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File: random cityzen.jpg (58 KB, 400x540)
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How many of you wanderers have done drugs during a journey ? What was the setting,the place,the feeling ?

Do drugs when you're stuck, soak in reality when you're not.
>be me
>high rise
>great view
>5 hits of LSD
>watch the bustling city from above
>ponder about humanity
>'we've came really far in 100 years'
>looking at skyline
>timelapse visuals
>feel like a god
>tell my friend we are gods looking at people down below
>he says "what about them?"
>both of us cock our heads simuletaneously towards the sears tower
>"ahh the big leagues"
>my friend tells me how no matter how big you think you are, there's always someone or something bigger than you
>I start to envision humanity at it's start
>see the world evolve
>"This world is amazing"

No need to trip anymore. I've done it enough to be satisfied. It really inspired me to see the world and appreciate all its wonder and glory.

I appreciated it before but not in the same way that I do now.
Did ayahausca in Peru.

Made me feel renewed. My friends and family noticed I was happier and more calm.

Shit wore off, though. Society has me pretty miserable again.

It's like getting your oil changed sort of. I would love to be able to do it as need be, but since I want to see as much of the world as possible, I'm not sure if I'll go back to Peru. Perhaps in Costa Rica. Not much desire to go to Brazil.

I wish I could go back to Iceland with a bunch of shrooms. Would be heaven.
What process did you go through for the ayahuasca?
I fell for this meme.
No, doing drugs is not the same experience as traveling. It's just a waste of time/money.
But OP didn't imply drugs were like travelling
He asked about drugs WHILE travelling
Smoked a lot of weed in Paris. Good times.
>Tfw can't smoke weed anymore because I'll get uncomfortable
Happens to me sometimes. Just got lucky with the strain and also used quite a bit of wine to level it out.
i once drove from vancouver, bc, to nashvile, tn. took about five days. on the way back i took a ton of adderall the whole way. took less than two days to make it back home.
Space cake on a bus from Amsterdam to Barcelona. Helped the ride go by.
I've grown my own magic shrooms before, and brought them on holidays several times. A couple times I smuggled them on airlines -- dogs aren't trained to sniff for them. I had dried, minced, and weighed out shrooms into gel capsules and put these into a small vitamin jar, to look less suspicious in x-rays. Of course by sight they'd look different, but you wouldn't know what they are, and I've never had problems. I've told normie friends that they are just herbal hippie stuff, and no they can't have one.

And yes, every now and then taking a trip while camping or hiking out in nature far from urbanity is very 'spiritually' rewarding.

YMMV, but I find it's almost always sativas or sativa-heavy hybrids that can cause me a bit of paranoia, mild panic attacks (more racing heartbeat than anything else), and so on. It's not always, since I dose new strains slowly, and I can usually notice it creeping up. I just put my joint down for a little white, but yea, it's the downside. I try to stick to indicas, and moreover, I don't really get super high anymore. I'm 34, married and work a good regular job. A few tokes to settle in for the evening is fine by me.
Process? I did a lot of research online to make sure it wasn't a "cattle call" type of thing. There were only three of us total. It was at the house of a married couple in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The price of the retreat covered lodging, food , which they prepared food for us, and three ceremonies. Well worth it. I followed a pretty strict diet leading up to it.

Checked out Machu Picchu beforehand, because if I'm in Cusco, it would be ridiculous not to.

Does that answer your question?
File: Gili-Trawangan-island.jpg (167 KB, 481x307)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Took acid with me to Indonesia, took it on Gili T. Decided to walk along the island circumference road, go caught in a tropical warm shower. After that I went and had dinner at the night market with some people from my hostel.
Took acid in Tokyo at night. It was as overwhelming but awesome visually as you'd imagine
Ayahuasca is more traditionally from tribes in the upper Amazon (i.e. Brazil). Any "shamans" in Cusco (and anywhere else in Peru) are bullshit artists. You might get your cosmic trip, but you might get some ugly brown manlet's dick up your ass while tripping balls, too.
How'd you score acid in Japan? They'd lock you up for a very long time if they knew.
File: 1490618186287.jpg (154 KB, 1001x823)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Last summer I went to a club called Ipse in Berlin. Bought MDMA off some turks outside the club. It was alright (considering that I had done it before tens of times) and made talking to strangers much easier for me. It was too fucking hot and sweaty though.
curious about this too,been there and it felt like there is absolutly no means to score anything beside shitty mdma and coke in tokyo's nightclub (so i heard)
You have to do your research, but legitimate, genuine options do exist.
File: Naporivermap.png (451 KB, 1000x1000)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
>Ayahuasca is more traditionally from tribes in the upper Amazon (i.e. Brazil).

NO!, just NO

Ayahuasca is traditional of the Napo river tribes (upper WEST amazon), mainly in Ecuador and some in Peru.

All other amazonian tribes from other places (i.e. Brazil) obtained the recipe from them, and some did fairly recently.
You bring it into Japan duh
Mainly done drugs during festivals while traveling. Finland, Croatia, Japan. Acid, MDMA, weed, 2c-b.
Did truffles on the streets of Amsterdam too. I got pretty lost (ego loss as well) but still had a good time.
Tripping in Japan was probably the weirdest experience though.

Also, tripping while you're on a trip feels like going in an extra layer, like in Inception. It's exactly what traveling is, that's why when you're on psychedelics they don't call it a "high" because it's a trip.

Good times. But I've done enough that the novelty's faded so I really like experiencing life sober.
Not him but lsd is the easiest drug in my experience to travel with. Throw it in a book between pages or in your wallet even
go to a rec shop and buy their strongest CBD weed, just ask them for it.
>sativas or sativa-heavy hybrids that can cause me a bit of paranoia, mild panic attacks (more racing heartbeat than anything else), and so on. It's not always, since I dose new strains slowly, and I can usually notice it creeping up. I just put my joint down for a little white, but yea, it's the downside. I try to stick to indicas
that guy.
I was thinking that as well, yet I'm 20 not 21. Or maybe I should smoke reggie kek
I lived a semester in SoCal as a student, and my roomie got a medical marihuana card early. Long story short, I became a full time stoner in periods, and experienced some of the most meaningful insights I ever have. Big hits of strong sativa weed, high tech headphones on with the greatest music humanity have produced, closed eyes and sink down in the bathtub. I'm 100% career focused and boring now, but it makes me happy looking back at the old days of beach parties and no worries. Fuck
>dude I can't like, like smoked WEED, anymore
>I'm like 21 LMAO
Doesn't get you high though. Sure it might help you sleep if you try, or relieve some pain, but it doesn't have a "high" in the same sense most people are looking for with drugs. More like a stronger chamomile tea.
Headphones in the tub?

Also, what did you like to listen to?
put it on paper, put it in a book. If you're paranoid put a bunch of notes in the book.
And bring just enough
Had an amazing trip at a festival in vaeroy, was during midnight sun so there wasn't that uncomfortable seeing shit in the dark that can happen.

Got stupidly high on mdma in Spain with an ex at another festival, was fun but we wound up losing a lot of stuff because we were so fucked, and then got a bunch of shit stolen by some fucker who was working the lost & found.
>No need to trip anymore
Bro you have almost transcended, just a little further!
Acid can't be picked up by sniffer dogs. Only way you're getting caught is if you have some reason for your entire suitcase to be tipped out and searched. I put mine in a piece of scrunched up tissue in the pocket of some jeans but honestly I could've walked through with it in my wallet
Did 4-FMP and 2-CB together in Amsterdam. First time trying both, had an amazing time.
I was like this, except I never really told anyone (just a few other friends who also liked pot) that I got super stoned on weekends. I lived/passed as a normie, otherwise.

I bought 7-8 grams back in July (4 of weed, 4 of hash), and I've still got more than half of it. I feel I'm really past the age where I need to be super stoned. Once in a while, mmmkay, but a mild vape (still get good weed, just use less of it) once or twice a month on a lazy Friday evening listening to some tunes is good enough for me.
Not really, to be honest. IRL I never talk about weed, even with few the people who know I smoke it sometimes.
>I lived/passed as a normie, otherwise.
But smoking weed IS normie.
Maybe where you live.
File: MkvjCHj_d (1).jpg (42 KB, 640x448)
42 KB

I have heard about people doing it in Cambodia, which im traveling to soon. Obviously owuldnt be the exact same experience but any advice on how to find the people performing the ceremony etc?
Under no circumstance should you do aya in Cambodia. If you value your kidneys, your wallet, your boipussi.

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