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There's a good chance I'll land a job in Abu Dhabi next year and I'll have to live there for some years. How's life there? I know you live based on your richness status:

Expats working there
Indians and Chinese cleaning toilets

I'm in the middle row and I'll have a good salary, but I wanted to know about life there. Is it just luxury and beaches? Will I feel alone? How strict are the laws? Alcohol only allowed at home? I guess I won't be able to use the torrents there, right? How blocked and controlled is the internet?

Also if you're familiar with the place tell me some good things to visit in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other places in the emirates.
Don't go to the Emirates. It's a potemkin megapolis of conspicuous consumption and personal liberty. There's no history at all. The nature is nothing special, and as soon as they find a way to turn their deserts into another monument of arrogance, there won't be a square foot of enjoyable land in the UAE.
The pleb-pleasing security measures will make you roll your eyes. I've never tried to watch porn there, so I don't know if it's blocked, but most VoIP services and torrent sites are off-limits.
Your tourism money will go to a noble kid to buy a term paper so he doesn't fail his English class at his university in Britain, subsidies for a financial industry that's building itself up to take power once oil money is no longer reliable, or possibly buying new equipment for an arms factory whose output will end up defending a Toyota Hilux with an ISIL banner in two years' time.
Also, Chinese don't clean toilets. You probably meant Seasians.
I know everything is fake and artificial in the UAE, but I'll have to live there for some time, make some money and then find some other place. I'm young and I don't plan on living there forever, but I'm afraid I might feel alienated in that particular culture. Also if I can't browse at least the blue boards of 4chan my source of internet news and discussions will be lost.
On the other hand, well, money and eternal summer!
>eternal summer
>45 Celsius every day

oh yeah perfect
I'm an European expat who lived in Dubai for 6 years now. I'll try to answer your questions and feel free to ask. I'll monitor this thread.

Please be aware that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are different states so there can be slightly different rules on some things.

>Richness tiers
Not entirely true. Some Emiratis are rich, but there are lots of rich people here.
I'll assume you'll be in the high middle class like myself.

>Is it just luxury and beaches?
No. There are plenty of other things to do.
I love cheap food at some of the Indian restaurants for instance. Outside I like going camping in the desert or hiking in the mountains. There are also plenty of opportunities for diving if you're into that.

>Will I feel alone?
This is entirely up to you. I feel less alone than back home because everyone I meet is in the same boat as me (away from home) so we always have a common talking point to start off with.

>How strict are the laws?
Strict, but most are not enforced for non-muslims and Sharia is only for muslims
You'll find plenty of couples living together without being married, prostitutes in lots of bars etc.
Drugs is one thing they do enforce and you shouldn't get involved with here though, but it's a short drive to Oman if you want to smoke some weed

>Alcohol only allowed at home?
No. As a non-muslim you'll be allowed alcohol at home and you'll be allowed entrance at venues which serve alcohol. That could be concert and sports venues or bars and clubs which there are plenty of

>I guess I won't be able to use the torrents there, right?
That is no problem and everyone is doing it
I doubt the copyright laws here even include downloads and the cyber law only mentions pornography where children is involved as being illegal. That doesn't mean it cannot be covered by a non-cyber law though.

Cont >>
File: thumb_IMG_0107_1024.jpg (269 KB, 1024x768)
269 KB
269 KB JPG

>How blocked and controlled is the internet?
Plenty of sites are blocked. The categories coming to mind is: Drugs, gambling, israel related sites and pornography.
The blockings are poor at best and most can be circumvented by simply using https instead of http when visiting the sites. For some it requires VPN so I have my router setup to route blocked pages through VPN and I'm actively blocking my ISP's blocked page.
4chan is one of the websites that can be accessed with it's https address, but is blocked with normal http.

>I know everything is fake and artificial in the UAE
It's not as soon as you get outside the city centers as mentioned earlier. Of course it doesn't have as much history as many European countries.

>but I'm afraid I might feel alienated in that particular culture.
Don't be. It's a very multi-cultural place and it's easy to find likeminded people

>Also if I can't browse at least the blue boards of 4chan my source of internet news and discussions will be lost
As mentioned above that's no problem

>eternal summer
June until end of September sucks here. It's too hot to be outside, but for me it beats the weather back home where we would have 3 months of totally dark winter and only a couple of weeks of good summer

>Abu Dhabi
I would imagine Dubai is a more interesting city with more stuff to do, but I guess it's quite inconvenient to live there while working in Abu Dhabi. At least until the Hyperloop becomes reality.
Right now a oneway bus ticket costs 15 AED (4$) from AD to Dubai and a taxy costs roughly 50$
Thank you! I think Dubai has more tourism but it shouldn't be very different from Abu Dhabi. I can't live there because my company will provide the apartment so it will be 100% in Abu Dhabi. I think I'll often visit Dubai during weekends so I can understand the differences.
Regarding the law restrictions I asked about more than I needed: I don't do drugs and I don't drink much. I was just a little paranoid about how much they enforced those laws and if I could risk getting expelled from UAE for downloading a movie.
Really happy about diving, I tried it in polynesia and I fell in love with it.
Nothing to worry about then

I forgot to add one of my favorite things, quality of life is very good here compared to Europe:
All food can be delivered (fastfood and groceries), maids are cheap so you don't need to clean, carwash can usually be done in the building for a low monthly fee and in general you can pay to get everything done, which leaves me with all my time off work to myself and my family.

Let me know if anything comes up you want to know more about.
I would really like to move to the UAE and use it as a base to travel around the Middle East, Central Asia and East Africa. I'm from the UK, any idea how I could get a comfortable job there that isn't in construction or in a kitchen.

I have a relative who works in the healthcare industry there but since I'm a male over 18 that doesn't make moving there any easier.

I have hospitality experience and qualifications, and have worked in the retail industry but mostly in the back on the computers handling/ordering/sorting stock.
>I have hospitality experience and qualifications
Would probably be your best bet. There are tons of hotels here.
Remember for lots of jobs (like retail, construction etc) here you're competing with low paid Indians, Philipinos etc.
But would working in a hotel mean long hours and exhausting work?

I did that when I first arrived in Australia then left for a comfy office type job in retail.
Also what's the best site to use to look for jobs in the UAE?
I honestly have no idea. Had a friend who worked at a hotel and he seemed comfy enough, but he was some kind of bar manager.
You could have a look at some of the job sites:
but I think the best bet would be to find some recruiter

I was recruited here so I don't have much insights to the job market

It is a good place to travel from though with Emirates (and their low cost flydubai) having their hub in Dubai and Etihad in Abu Dhabi
I'm an engineer with a masters degree and year of industry experience. I'm looking to expatriate to Dubai eventually, hopefully by an internal move through my own company.

What's a solid wage for a single guy in his early thirties over there? What can I expect as an American engineer? I speak Arabic as well
Good engineers are always welcome there, especially with the bonus of Arabic language. The wage is good because it's not taxed, I don't know how it compares to US salaries because I come from an europoor country so for me it would be a huge salary jump.

To the Dubai anon, how do you survive the summer? Do people go to the beach in winter and live in a fridge dring the summer?
A good engineer in the USA with 5 years experience will make between 90 to 110 thousand USD per year
File: WP_20150214_001.jpg (1.94 MB, 3552x2000)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
>What's a solid wage for a single guy in his early thirties over there?
What kind of engineer?
I would assume you would get more than 30k AED/month = 100k$/year with the bonus of no taxes but I only know about software development.

>To the Dubai anon, how do you survive the summer?
We usually stay inside and only get in the car to go to other inside things like work, malls, theme parks etc. During summer I also usually travel for a month.
Swimming pools here are also cooled down so if they're in the shade you can go there all day, otherwise you could go in the evening.
Everywhere there will be A/C

>Do people go to the beach in winter and live in a fridge dring the summer?
Pretty much.
Autumn and spring I'll go to the beach. Around January I generally feel it's too cold to do that (even though it's higher temperature than a normal summerday back home)
>A good engineer in the USA with 5 years experience will make between 90 to 110 thousand USD per year
What about a good electrical engineer from the USA....with only 3 years of experience? I am dying to get out over here. Considering teaching English in SEA or Spain for a year or two because I need to get out and have a change of pace. Do you think I can get a highly paid engineering job in AD or Dubai after doing so?
File: WP_20140911_005.jpg (2.81 MB, 2000x3552)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
>Do you think I can get a highly paid engineering job in AD or Dubai after doing so?
With 3 years experience that should be possible.
I would try to find a recruiter here if I were you.
Excellent. Thank you very much for the response.

Any advice on finding recruiters? I get 2-3 messages a day on LinkedIn but they're all for these jobs in bumfuck USA. How do I find recruiters for abroad?
File: WP_20141204_005.jpg (1.63 MB, 2000x3552)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
>I get 2-3 messages a day on LinkedIn but they're all for these jobs in bumfuck USA
Haha, and I'm getting them all the time here in the UAE.
Unfortunately most of them seem to be IT oriented.
I've heard good about www.hays.ae and www.nadia-me.com but try to search around a big, especially on LinkedIn.

In UAE it's forbidden by law to have the candidate pay for recruitment services, which means the employer pays so you can just contact as many as you like without any risk.
>100k$/year with the bonus of no taxes but I only know about software development.
If I'm a US citizen, do I still have to pay standard US income tax on wages earned abroad?
Thanks for the response. I'll look into all the links posted on here, and search around on LinkedIn a bit too. Funny how that works.

Do you think it's career suicide if I take a year or two off from engineering before trying to get a job in the gulf?

What type of engineer are you? What is the work like there? Do you know many electrical engineers?
>career suicide if I take a year or two off from engineering before trying to get a job in the gulf
Lol yes
Yes, US double taxation. Though you only need to pay for anything over an amount changing each year (100k-something a year) you still need to fill out tax forms.
So roughly how much tax am I paying on an earning of 100k if I make that money in dubai
File: IMG_0846.jpg (121 KB, 1812x434)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I'm not a US citizen, but I think so
I have a few American friends and they simply don't report anything to the US authorities which sounds like a bad idea to me.

>Do you think it's career suicide if I take a year or two off from engineering before trying to get a job in the gulf?
No idea, but I doubt it

>What type of engineer are you?
Software engineer

>What is the work like there?
It's great. Dubai is trying to be the smartest city in the world so there are a lot of interesting work to be done in IT with all the latest technologies
Unfortunately there are also a lot of people doing terrible work in IT. Especially from India and that area

>Do you know many electrical engineers?
None in Dubai
If it's over $86,400 a year, yes.
What's the tax rate when you go over that?
10 seconds in Google would tell you. The tax-free limit is $101,300 for 2016. Subtract that from your actual income, and that's your taxable amount. However, the percentage is then that of your ACTUAL salary. So if you make $120k, then you pay taxes on 120k-101.3k taxed at the rate of $120.

There's tax credits that give other options to make it more complicated, but since you don't pay taxes in UAE, those are in the end moot. So if you don't earn too much over 100k, then you will end up paying around a couple grand a year. Regardless you still need to file the tax returns.
Is this tax thing US only? If I go to UAE and I get hired in a UAE company I don't give anything to my country.
Yes, US only. It's the only country that taxes its citizens living abroad.
Can't i just lie about my income? How would the IRS even be able to obtain info about my earnings abroad?
You're probably not going to find someone on 4chan with such specific knowledge. Try asking your colleagues once settled in. You still need to fill the tax forms no matter what, so there will be companies specializing in that in UAE, they can give some advice.
File: IMG_2827.jpg (131 KB, 1280x960)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
As I mentioned I know several americans who does that since the IRS cannot get that information from here
picture...what are THOSE!
File: IMG_0762.jpg (94 KB, 1024x768)
94 KB
"Massage" cards they put on your car in some parts of the city
What if you work for an American company in Dubai as a US citizen
File: IMG_1317.jpg (158 KB, 1024x768)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
I doubt they'll give that information to the IRS, but you could always ask them
One of the biggest benefits here is the tax freedom (which ends for some companies next year)
If it's a company you have a W4 for I believe they let the government know. I actually worked for the US Government, so no way to get around the reporting, but I made under the limit. Also, note, depending on if you plan to return to the USA, the tax history can be helpful for different things that require it. Like loans, or federal programs, like FAFSA. Or getting in-state rates for your MBA
Is that shit caused by the muslim repression of free sex? A giant """massage""" economy for expats?
File: IMG_1390.jpg (128 KB, 1024x768)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Not only for expats, the locals also use them
There are lots of prostitutes here from all over the world so you could easily "see the world" without leaving the country if that's your thing
Don't a lot of American porn stars sell pussy over there
File: IMG_2259.jpg (97 KB, 1024x768)
97 KB
Yeah, I've heard about that, but the closest I've been to it is a guy I met who said he had paid for a someone called Summer Knight.
Link NSFW:



>Summer Knight.

Mostly British, it seems, as far as porn stars.
Let's say I'm a typical anon with no social life and a bit of /ck/ skills, do I save a lot of money by cooking my own food? Are international foods at the supermarket overpriced?
File: IMG_2628.jpg (136 KB, 1024x768)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>do I save a lot of money by cooking my own food?
For one person I doubt you'll save a lot, but you'll live more healthy
Fastfood and indian food is super cheap here but quality food can be quite expensive to order

>Are international foods at the supermarket overpriced?
Depends what you mean by international food. Most of the food here is international, but some basic goods have a fixed price by the government so they're quite cheap. That includes chicken, rice etc.
Pork is more expensive than back home, but chicken is cheaper.
The normal supermarkets carry all kinds of food also what I consider international. Marks and Spencer shops are more expensive than normal supermarkets.
If you're interested here is one of the bigger supermarkets online page: http://geantonline.ae/
You can order it all online, but this one doesn't have pork.
Vegetables and fruit I order from this site: http://www.kibsons.com

The AED is fixed at 3.67 for a USD.
Is it expensive to have a domestic worker who cooks my meals and cleans the house?
Are the women advertising themselves as Japanese actually Japanese
No. And if they are Filipina, or Thai, you will probably end up fucking them, as well. I had male Bangladeshi man servant. But I made friends with Thai women and had a rotation that would come through and cook for me and my friends
Can I choose an attractive woman as a domestic worker or am I assigned one by an agency
My domestic was included in my rent, and as I stated, was a man. I know people who vacationed to Dubai and said they had some agency provided 2 women that cooked and he fucked for the few weeks he was there, and it wasn't that expensive. I have no idea on the agency or the process, though.
>>1301588 >>1301591
BTW, these women never charged. I think they just liked having a place to chill/spend the night/drink that wasn't an apartment with a bunch of other women, and the constant cattiness and drama that comes with.

Just paid for the groceries, and they took any leftovers home with them.
File: IMG_2295.jpg (79 KB, 1024x768)
79 KB
No, but unless you're married you can only have a house boy if you're thinking full time live-in
You can still rent a maid on hourly basis through the normal agencies though. We pay ours 35 AED/hour and she can clean, cook and take care of our kid, but we only have her clean.
I think the minimum salary you have to pay for a fulltime live-in maid is 1200 AED/month + visa cost and health insurance that amounts something like 6.000.

My man servant (his actual job title) was only paid between 300-400 month, but he did live on sight. Maybe the rental company did funny math and deducted that or it is just one of the rules that is applied differently to locals. To compensate for his low salary, me and my roommate would kick him a few dollars every now and then, and our guests would do the same. Even the women who came over to cook and chill
I guess it depends which emirate and where he was from. I know the minimum salaries are different for Indians and Filipinos.
Sometimes dodgy employers will also deduct housing, food etc. but it's not legal.

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