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So I've been to 6 out of 7 continents, and I figure I might as well hit my last one (Africa). Anyone traveled Africa have suggestions?

I usually travel cheap with no itinerary and just go where I want based on whim. I realize this might not be an option in most places in Africa, so where can you travel like that?

Right now I'm thinking:
-Tanzania (Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria)
- Namibia (Skeleton Coast, Etosha, Kalahari)
- Morocco (Marakesh, Essoira, Casablanca)
- South Africa (Cage diving in Cape Town, and... I don't know some kind of touristy safari?)

Also interested, anyone got some good resources on travelling/short term living in Africa?
Morocco is the cheapest out of those options, but it's not "real Africa", even if it is a lot of fun.
If you want to country-hop on a whim, Eastern and southern Africa is best because there's little to no visa hassle. In the West you can get from Morocco to Senegal, but after that you spend every waking minute worrying about your next visa.

That's actually a pretty solid travel plan. All of the places you listed are relatively sound in terms of any sort of conflict, though I'm sure there are seedier elements of each country.

Have you considered visiting the DRC?
visited every state that produces coffee, just look it up, too lazy to write it down, besides getting killed, prepare yourself for extreme poverty, but people are very nice, extremely nice, but again you can get gunned down for no reason, Africa is very dangerous
OP here, I have not even considered DRC. Is it safe? I was under the impression that it is not.
Morocco might be the one I hit first. I used to live in Spain, and I was thinking about going back there and visiting friends then hopping a cheap flight down to Marakesh, heading to the coast and heading north back to Spain.

I agree on the "not real africa" thing, but I'll count it for my last continent.
Absolutely not.
I was in the DRC a couple of months ago. It's not that dangerous. Virunga National Park has a lot of cool stuff to see.
South Africa is fairly chill to move around in, good transport links between major cities, a well developed backpacker culture, loads of places to hostel in.

Come visit us in Kwa-Zulu Natal, we're basically British-lite and have loads of game reserves and a great coastline, bonus points if you can visit the Amphitheatre Backpackers Lodge in the Drakensberg. Some of the best views of Southern Africa are in those mountains.

If you do visit just don't be stupid and wander into a township of course.
I would recommend ghana, very safe cultured country filled with nice english speaking people.

Mali, ethiopia, egypt and sudan are other places i enjoyed , but they have some safety/languages/ visa problems for americans.
As a South African I sort of always suggest to try South Africa as your first African country. Mostly because it's the easiest entry point with the least amount of culture shock for western tourists.

SA is also incredibly varied, so you can look at more than just cage diving and going on a Safari.

Once you're comfortable though you can venture out to more "adventurous" African countries.
However I get the impression that you're well traveled and wont necessarily be put off by the condition of third world African states.
Another SA-Anon seconding all this.

I can also suggest that once you're done with SA, a trip up to Victoria Falls in Zim is another good western friendly outpost for tourists on the continent. Zim in general is a great country to visit but sadly often isn't due to the political situation up there.
South Africa is wonderful, diverse and challenging. Please please please travel from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and see the Garden Route. It's fantastic. There are stunning wild life reserves near Port Elizabeth as well Addo, Kuzuko etc.
East/Southern Africa is nice because all visa-at-the-border, and they're reasonably safe (unlike a lot of Central and West Africa).

North Africa is the middle east not "Africa" as popularly understood.
Agree with anons above: South Africa is a great country for backpacking. There's an easy-mode backpacker trail, but you can easily get off it and go anywhere yourself (minibusses are comfortable, convenient, and go everywhere, plus there are also coach busses and trains to many places). I even hitch-hiked a bit (you're expected to pay though).

SA is super diverse geographically and culturally, whereas all the countries around it are pretty samey.
So we all universally agree here that Morocco is not 'real' Africa.
How about Mauritania?
Personally I think you start to feel the 'real Africa' atmosphere as soon as you pass south of the Arabic-majority north. Southern Morocco is completely Berber, thus native African in language and ethnicity, cultural practices etc. There's nothing Arabic about them except the religion. Go hiking in the Anti-Atlas mountains and see what I mean.
Then you get to Hassaniya territory, i.e. Western Sahara and Mauritania, which is an interesting mix. Ethnically and linguistically the Hassaniya are mostly Arabic, but they're so far removed from the Arabic world their culture has taken on a life of its own. It's refreshing. Plus there are lots of sub-Saharans running around. I felt far enough removed from the Maghreb to feel satisfied there.
Egypt is amazing if you're into your ancient Egypt - Cairo museum, pyramids, valley of the kings, karnak, abu simbel - amazing. Obviously you don't want to go into Sinai right now but maybe down the nile (where most of the ancient Egypt stuff will be OK. Check before you go

For Safari, you should consider the Serengeti in Tanzania (or the Masai Mara in Kenya - they are part of the same ecosystem but in a different county)
But they're not black.
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>be me
>fly to cape town
>start traveling by hitching and public transport
>fast forward 2 years and 7 months
>fly out of dakar
Do the yellow countries + maybe Tanzania if you feel like it. You will see some dodgy shit at times, but make sure you talk to locals before you go to know what to do/where to go.

For instance, I did the route from PE to Cape Town as another anon suggested, which was fantastic, but hopefully I suffer a long agonising death before I have to face Joburg again.
This is such classic /trv/. We should aspire to meet this standard once more.
If you're in the Transki I high high recommend hiking the whole way between Morgan's Bay and PSJ. Probably the nicest stretch of undeveloped coastline left in the world.
Looks magical.

I'm South African. I'm doing this in January, it looks really fun, you could also add Swaziland on the return from mozambique into SA.
It has the okavango delta and Victoria falls in it. If you wanted you could do kruger national park.
You doing this on your own boet?
I really want to do something like this if you have an empty spare seat.
You can find kilometeres-long perfect clean beaches on that coast where you'll be the only person there all day.

Just be for-warned that the coast and rivers there are teaming with bullsharks, and you need to swim all the river mouths.
So is there a walking path that goes along the coast?
What are my chances in a fight with a bullshark?
Your thread makes me want to go to Yemen and Mozambique. Fugggg
For most of it, there are a few bits where you need to go inland a little bit to avoid something. It's a somewhat popular thing to do. There are a few hostels along the way catering to hikers, and you can arrange homestays I think (I never did).

I believe that area of coastline has far and away the highest shark attack/fatality rate in the world, particularly when considering almost body ever sets food in the water (the local people/culture have ZERO interest in the ocean, which is why the coast is totally undeveloped).

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