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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

File: IMG_5794.jpg (81 KB, 464x700)
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Amerilard here.

I want to move somewhere affordable (but not disgusting like Cleveland or Detroit) and rather rustic so I can spend my days writing.

I plan to work an evening job as a security guard, bookkeeper, bartender, whatever.

Where is the place for me?
lmao fuck off you little hipster
Oregon coastline/Northern Californian coastline
I'm a rich corporate attorney you cocksuck
that doesn't contradict what he said

if you were going to write you'd have done it by now, this is posing/procrastinating
Why would I have done it already? That doesnt make any sense.
because you could be doing it literally right now, everyone who says "i want to be a writer" is really saying "i'm lazy but want the status of pretending to write"

prove me wrong by closing your browser and opening notepad and writing something
You’re just wrong Anon. Sure there’s areas of CLE that I wouldn’t go, but that’s true of every major city. Cleveland is a comfy-tier city with a lot to offer.

1. Cheap as fuck. You can buy a house for dirt cheap, as long as you don’t mind putting work in. The cost of living is great too
2. Good people. As long as you stay away from the niggers, people in CLE are friendly and chill.
3. Lots to do. Tons of parks, trails and the lakefront if you want outdoors. Good music scene, bars and restaurants after dark.

Go check it out before you dismiss it.
>if you were going to write you'd have done it by now, this is posing/procrastinating
This guy knows how it is. I had a friend who used to manage studios in a kind of urban artists colony. All these retired folks and trust fund kids and sea-changing down-shifters would rock up with brand new expensive equipment deciding to be artists now. A month later they'd give up and sublet those studios at half the price.

Read what Bukowski wrote about guys like you, OP:
Sure, that's why you need to work as a security guard to afford living expenses.

I put in five years as a corporate attorney, saved my shekels, and retired.
You're right. I've begun. Wish me luck
Wow good for you. Some of us have crippling loans
oh shit what is wrong with working a low key job and saving money to do what you love? fuck him for having a hobby and knowing what he wants out of life right? damn.

still made me lol with the fpbp though so 10/10 would laugh again, sorry OP
No worries. Funny enough I've written a bunch. Makes everyone so mad because they want to do it or something more creative but don't.
This whole thread is so funny after all

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