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Yo my dudes.

We are two Norwegians heading over to Australia for a wedding in Adelaide. We have a week beforehand to do some chill stuff and travel elsewhere. What would you do? It is January then.

I would probably prefer being a beach bum in Queensland or something and exploring than going straight for Sidney and the likes, but I dont know where to start. We have money for flights and travel. Is car rental advisable in that uge country?
Only if you can get a decent group together to split fuel its pretty fuckin expensive here
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depends what you need the car for. There is a Australian train system, in the sense that it will pretty much take you from big city to big city.

If you just plan on fucking around a single city, and maybe exploring outside the city, then is when I'd start to think about snagging a car.

as for what to do, it really depends on what you want to see. Along the southern coast, there are a bunch of national parks that I especially liked. I can also recommend Gold Coast and Perth.

Yeah i’m thinking we pick one city, and then branch out a bit.

Have you seen the fuel prices in Norway mate?
If you plan of traveling outside of the major cities you should hire a car. Train stations are few and far between in rural areas. Keep in mind that fuel prices are astronomically high here.

Trains in cities are fine and pretty cheap. Free of charge in some areas.

There are country trains between the major cities but they're very expensive (for example Melbourne to Sydney can be up to $200+ for a 12 hour journey, https://transportnsw.info/regional#/).

If you want to go between major cities I recommend taking short domestic flights. Tigerair and Jetstar are the best for cheap flights. By doing so you'll save more time and money than you think, Australia takes a long time to traverse on the ground and many tourists underestimate how big this place is.

Lastly if you're going in January, don't underestimate the Australian summer.
Fly in to Melbourne and either drive or bus to Adelaide from there. About an 8 hour drive, see some random Australian country towns along the way.
My recommendation would be to:

1. Fly into Gold Coast, stay for maybe for a few nights. I wouldn't stay in Surfer's Paradise as it's a bit too crowded and touristy for me, but some enjoy the activity. Nicer beaches/areas are a short drive away.
2. Take Bus to Byron Bay, stay in a hostel for a few nights (Accommodation will be expensive during January school holidays)
3. Back to Gold Coast and then fly to Melbourne for a night or two of city stuff/nightlife (if you're into that)
4. Drive to wedding in Adelaide
Bear in mind it will be 35-40 most days in the southern states during January so you probably won't want to do too much outside at that time of year. If you've only got a week I'd fly into Melbourne, spend a couple of nights there, drive to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road, see some small towns and stunning scenery.

If you want to go to Queensland I'd either go to the Gold Coast or Cairns and surrounds. Gold Coast is a tourist hot spot with Nightlife and good beaches but it's plastic as fuck. Cairns is more natural and less crowded and you'll probably see some better scenery and nature.

I think this is a good suggestion - the Great Ocean Road is spectacular, and there's some interesting countryside & towns to see along the way. Stick to the coast if possible, as the main highway between Melbourne & Adelaide won't be as interesting.

Adelaide has some appeal, be careful when going out at night, there is a reputation for alcohol-fuelled stupidity / violence in the city entertainment precinct. That said, there's plenty of good food & drinking options, and an hour or so away is the Barossa Valley, home to some of the country's most famous wineries.

It will be disgustingly hot, especially in South Australia in January (I think these people getting married are fucking crazy), and the state electricity network failed completely twice last year, let's hope they've fixed it this year. The hottest part of the day is early afternoon onwards, so try and do touristy shit in the morning and siesta / indoor things (museums) in the afternoon.

In terms of Queensland, Cairns is good given it's size and lots of options, but also consider the Whitsundays / Airlie Beach, which is way more geared to backpackers and young people. It will be hot too but not as nasty as down south or even Brisbane.
M8 you're going to get cooked if you drive around Adelaide during Jan. We don't have much.
Barossa Valley for world famous wine, Hahndorf for German tourism town, Glenelg for beach, 3AM lock out except for i think one venue and the casino, zoo is average with better wildlife parks found in the hills. Petrol at this moment is $1.44 per litre which is fuckin shit.
t. Adelaide dude

Gold Coast is the biggest shitstain of a place.

Airlie >>>>>> Shit Coast
>Over the GOLD COAST

wew lad

Gold Coaster reporting in, this city is the tits for tourists. You've got unreal beaches that stretch for miles (as well as one of the most thorough life saving services in the country), clubs and bars if you're in the main city. There's huge amounts of rainforest to hike through. Springbrook Mountain, Purlingbrook Falls, Currumbin Valley.

OP, if you do come to the Gold Coast, rent a car and drive to the Cougal Cascades. There's rock pools there that are awesome that time of year.
Thanks guys.

The petrol is approx. half price compared to up here, so I guess we're good. Sketching up some itineraries now.
Do Tasmania mate, it's a mini New Zealand down here and the scenery is fucking fantastic.
I keep reading about stingers in Cairns in January. Does that mean that most beaches are off limits?
I'm studying in melbourne now, thinking of doing a one week tasmania trip, no car. Any suggestions?
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The kangarooers
This, I wouldn't recommend Airlie at all unless you are only passing through to go elsewhere.

>t. trashy plastic transplant from mexican state in awe of the shiny buildings, general fakeness and garbage tier inhabitants of the gold coast (criminal/bikie scum, hordes of drug addicts, filthy kiwis).

The Gold Coast is a hive of scumbags, junkies, whores and generally trashy people.


You will need a car to do anything, public transport outside of Hobart is nonexistent or totally useless. Car rentals are reasonably priced if you shop around, recently I had a new Rav4 for 7 nights on a one way rental Launceston to Hobart and it was under $300 total.

Also, don't buy the excess reduction insurance the rental companies offer (usually $20+ per day), find a travel insurance provider which covers excess up to $6000 and buy a domestic travel policy - if you have an incident with the car (roads in Tassie are tiny and the local drivers suck) the maximum you'll pay is the $100 travel insurance premium.
If you go the car route, be aware that Aus is huge. I live in Melb, and visiting my grandparents in regional Vic (about halfway across the same, "small" state) was a solid day of driving at 100kmh, and occasionally speeding. If you go Qld, then Sydney, then Adelaide, be aware you're looking at a solid week of just driving. As in, you wake up, get in the car, and drive. Any stops will add time, plus fuel is expensive as fuck, and this assume you don't get lost and drive right at the speed limit at all times.

I don't mean to be an asshole, but a lot of people from small countries like yours don't seem to grasp that Australia is a fucking huge desert country.

A friend of mine and her boyfriend wanted to drive to Qld and back in a hatchback. Couldn't grasp why that was an awful idea.

As for specific advice, I recommend chilling on the East Coast. There's more to do there, and you get the iconic beaches. If you're strapped for time, fly to melb and spend a few days in Vic, and then drive to Adelaide and hit up some small towns along the way.

Also, January will be awful weather. Short pants and short sleeves are a must. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are a must. You need to drink a lot of water, and hay fever might be a thing for you.
Yea you can but they aren't necessarily cheap or convenient, they run pretty well to regional centers though

>hire a car
I think you mean "buy a cheap car and sell it when you leave"

OP head to airlie beach in Queensland. You can party, go island hopping, otherwise there is Cairns which is also a loose time. Both of them are on the great barrier reef so there is that too. Airlie has the whitsunday island though which I am sure you've seen photo's of.
Go snorkelling in ewens pond mount gambier thank me later
>t.ausfag who has traveled around aus
>the main highway between Melbourne & Adelaide

Cmon man how could you skip the best city in the world, Mount Gambier?

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