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How exactly does one start traveling around the world? I get that all you really need to do is take the trip and then keep going from there, but how do you plan the logistics of it? I'm in the military, so I can only go places when we have leave periods, but when I get out next year I plan on doing a lot of travel.

Other than deployments, I haven't been out of the country before, so I'm wondering how to plan all this stuff, especially solo trips. I was planning on a UK/France trip with a friend, but our leave dates are up in the air now, so we're gonna switch to Australia instead. Any advice on meting people, finding things to do/getting there, and pretty much just not getting overwhelmed with foreign travel?

pic unrelated, just a photo I took while hiking

How to become a traveler:

>buy plane ticket
>get luggage
>pack your bags
>make sure someone is there to pick you up at the airport, or not
>get a hotel for the first few nights, or not
>go to country

It's pretty easy.
hahahah nigga you just go. I plan in advance since I have a lot of fun doing that, but it doesn't mean setting an itinerary outside of whether you'll be city-hopping or whatnot. I just get a general lay of the land, book my hostels and check ticket prices for train or rent a car for a countryside trip, and yeah...

if you're going to Australia, I'd suggest know the popular bars in the city you're going to, making sure to get a friendly hostel, etc.
>I'm in the military
just a wait a few months and you'll get to see Iran
How do you go about choosing the right hostel?

I'm in subs senpai, I ain't seein shit
reviews, pictures... places that seem like cool people would want to stay really. I've stayed at the cheapest hostels where all the people were like indians or gross with a few shoestring budget types, but then I've stayed at semi-cheap places that looked really cool and met really cool people, and yeah... most nice people want to be somewhere nice. expensive hostels tend to have no one interacting from my experience, but when we're talking about the west (or australia) then it might be a different story.

reviews are your best friend I'd say. only losers would stay at a place where people warn of bed bugs and thieves and stuff.
I know there are cool indians, but I'm talking about middle aged fatsos here.
Definitely helps to have money. I spent last summer traveling Europe myself, just going from place to place without a real plan. Stayed about 3-4 days in each location.

Money makes it pretty damn easy and low stress.
1) Be in good health
2) Have enough money
The rest you figure out along the way.
How do you actually afford to travel? Are you all career'd? You can't be, you'd be tethered to your town and job. Parent's credit card? Or do you have a secret to do it cheaply?

This board is a bit like that game some of us play with our non-working student friends, pondering how the hell they afford their lifestyles.
Hi mate! Been in exactly your situation about a year ago. Went to the military with the intention on saving money and then travelling the world.
One thing that is really important is your budget and interests I guess. If you wanna get by super cheap and meet a lot of people travel in warm places/summer and use couchsurfing and hitchhiking (latter preferebly in countries where people speak a language you also know to a basic level).
I have been on the road for roughly 6 months now, although I completely changed my logistics as in summer I went to southern europe and in winter to scandinavia and siberia.

I don't know how war it really is in Australia, but I guess a tent and sleeping bag should be all you really need (unless you're a girl, you can always find a place by just asking strangers on the countryside or city, less reliable as a guy).

be young enough not to have too many obligations, work and safe money and then just go. Once you have a wife or child you can forget travelling for long amounts of time until retirement. Unless you are an unresponsible subhuman who would leave his children for "adventure", then you should travel to Auschwitz and gas yourself.
Money ain't really an issue, since I'm really good at saving. I'm just thinkin about the logistics of stuff, but camping is totally an option I forgot about!
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How old are you OP?

If you are over the age of 23-24 (and military) you are likely going to find the typical "hostel" crowd (real travelers, rich kids on gap year, whores/chavs) annoying AF.

I'll be 24 this year, and I had a feeling I wouldn't really care for half the people in a hostel, but I'm used to dealing with bullshit, so I should be able to ignore em fairly well.

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