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Hey /trv/!

I'll go on a Europe-Asia trip next year in march for about 1-2 years and am starting now with the preperations.

I went to the local library for travel guides but every travel guide was more of a book than a guide. You know with the whole fucking history of the country and every little detail. Do you guys know a very simple and small guide that just tells you where the interesting stuff is and that tells you some interesting facts?

Pic related is the approximate route I want to take.
>going to Nepal
>only to Kathmandu and back
Really? At least trek the mountains there a bit.
Yeah, the route is really just a really rough plan on where to go.

The problem is that I do not really know much about many countries on the way.
So I basically just marked the capitals.
That's why I really need a small compact country profile of those countries with cool places to see.

For example one thing I know I wanna see is the Dracula castle in Romania. Or the beaches of Croatia. Or the Ganges in India.

But in general I really just don't know enough about all those places I'm going to visit. I think one of the better aspects of travelling is to experience new places for yourself. But I don't want to regret not visiting certain places after the trip.
You definitely need to do some more research. For example on things such as border crossings. The India/Myanmar border isn't exactly an open one, you have limited options. Myanmar/Thailand is slightly better but still, you only have a few options, research them well.
Yunnan is bestnan
>The problem is that I do not really know much about many countries on the way.
>So I basically just marked the capitals.

The realest of travelers.
>the whole fucking history
I don't mean to be condescending, but have you ever left your country before? Believe me those travel "books" are alot more useful than you think.
Going to travel for two years and this is your route? Seems like you are going to do this on a bike or something?
I would skip laos and include a little bit of pakistan, a friend of mine did india to iran via pakistan overland and he said it was the best trip he ever did.

Also you are not going to do any of this if your planning has gotten no further than connection capitals with redlines on a low res map.
Interesting. I want to do something very similar in May. But I will go through Kasachstan, Xinjiang, Tibet and then Nepal and so on. What's your mode of transportation. I want to mainly hitchhike and avoid plains. Do you want to fly Dubai do Mumbai?
not OP but, How do I get a visa to Pakistan outside of my country of residence? This is my biggest problem with this route.
Op here.

I have no problem with reading but I don't want to read everything about a place I am going to visit. Thats the whole reason why I am going there: to learn about its people and culture.

Good observation, yes I will do it on a bike. It's easier to get to places this way.
You are actually the first person that recommends traveling through Pakistan.
I heard stories about people needing armed guards to pass through the country at all times. Also it seems to be rather dangerous for bike travelers.
There were a few abductions of bike travelers in the last years.

I will go by bike. It's more convenient for me. Yeah, I also thought about that route but tbqh I think my route is more exciting. Also I really want to visit India and the SEA countries.

I also want to do all of that over land/water with no plains.
I heard of a ferry going from Dubai to Mumbai. Want to take that and avoid Pakistan if possible.
Also: Tibet visa are fucking impossible to get for individual travelers.
You need a group of people (preferably from your home country) and a guide.
Its just too much of a hassle to go there, although I would love to see it.
Well if you are on a bike, then i would give pakistan a pass, mainly because of the bad infrastructure and lack of any traffic rules, not so much the terrorist thing.

Armed guards are needed to cross beluchistan, i have done this with a car and found the trip through beluchistan to be okay, if a tad bit boring (forced to sleep in a hotel for a night, under armed guard) it only took 2 days and was comfortable enough, however i feel like it didnt add much to the trip.

I wish they opend the ferry line from pakistan to iran already, that would make biking alot easier.

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