rim, all of them dirt or gravel.
For regular road use I see no problem with the Mazda 3, especially if it's new. Overheating is the biggest danger for a car out there.
Any reason for going all the way to Nevada? Grand Canyon proper is in Arizona. North rim is higher elevation and forested, south rim is classic desert.
We just felt like sight seeing all the Area 51 attractions and stopping by and seeing all the attractions on the way to the destination. We'll be going through plenty of states so there's going to be a lot to see.

Any tips on making sure your car doesn't overheat out there?
With a modern car you shouldn't have any trouble with overheating. It's only really a problem on steep uphill grades in older, underpowered, or very heavy vehicles.
Turn off the ac? But that only helps the car a little bit. Really, I wouldn't worry about it with a new car.
Area 51 is in New Mexico. Like, quite a ways from Grand Canyon. Also Roswell is basically just a town with a shitload of alien themed shops. Nice enough town to drive through tho.
If you DO make it to that area, go to Carlsbad caverns, super amazing.
Personally I'd prefer a route through Colorado and mountains, but I find the New Mexico desert is just so friggin boring.
>area 51 is in New Mexico

And the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. Has OP ever seen a map?
It's not as bad as it looks right away, op starts in Toronto, so it's actually not that big a bend to go through New Mexico. I just think the area sucks and is boring other than the cave. He's going too far south to see the pretty bits of New Mexico.
Did death valley 2 days ago with chevy malibu rental car. It only went up to 220 degrees when riding up hill. Otherwise around 190 to 210 f
You guys are thinking of Roswell, New Mexico. Area 51 is in Nevada, supposedly near the town of Rachel.
Oooo~o. Woulda thought I knew that but I'm an idiot.
Hey travelbro. I went from Vancouver to Arizona last year with the gf. I wouldn't worry about car stuff at all, just make sure you buy some travel and medical insurance for the states cause you can get really fucked with their healthcare.
I wouldn't worry about the car, we have a 06 civic and it went great.

I'm going to project a little about you as a fellow (ex)-Torontonian and give you a piece of advice which I wish someone told me earlier... Go to the National Parks. Spend 2-3 days along your routes to see the raw beauty in America. Nothing... and I mean nothing else you'll see will leave such a lasting impact on your psyche like the 3000 ft walls of Zion, the view from a summit in Tetons or the Rocky Mountains, or your own miniscule scale standing in the Grand Canyon. Don't just be a typical uninspired tourist there and go on the pavement-herded trails. In each park find a small obscure corner and explore it, actually be there, present in the moment.

It's fun to stop by the small towns along the way when they have a fun character but most of those things are superficial tourist traps. You pay $19.99 for your 'TOWN THEME TRINKET" and have a 10 second anecdote for your friends about how it was.

Finally, get your priorities straight and see Canada's parks (although this year sucks cause they're overloaded).
Also if you're going to the desert, read fucking Desert Solitare before/while you're there. I feel like that captures the desert better then anything else.
Your car gonna stop in desert in the middle of nowhere, and you will die.

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