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Does anyone have a link with lonely planet pdfs? Travelling through Europe and would like to have some but getting them for every region is too pricey.
In Andalucia right now.
There's a bunch of them in soulseek and TPB. They are not hard to find online, and most libraries stock them.

Also, I live in Granada so ask away if you have any questions


You're welcome
I was able to get a free LP by signing up for a free trial of Kindle. Not sure if you need Prime first though (which I have).
LP books are shit anyone you see with them is a walking meme.


There are better free travel apps like Ulmon, Triposo, and GuidePal to name a few.
I like Wikivoyage personally.
B-ok has many, if not all, guidebooks and phrasebooks. Most are ePub format which is nice if you're using a phone.
MY DUDE. I used to have these but didn't back them up. Thanks.

Any way to download all of them at once? Looks like I can only click them individually



From the FAQ:

>How do I download these files in bulk?
>The easiest way is to use wget, you can find a guide for using wget here
>The command that will usually work for downloading files is wget -m -np -c -R 'index.html*' <your url here>
>Wget can be installed from most distribution repos and the windows binary can be found here
>Other helpful software to use includes jDownloader, DownThemAll, and GNU Parallel

Good luck,
I can recommend downthemall if you're too retarded for command line. Even though I am well versed with wget I still use it because it's dead easy. It also supports multithreaded downloading which is really helpful. I use aria2 for that capability when downloading using command line.

DTA doesn't work on the latest version of Firefox but it's still fine on Waterfox. I think it might work on Pale Moon too, haven't tried.
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thanks a lot for these dude!

Do you have Amazon Prime?

A shitload of them are free through Prime Reading (included with basic Prime membership).

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