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I'm going to Brazil soon and I'll be staying in Rio for a few months. I plan on soaking up as much of the local culture as possible while I'm there. While I'm excited to explore the famous tourist spots (Ipanema, Big Jesus etc.) I also plan on exploring the more gritty parts of the city to get a comprehensive exposure of the place. I'm also a photographer so I'm interested in taking photos of all aspects of Rio life. To do this I'm going to do some Favela exploration. I don't have a guide but I have a phone with GPS so I'll just use that. I plan on exploring and documenting as much of the Favelas as possible. I know there's some bad Favelas but I have street smarts so I think I'll be ok.

Any tips for a keen explorer?
Get a bullet proof vest and a local who actually knows their shit.
3 police officers were killed in the last 24 hours in Rio, totally 97 this year.
This shit is not for amateurs nor for stupid tourists that think they're fine because they had the god of tourists to cast invulnerability spell on them.
News about armed conflicts between the police and some members of the favelas is common and just this week a school van with two little kids was taken by criminals from a favela (thankfully they abandoned the vehicle and the kids were unharmed).
A few weeks ago, a pregnant woman was shot dead. The doctors were able to rescue the baby inside of her, but it was also wounded, dying a few days later.

They give no shit to kids, pregnant nor fetuses, there's no reason they'd give any shit to tourists.

So again, if you're serious about this, get a fucking local you can trust and that knows and have their shit together. This place is NOT for amateurs.
you are fucking retarded, do your research. Its a violent fucking city with a culture to reflect it. Good citizens will either try to sell you overpriced bullshit and the bad ones will mug you or worse. please do not go. regional lingo is hard to comprehend and varies by state. you are way better off going to a safer city. the fun you will have can't justify the odds of you lying dead on the street, another number added to the statistic. t. brazillian.
cont. do not use your fucking smartphone in the streets, specially in favelas.
São Paulo is better.
Rio Grande do Sul is also better.
>I don't have a guide but I have a phone with GPS so I'll just use that.
No joke you may die if you do that

being white and obviously foreign will get you killed just waltzing into the favelas you can't do it only in the pacified ones like Rocinha and Vidigal
just take a fucking guide you dolt it's the only safe way you have to make friends with someone who live there first so they can take you there

Rio isn't even that dangerous homicide rate is only like 26per100k but that is high enough without the added danger of being obviously foreign if you are tall you will stick out Brazil and Rio has a low average height the men are not very tall and tend to be brownish even the whites are shorter so you will obviously be Foreign


don't even think of sticking your camera or smartphone out in public places if you don't want to get robbed. even locals are always entering stores just to check the time in their phones. if you have enough money, rent a car and drive with windows closed at all times, doesn't matter how hot it is, because everytime you stop you may get a gun to your head and lose the vehicle. stay away from aglomerations, because you most certainly will experience an "arrastão" (mass robbery), which happen in public transportation as well. as other anons said, rio is not for amateurs.

i would say you should go to são paulo, it's way better, friendlier environments and even the favelas from são paulo are less dangerous.

sauce: am brazilian. we don't fuck around in rio.

for reference the homicide rate in rio is 55 per 100000 per year (trackable) ehoch is literally 200 times or 20000% the murder rate in japan

in other words, you are fucking stupid

No mate, where do you get your info? Look at the top 50 highest murder capitals rio is not there but 20 other br cities are

File: rio-de-janeiro-lede.jpg (867 KB, 2560x1280)
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867 KB JPG
ignore these fear mongering anons OP,they are just either fucking xenophobic locals trying to hoard all their country's beauty for themselves or jealous foreigners trying to scare tourist for sentimental reason
Rio is a perfectly safe city with beautiful beaches,superb gastronomy,friendly people and nice environment
The only thing you need to worry is mobs of drunk tourist shitting up the streets
>i dont do math or crime statistics often, but when i do, i use two year okd articles on forbes with single figures rather than margin of error figures
why are you retarded?
it's not perfectly safe you need to be smart but you can easily avoid danger
also you made a claim of a 55 per 100k rate where did you get that from?
>citing forbes and business insider in lieu of comprehensive datasets

Brilliant. Do you take their oped 3 paragraph investment tips? Id guess you trade based on podcast advice but someone using citations like you is clrarly poor and clueless
don't forget to eat some SOPA DE MACACO
>To do this I'm going to do some Favela exploration. I don't have a guide but I have a phone with GPS so I'll just use that
Are you stupid? Tourists get killed all the time going into the favelas. Being an outsider in their hood is enough for them to kill you. The favela isn't a tourist attraction. Most Brazilians haven't even been to a favela.
I've lived in Rio de Janeiro for 10 years, even the locals don't go on favelas to take pictures. Using a professional camera and smartphone inside a favela is a bad idea.

In your country are you used to walk into bad neighborhoods to take pictures?

If you can't be dissuaded, contact a local with connections to the drug lords, so you can buy safe passage on the favelas.
>In your country are you used to walk into bad neighborhoods to take pictures?
in any southern town this would get you beaten up even in a white bad neighborhood
File: DHMucITXkAAzJNw.jpg (85 KB, 720x708)
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good luck op
You want to go to the favelas? Have you played Max Payne 3?
File: 1468186436782.jpg (48 KB, 550x594)
48 KB
>Have you played Max Payne 3?
The vidigal favela in rio is relatively safe and is a bit touristy (theres a hostel on that hill), but it will still be authentic enough for a white man from a 1st world country. the hostel i mentioned sometimes hosts electronic raves in this open space bar built on the side of the hill with a great view of ipanema. Partied there and got free acid and M from this gay hipster. It was mostly locals with some random backpackers who paid more to enter. Fun times and it was hilarious going back down afterwards in the morning where everyone was still wired up and there was traffic in the narrow streets and the locals screaming "carajo!!!" at every turn.

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