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Is traveling to Poland just a /pol/ meme?

Would it be worth it? I like cheap, getting drunk, history, pretty ladies, etc...

How long should I stay, what cities?
No country is entirely not worth going to thats a bit silly. Its not gonna be as cheap as some other 2nd world countrys like Serbia or Turkey but its no England or Germany. Getting drunk? Its the slavic nation that invented vodka what do you fuckin think. Pretty ladies? Poland has some of the hottest ladies in the world good luck getting laid though mr im on 4chan. If you go Krakow is the cultural center of Poland and worth it if you like catholic churches warsaw is more of the same if ya know what I mean. Gdansk and the baltic sea is nice. The east is rolling grassland. It has some holocaust sites if ya wanna see those. For how long you should stay it depends. You could spend 2-3 days in krakow and see most everything critical and have a good time. To really kick back and relax along the baltic sea I would spend 2-3 weeks. For a first forign nation to go to though I wouldnt recommend. It doesnt have anything ultra noteworthy worth taking a trip for on its own but if ya wanna go to a slavic nation that isnt just fuckin russia look no further.
>I like cheap, getting drunk, history, pretty ladies, etc...
It has all these things, so go.
Go if you know some Poles was bretty ebin in my experience, prostitute prices where ungodly high 50e lol, fuck off, all Ukrainians as well.
>Would it be worth it? I like cheap, getting drunk, history, pretty ladies, etc.

Aka "I travel in an attempt to get laid"
Work on yourself. There's no reason why you couldn't fuck a few new girls every month
I'm Polish, currently, still living in Poland.
Tell me what are you in to, getting drunk and party all the time or there is more than that?
It's too cold for North of the country, not worthy going see Baltic see when during the year's hotest days the sea is around 18 degrees only. Right now it would be around 8-10.

If you are into parting then go to Warsaw, there is no better place in Poland, probably no better place in Middle and West Europe to be honest.
A lot of Clubbing, and locals love it, we have streets enteirly occupied by Clubs, one next to another and there is crowd everywhere.
I'm not going to talk about girls and how hot they are, I'm sure in that department Warsaw will sell by itself.
Beer in pubs is around 3$, vodka ~10$
English may be an issue, especially with taxi drivers and older people. You'll have a lot of fun going to Warsaw believe me.

But if you are looking for a easy laid, then Poland is not quite a place for it as women gets a lot of attention here, therefore they can be selective and they are not quite into one night stands. You can find those as well as anywhere but don't think that it will be easy here.
>ungodly high
Polish women love ons, but not with Polish men ;) If you're at least average looking and have a nice British/American accent, you're settled.
How much do polish women cost generally.
bottle of vodka
TFW tall, of Polish ancestry, fit and handsome, dying to visit Poland, but have a gf. :*(
File: BXIkR_iCYAAbFJ8.jpg (55 KB, 600x450)
55 KB
Is this you
>No country is entirely not worth going to thats a bit silly

>what is lichtenstein
Sorry sonny you gotta be at least 1000sq miles big to be a real big boy nation. But nah really even they are a beautiful little nation with some nice skiing.
I loved Poland, personally.
File: wroclaw.jpg (105 KB, 600x376)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I'll be in Wroklaw for 5 months,
What places/shops/monument should I visit?
Is the city safe?
How much does a student normally spend monthly?
Do people speak English?
Are student well received?
What outfit do you suggest for winter?
If I wanted to visit other cities how should I move?
General tips and suggestions are welcome
File: 1496030336846.png (507 KB, 600x630)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Yeah it's worth it
>getting drunk
if you like drinking and you aren't an asshole polish guys will take to you, i made some genuine friends there just by getting drunk
it's all over the place, russians, germans, poles, everybody fucked with poland so you won't be let down
>pretty ladies
the best, if you like eastern eu women

As for Wroclaw it's an awesome place. Just find the city center and do some site seeing, then at night hit up one of the many pubs there. It has a university so there are plenty of people drinking and staying out all night. The guys are meatheads that lift to look hard, I didn't test them but they will cock block and possibly fuck you up. There are also plenty of laid back guys that are fun to drink with and bullshit with, so don't waste every minute hitting on women, make some small talk with the polish guys if they start talking to you. It's cheap relative to the rest of europe, and the food is really good quality. There isn't too much engllish there but it's ok because no one is a dick about it. You will be well received if you aren't an asshole. Wroclaw is cool, it's an underrated destination. It's a little small so you won't get the big city feel but there is no shortage of good looking european women and nightlife there.

this exact thought hit me today at work and i did a little bit of research because things got busy, but i really want to fuck a slavic girl. are there really tons of absolutely gorgeous women walking around?

i was looking at slovenia, ukraine or belarus because i heard eastern european would be the place to find them

ive been to thailand a few times and i found a great system. i like to get a girl that i like out of a go go, sometimes it takes a few tries to find a cool one you click with. then pretty much stick with her the rest of the trip and have her be my tour guide/translator while i explore the city shopping or looking for sights and history in the country side. its kind of like just buying a relationship for a week or 2

could i do that in poland or any of these places?
Yes, traveling to Poland is just a /pol/ meme, well in the sense that there are better countries to travel to. Have had friends that went to Krakow, it's not that special really. Usually, people are leaving Poland, not coming to it. Much better options in Europe.
Wrocławfag here.
>What places/shops/monument should I visit?
There's not that much really. Ostrów Tumski, the whole Old Town area, Panorama Racławicka. You'll get it all done quickly, it's one of those weekend cities. The city zoo right opposite the Centennial Hall is actually pretty cool.
>Is the city safe?
Absolutely, yes. The only district with a really bad reputation that's now mostly undeserved is the Bermuda Triangle (area between Kościuszki, Pułaskiego and Komuny Paryskiej streets). You're far more likely to get fucked up by drunken trash in Pasaż Niepolda, a crowded-by-night backstreet with most of the city's shitty clubs.
>How much does a student normally spend monthly?
Depends on your expectations. Use numbeo.com for these sorts of questions. Food will run you about 600 PLN, assuming a decent diet; rent is anywhere between 400-1500 PLN depending on location, apartment and whether you share. Pub beer (0,5l) is 5-7 PLN for big brands and 12-16 for crafts.
>Do people speak English?
The young, yes. The old, not that often.
>Are student well received?
There's only 640k permanent inhabitants but 120k students, about 3 quarters of them moving in for the school year from elsewhere. They're part of the landscape.
>What outfit do you suggest for winter?
Fuck if I know, the weather's been crazy lately. One winter it barely ever drops below zero, the other you hit sub -20C temperatures on the regular. Pack both a light and a thick jacket.
>If I wanted to visit other cities how should I move?
Polskibus.pl will probably be the cheapest. Trains are an option as well. There's an ok search aggregator at e-podroznik.pl that's useful for quickly finding the smaller companies who operate a given route. I never booked through them though, always went to the company's site directly or just got the ticket straight from the driver.
luxexpress good for travelling in and around poland by bus
No. Fuck off.

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