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I'm planing a trip around the world next year, my trip passes through Jordan and I was just seeing how close it is to Syria and Damascus (only a few hours by car if the boarder was opened). Made me think about how interesting it would be to go to such a place and see the culture during war and what is going on with your own eyes (as opposed to through the media).

I know people here have travelled to some quite dangerous places as tourists (Afghanistan, Syria & (maybe) Central African Republic + Congo) and just want to see if anyone has any stories or advice on how to plan such trips?

I guess it could be described as a morbid curiosity, I understand the dangers of such things but in my mind they can be somewhat managed with careful planing. While such travel can never be safe, you can minimise risks where possible.

I was looking mainly at going to Beiruit and travelling to Damascus for 1 night, the boarder is open and secure, the only issue would be obtaining a visa. Apparently there are still companies operating tours which would be ideal.

Some other places I would consider danger zone tourism:
Afghanistan, Parts of Pakistan (Peshawar & Khyber), Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq, East Ukraine, Libya, Central African Republic, Congo, Venezuela...

(Ps. Likelihood of me doing any of this is very low)
I would consider all of these areas to be red zones (i.e. too dangerous for travel). If you're looking for something a little risky but unlikely to end in death, consider visiting places where the dust is only just settling following some sort of civil unrest, chaos, etc.

The northern part of Sri Lanka (namely, Jaffna) would be a good start. The country only just ended its 30-year civil war in 2009 and they're actually quite friendly to visitors (granted you're not some asshole trying to get laid or do drugs the entire time).
where are you from ? getting a visa for syria is very hard atm.

http://unusualtraveler.com/damascus/ check this for damascus and aleppo maybe.
who is aleppo?
friend of damascus

Thanks for the advice. I was planning on going to Sri Lanka for a while but now I'm not sure if I need to cut it due to time constraints. If i do go there ill be sure to check it out!


Thanks. That's a pretty awesome blog.

The visa itself is no worry, maybe just the time it takes to get it. It seems the only extra requirement is to go and have an appointment with my Embassy in Lebanon (to check I'm not a terrorist or wanting to fun foreign fighting)

I'd ideally like to enter with a tour group, which means the visa could be sorted out for me.
Hiking the Darien gap is top tier

Nah man, gaps closed apparently.
It's possible but difficult. I read an article about an Australian journalist who did the journey with local guides. He traveled with illegal immigrants who cross the gap hoping to get to USA.
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hello /sg/

Its a /trv/ meme you fool
You fool, everyone knows. I was merely stating a fact. It can be done.
Syrian here. Some tips I might give you are:

- Never leave your hotel after 9 PM if you don't speak fluent arabic. Seriously, it's a recipe for disaster with the civil war and everything.
- Convert from USD to Syrian Pounds in Lebanon or Jordan, not in Syria. The rate changes a lot. Last I checked, it was 520 Syrian Pounds per USD.
- Have a tour guide or a friend. Never go out alone unless you speak arabic. Kurdish might also help you, but english is pretty limited.
- Tip waiters.
- Don't get Shawerma if it's over 30 C. I'm talking from experience here, it isn't good.
Are you in Syria still or already a runaway ? I'd like to get some juicy native information about cities as well.
How about Israel OP? and its neighbouring countries?

Thanks for the advice, what part of Syria are you from?

Do you have any news on Aleppo too? Is it (somewhat) safe now the government is in control?

>Never leave your hotel after 9 PM if you don't speak fluent arabic. Seriously, it's a recipe for disaster with the civil war and everything.

I thought Damascus was very safe, simply due to the presence of armed security 24/7.
I have bewn to damascus last year, we were coming to collect the remainder of my family, who had been unable to leave before. We drove down from beruit and in all honesty it was not as bad as i expected. Once we reached damascus i could see the effects of war very clearly. Alot of soldiers amd now and then you would hear the sound of mortar fire.

We left after collecrion the family, id advice you not to go to syria, most things that were worth visiting are now in rubble or serve as a fortified outpost to the militairy.
Served with the YPG in Northern Syria, and yes, if you are not a combatant or do any sort of NGO work, then stay out. Risk is high, and also going around there profiteering or finding entertainment in seeing normal peoples homes being blown to shit is pretty immoral if you ask me.

>most things that were worth visiting are now in rubble or serve as a fortified outpost to the militairy.

That doesn't seem correct after reading this blog, >>1322260 it sounds like western media overstates the extent of the damage. I mean he even went to Aleppo citadel which was apparently not very damaged, despite it being in the zone where the absolute heaviest fighting was. He went to a bunch of the regular tourist attractions.

Also out of interest, where do the extra 2-3 million refugees in Damascus live? Is it noticeably busier?
What was the YPG like?
File: 1501013459381.jpg (93 KB, 960x540)
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>Served with the YPG in Northern Syria
how much cock did you suck?
>fighting for k*rds
>uses the word immortal unironically

larp or retard
Are you a nigger? White? Languages? etc
I'm not sure all of Congo is truly dangerous for tourists, although probably still no reason to go.
There is cheap flights from Jordan to Baghdad for under $100 each way, and from there you could go to Erbil or somewhere.


(DR) Congo is still very dangerous for tourists and should NOT be considered a tourist destination. The only somewhat safe tourist activities are group tours, normally to wildlife areas as they are accompanied by security and rangers.

An issue we tend to have on /trv/ are LARPers that pretend that they have gone there and claim it to be somewhat safe.

In reality, once your outside of the capital and centres of major cities militants, kidnappers and road bandits are a major threat through the whole country, western mine workers are regularly kidnapped and held for ransom (two foreign workers were killed earlier this year) and must travel with armed security. Major political demonstrations happen with little notice, crowds tend to be very xenophobic and will target Westerners. Add to this that violent crime and rape rate is incredibly high, even in the capital and during daylight hours.

(The official statement from my government website in relation to violent crime states: 'Avoid all travel after dark. Walking alone in the capital, including in daylight hours, is highly dangerous and not recommended.')

the kurds have given control of their border and airports to the iraqis, so there is no "kurdish visa" anymore - you need an Iraqi one. and they're impossible to get, except you're a Turkish citizen.

5 weeks ago you could still get iraqi-kurdish tourist visa for 14 days automatically when arriving at sulaymanyah or erbil, those days are over.
>a small assyrian village near Tel Temir, Syria
>no man's land is approx. 250m of weed fields
>next village behind that field is ISIS infested
>small shootouts throughout day and night
>forward defence positions infront of the village out of sandbags, where you do guardshift every night untill dawn
>2-3 people each position
>be me
>on the far left, with a kurdish comrade
>pitch black, starring into the dark
>when the wind changes you can sometimes hear muffled arabic from across the field
>decide to alternate shifts, one is sitting and watching, the other one sleeping on the ground next to him, change every 1 hour
>wake up from mettalic clinking
>kurdish comrade has visit from a friend who brought a fucking teaset with him
>they're cooking tea and chat
>"you want some tea heval?"
>i decide to stay awake till dawn, weapon ready
>somehow survive this night
>next day it's raining, early april
>kurdish comrade comes at me, bringing a red blanket and some sticks
>"it's raining heval, i'll build as a shelter for the night"
>"heval they know where our positions are anyways, who cares, i don't want to get wet"

I went straight to my commander and said i won't do any shifts with that fuckwit anymore. Commander was actually kinda sane and roasted the young kurd.

Syria/Rojava is just so fucking crazy man. The only war i've been to, living and fighting with the Kurds is just so fucking absurd from time to time. At least i learned to speak decent Kurmanci and some Turkish and Arabic

Can I ask why you decided to go and fight, for some people you dont know, for a goal that doesn't effect you?

I can't figure out why westerners go and fight with the Kurd's, is it for adventure? Because you get to kill terrorists? Likely the outcomes either way will never effect you.
Kurds are nice guys
meh, as a turkish I have fair amount of distaste towards PKK but at least you fought against ISIS so thats cool.

but just know those kurds are killing innocent people in turkey quite often as well.
Israel is really safe to travel and hardly a war zone, unless you count a few off duty solders carrying around m16 while wearing flip flops as a war zone. Gaza tho is another story.
Sounds like the Afghan National Army desu
French anon need to get his shit together and come back and chill with us on 4chan.

>I know people here have travelled to some quite dangerous places as tourists (Afghanistan, Syria & (maybe) Central African Republic + Congo) and just want to see if anyone has any stories or advice on how to plan such trips?

He was in the Central African Republic last time we heard of him a couple weeks ago I think, he also had a thread few years back that got archived and which chronicled his journed from Paris to Afghanistan.
btw get acquainted with people living those dangerous places so you can know what to expect once you reach your destination, things can change a lot in a small amount of time in some countries.
If you have to ask about warzone tourism on 4chan then I would honestly say you shouldn't even consider it

I'm an experienced traveller and wouldn't consider it unless I'd been to a warzone in a non-tourist capacity
You can't go to war zones because typically these places are under major embargo like Yemen so no bank cards, and you will get robbed since everybody will expect the tourist to have cash and it's a lawless war zone. If you were juiced in with some trustworthy locals you could maybe go but disease like Cholera is rampant there and your travel insurance is void the moment you go into a conflict zone or any country listed as 'do not travel' by your embassy so fucked if you get sick/shot/blown up.

Of all those places Damascus is prob the safest, some of the suburbs are walled off with a seige and a warzone but so is Beirut suburbs you just don't go there, otherwise it's fine. Getting to Damascus is another matter though.

Pakistan you can get armed security to pass you through Balochistan and other regions but you need a briefcase full of cash and locals to help you contact various tribal henchmen so you don't hire the kidnappers instead of the security.
I was in a lawless post warzone in an official capacity once and if it wasn't for my nation state's backing at the countless checkpoints I had to pass I'd be kidnapped or robbed. Often the checkpoint of irregular militia thugs would approach expecting to rob us (or worse) and not wanting to create an intl incident would instead settle for demanding large fees to cross. These checkpoints are everywhere and often the thugs that man them are piss wasted. I can only imagine the horror if I was some casual tourist and came upon a checkpoint they'd immediate think you're CIA or something
Actually disregard this re: Damascus, you can get into Syria from Lebanon but you can't get back into Lebanon unless you prove you have an appointment with your consulate as they assume you're a terrorist.

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