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File: easter island.jpg (2.7 MB, 2764x2214)
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Anyone on /trv/ every been to Easter Island? What's it like?

I‘ve been for eight days or something. Explored the whole island by bycicle. Best way to do it imho as you can just stop wherever and look around. It’s basically a giant open air museum with no guards. The white sand beach with the moai is gorgeous. There‘s a campground so it‘s not super expensive. I found it really cool but I rarely bring it up because it sounds a bit like bragging.

Is three days long enough to see everything?
Wouldn‘t say so. Here‘s what you can do
>climb highest volcano, takes 3 hours
>northwest part of island is only accessible by foot or bike, lots of caves to explore
>crater lake and birdman cult
>eastern part of island is a full day
>diving (didn‘t do it)
>chill on the beach
>visit dance show in hanga roa
>poike subisland (didn‘t do it)
>hike around northern part (didn‘t do it)
>when i was there it rained for a full day without stopping, nothing to do if it rains
I would say one week if you really want to see the island. If you just want to drive around the main highway you can do it in 3 days for sure.
>$1,500 return from Santiago to see some stone heads
nah yeah nah cunt

Got the ticket for $500 eat it.


bumping again
one more time bump

It's a slow board. There's no need to bump that much

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