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Which cities in Latin America would you recommend for someone wanting to learn Spanish?

I speak very poor Spanish and want to get it to a good level.

My priorities are climate, food, safety, cost of living, friendliness of locals.
Mexico City (if you wait for it to clean up from the earthquake).
Guadalajara, big city, lots of convinences, safe as a big city can be. Beautiful year round climte.
Puerto Vallarta, 2nd calmest bay in the world, excellent climate, beautiful views.
Colombia and Chile are also great places.
Everywhere has a very low cost of living as long as you don't try for accommodations made for tourists/expats.
Buenos Aires

Don’t go to the Indian countries to learn Spanish and don’t go to any gringo cities, they suck.
chile is a pretty bad place for a beginner, you wouldn't go to rural ireland to learn english

>Buenos Aires
if you want to sound gay go there
OP here. Yeah, Chile looks nice but I've heard the accent is all over the place.

Any big difference between Mexican/Colombian accents? Or advice on which one would have friendlier/more helpful locals?
What are good cities to learn spanish in spain?
Can rule out barcelona, b/c to many people speak english to get forced to practice spanish.
Xela in Guatemala is known for its Spanish immersion schools. The dialect is very clean and easy on the ears. No heavy accents to deal with.
If you want to learn Spanish, then go to Spain. All of the Latin "american" countries are corrupt shitholes that speak corrupted versions of Spanish, with outlandish accents and some tribal gibberish thrown in.
t. Manolo
you mad as fuck because everyone learns glorious mestizo spanish instead of your faggy lispy shit talk
I'd advocate Oaxaca, although the earthquake before last messed the place up quite a bit, sadly. Educated Mexican Spanish is very clear and attractive.

I also find Colombian Spanish quite melodious; Chilean and Argentinian varieties much less so... Chileans talk incredibly quickly in my experience, and I know many people in other parts of South America don't like the Argentine accent, since Argies have, or have had, a reputation for being snotty. I find it a little ugly. But that's just my opinion.

LOL? I assume you're trolling/baiting. But there is also the fact that the majority of Barcelona residents speak and prefer Catalan, which is, of course, not Spanish at all. Plus the city's being overwhelmed with tractors at the moment demanding an independence referendum.
Come here white man i'll teach you
I agree with this, I actually learned Spanish here and it's cheap
What's the social side of life there like? Culture, people, traditions, food etc?

More expensive and less fun
Social life in Xela pretty much revolves around the Spanish school you're in. If you're young then you'll make friends easily. While Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala it has almost no nightlife to speak of.

The culture is varied as it is in the heart of Guatemalan Mayan country. Expect there to be large groups of natives just outside the city that don't speak Spanish or English. Food is your typical pollo with rice and beans.
Unironically La Paz, Bolivia.

Well its cold most of the time, but you never know, its like 20C at 9am and -12C at 3PM
AMAZING, best food ever and a lot of dishes too
Pretty safe, unlike Santa Cruz, bolivia, where you watch HueHuehue shooting at each other at 10am
>Cost of living
You can eat a lunch, soup+main Dish at 1,5$
A room for a month around 40$
People is nice here.

Probably the biggest problem here is telecommunication. Internet and Cable TV are kind of expensive and very limited. Also if you want to learn spanish, its pretty good since La Paz have a pretty neutral accent.
eh, sounds ok but i'd want an interesting city and the chance to have a social life outside of the school bubble.
>La Paz, Bolivia.
The Darien gap is the only thing keeping me from driving my camper van down there this winter.
I have been listening to spanish lessons on tape and its helping.
Just get one thats a little too hard for you and listen over and over on your commute.
what's the name of the series you've used? been looking for something for a while
right now I am doing Understanding Spanish Conversations by Joe Kozlowski .
Its not great but it was cheap in audible
Pretty short and she speaks pretty fast but its helping
also interested - whats the deal with peru? am i gonna develop a fucked up accent learning there? are there (m)any liveable cities?
There are dozens of different accents inside Mexico, and probably it's similar in Colombia. But Chile it's in another league, don't go to Chile for learn spanish.
people from the Peruvian coast speak the purest Spanish in the Americas. it's a point of pride for them. the third largest city in the hemisphere is Lima, and is livable in all categories.
I would suggest Mexico, but not northern cities, and neither Mexico City if safety is a priority for you. Go to Oaxaca, Guanajuato or Guadalajara (mexican states/cities).
Which is your mother tongue, anon?
Not to beat it to death but theres a reason /trv/ loves Medellín. There are a fucktin of expats, travelers and Spanish schools but still nothing is catered to English and you will have to speak Spanish. A wonderful city
How expensive is it to live?
English. I'm from the UK

come to el bronx papi

we got you for this

nuyorican = best spanish


that fukin homo vosotros shite. thats the spanish version of sounding like you from england.
why would you possibly list a bunch of citys in argentina as the best to learn spanish? spanish in argentina is probably the most difficult in all of latin america
Rio de Janeiro
r u joking

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