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I got beat up and robbed by a cop while I was staying in Croatia, how do I proceed? For context I was sleeping outside my car because I was drunk and had lost my keys.
Sounds pretty fucked anon, what did they take?
200 of their joke currency and my european healthcare card.
> I was drunk and had lost my keys.

Were you unruly?
Why are you drunk?
I didn't do or say anything to piss them off, I only slept where it was forbidden.
That's what young people do when they are on vacation.
That's 27€, not much. I'm kinda concerned what he wanted to do with your healthcare card. Your best bet is to go to a police station and explain your situation there, but you might actually be fined for being drunk and sleeping outside and nothing might end up happening to the dumb cop in the end.

Croatia is having a crackdown on degenerate partying and drinking this year, which is perfectly justifiable to me. It doesn't excuse the cops behavior tho. If you want my advice, don't visit Croatia again, it's the only thing supporting their economy and they need a reality check.
I know, it's not the money I'm angry about, the cop not getting punished and paying hospital bills is. And of course I'm not going there ever again.
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It's your own fault for getting drunk tbqh my friend.
You could know that corrupt cops could kick the shit out of you. And you should have known that being being so drunk you can't even get in your own car isn't that smart

No thanks for the beautiful alliteration I just gave you

Nothing wrong with being drunk, it's your own life and you should do what you want but don't be expecting that "justice" is everywhere
What are your injuries tho? Hope nothing serious, because I'd go to the police station before going to a hospital because fuck them I'd never pay hospital bills out of pocket when I'd have a european healthcare card.

If the injuries are serious they just can't turn a blind eye there either, otherwise record your conversation with them and send it up the chain.
>Blaming the victim
thanks m8 gr8 advice I'll try being less stupid next time
Nothing serious, but I'm done talking with the shitty police force of this country, I'm crossing the border as we speak.
>does some retarded shit
>not my fault
Accept the fact that you are retarded, getting very drunk in another country without you knowing some locals is retarded
File: 1494362382536.png (37 KB, 700x600)
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Dude, you get wasted and end up drunk as fuck next to your own car. Don't play that stupid "blame the victim" shit on me just because you have the mentality of a 15 year old.

The world isn't all rainbows and sunshines just like in your own country. If you haven't learned that by now, now is the perfect moment
It seems that this idea of blaming the victim is a really common practice on 4chan. People post stories about being cheated or ripped off and are instantly chastised by armchair experts. "Oh, you were sleeping outside so you deserve to be robbed by a corrupt police officer!" These people seem to have slept through any sort of logic classes in school. Don't worry about it man. It sucks about the health card but hopefully you can void it and get a new one or something right?
Tell your embassy you were a victim of police fraud so they can inform their databases and keep good travel statistics. They'll have their ways to maybe handle it with more clout than you will ever have.
Do nothing at the actual police station alone. Get out of the country without trouble ASAP.

For a lost medical card, you can assume they know your identity now, and that your card will be used as medical currency by someone who will not be impersonating you for some medical services. Notify your home country that you lost your card and to issue another, and go ahead and let them mail it to your house. It'll be there when you get back home. In the meantime, you've reported the lost card to them so they can decline any new charges or at least make it harder to use.
It's common sense 101 that incapacitated people can be victims, and when you do not want that to happen to you, you avoid being incapacitated when alone, when somewhere unfamiliar, and choose not to do unsafe things like sleep outside where anyone can come up to you. I would say in this case, it is hardly the definition of blaming a victim unfairly here. It was obvious. Yes, it's a tangent, though, and didn't address the point of the post, which was what to do next.
Another bit of common sense... it's hardly uncommon for police to be corrupt in the reality of this world. Another bit of common sense, though this might be your own cultural and familial upbringing (class), but public intoxication is one of the least moral things a person can do and it triggers the shit out of decent people and causes them to pass judgement on you. Talk about something that is likely both to be illegal but utter disgust forming, that's it!
Why are you so against drinking alcohol?
Are you a muslim?
I was just outside of zrce, a well known party area, is not like I was causing troubles in a residential neighborhood.
I'm none of the other anons giving you shit ITT but you always manage to sound even more like a 15yo by every reply you post.
Whenever they give you objective pieces of advice or share their opinion you retort like an edgy teenager.

>why were you so drunk in the streets?
>lol YOLO grandpa

>Maybe being intoxicated in a foreign country wasn't very smart
>waaa imma victim

> you should know that many people are offensed by public drunkenness
>lol u mudslime?

If you are half as annoying IRL I'm surprised this was the first and/or only time you got your ass kicked.
Lmao no wonder you ameritards are so quick to justify police violence with this kind of mindset

You bunch of fags
"My brother got caught stealing sweets then got lead pellets to his skull. I am upset at this"
>wow what a retard stealing sweets he deserved getting shot

Retard logic
File: 1498276227171.jpg (90 KB, 680x890)
90 KB
Of course it's shit that he got beat up for only being drunk.

The point is that it isn't about what's right, it's about shitty people in the world that want to and will fuck you up in every possible way if they get the chance. This happened to OP as he said

If you walk into the most ghetto place ever with your camera on your neck and looking like a tourist you will get fucked up(never done that, but it probably has happened). Nobody wants to get the shit beat out of them and get robbed but that's just how some places in the world are.

You can't reason with everyone. The Croatian cop was a piece of shit, nobody is denying that. But just realise that in some countries people will hurt you really bad for only a hundred bucks that they can steal from you.

OP didn't deserve to get beaten up and robbed but he made a dumb decision of being drunk and having the bad luck af meeting a corrupt cop. By being fucking drunk in a foreign country all by himself "maximised" the chance of this happening.
You sound like the annoying edgy teenager here desu. Sure OP could have been more careful. But you should be able to just sleep near your car without being beaten and robbed by a shitty cop. It was the asshole cops immoral decision that lead to this situation. Keep convincing yourself that nothing bad ever will happen to you though, because you are so infallible. It's easier to be a snarky berating unempathetic assbag that way anyway.
>It was the asshole cops immoral decision that lead to this situation.
Not the anon you're replying to. And you're wrong. It was OP's behavior plus the asshole cop's behavior that produced the problem. And in a way, OP is lucky -- he probably would have driven drunk had he not lost his keys and very possibly could have ended up in a crash, etc.

Lastly, we need to remember we're only getting OP's side of the story. So, I doubt that his health card was stolen (probably he lost it himself). I also doubt that he was innocently sleeping on the street when the cop assaulted him -- more likely he was drunk and disorderly. Otherwise why does he need to flee the country first thing the next morning? This is not something an innocent person usually does.
lol you guys are fucking retards. I hope you get fucked over next time you travel.
LOL. You got so drunk you lost your wallet and keys, and then got into a fight with foreign cops. You aren't fooling me, retard -- this is probably what happened. Go cry to your mommy, maybe she'll believe your bullshit.
He was sleeping. Can't you read you retard? Also where does he say he had to "flee" the country. He just got pissed off at that shithole and left.
>if I fabricate a totally different version of what happened in my mind, I won't look like a complete retard without arguments

LOL, keep swallowing OP's shit. Every time you deny he's making things up to make himself look better, you prove yourself more and more naive.

I'd have some respect for him if he just told the truth -- "I got really drunk, lost my wallet and keys, and got into a fight with a cop. Wat do?"
Just to reply to OP, his samefagging and the occasional white knight:
- I'm not American
- I don't have a problem with OP doing stupid shit abroad, I have a problem with OP not being able to accept criticism and attacking any poster who doesn't play along the little music he has in his head.
Reminder: OP is the one coming here to seek advice.
-Since OP only replies in an inflammatory way to opposing posts and doesn't seem to actually care about suggestions I assume he either came here to gather sympathy for his victim hood, or he's just a plain shitposter.

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