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Best place to live in DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area?

Which place will allow me to use DC metro for commuting and buy a house around $ 500-600k?
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First off, let me begin by saying I'm a DCfag, so take that for what it's worth. That said, the best advice I can give you is, don't move to Maryland. Stay the fuck away from there, especially if you plan to have a family later on. It's a godforsaken wasteland. Northern Virginia might be your best option. There are many amenities there that cater to all walks of life, from good schools and low crime to ostensible conservatism to decent gun laws. However, the only caveat is that all of Northern Virginia is a suburban desert. It could be worse, though. They could be like Maryland.

Now, let's see what your options are for Northern Virginia. If your budgets is, say, six hundred grand, you'll have to live farther away from both DC and the nicer parts of Northern Virginia. The thing you have to understand is that people in Northern Virginia view the location of their abode as a sort of class symbol. The closer you are to DC, the higher you are in society, be it money or professional status. The nice parts, which all have access to the Metro, are Great Falls, McLean, parts of Arlington, and few parts of Alexandria. If I didn't know any better, I'd say a million dollars is the average cost of a home for the nicer parts of Northern Virginia, and I'm lowballing here. Since that exceeds your budget, I'd suggest buying a townhouse or a condo instead of a house.

Your other options are the less nicer parts--Vienna, Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church-- and then the least nice parts--Springfield, Reston, Woodbridge, Manassas. That covers Virginia, As for DC, you simply can't afford to. Sorry.

Also, if you're a carpetbagging liberal

>fuck off, we're full
OP here

How is it even like to live in DC as a non-liberal? (sounds like you are one) It's prob one of the few cities that can go more liberal than NYC or SF. It's was hard to talk about politics when I was in NorCal as people were so liberal as f***

I am not really interested in single family house. I am more of condo guy than townhouse or single family home. So if $500-600k can do a condo in good part of the area, it'd be good for me.

Nah, I am not even voting tbqh but liberals back in college were one of the most obnoxious people anyway

I know those areas aren't covered by DC metro or so but are Annandale and Centreville nice areas? A good # of my relatives live there.

>Nah, I am not even voting tbqh but liberals back in college were one of the most obnoxious people anyway

That's the biggest reason to avoid liberal towns/cities. People are so pretentious and stuck in their own self-serving ways that they're insufferable and in need of a serious reality check. Seriously, the last time I was in a liberal city (Boulder, CO), people were shocked that I dared use a rifle for sport. Then again, they're all too busy shooting up heroin to reconsider their opinions. Oh well. Nothing of value will be lost.

Moved to the DC area 6 months ago for work; currently live in Clarendon (Arlington), which is considered one of the nice areas. Sue me.

Anyways, you want to avoid the MD side as it's full of niggers and crime. NOVA is the way to go; but everything here is very expensive.

Houses in NOVA tend to be more expensive than typical suburban areas due to the large amounts of professional, well-paying companies located in the VA suburbs (i.e. Reston, Tysons, etc.) People with families are willing to commute 30 minutes to Reston, which is already 45 minutes outside of DC, which further raises house prices in the NOVA area.

Most couples I know who clear below mid-six (under $250k) opt for a very small home that requires a 10-15 minute drive to the Metro, or buy a condo that is walking distance. I think you'd be very hard-pressed to find a house for $500-600k that allowed you to live without a car.

Happy to answer more questions.
Marylandfag here. Don't listen to all these NOVA idiots, they don't know what they're talking about. I live in Prince George's county as a white man, which is supposed to be 'ghetto' but it's really not anymore.
I live in the city College Park and I love it here.
Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Takoma Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville....all good, cheap cities.
I live by myself and I would be good with a decent condo (I am good with 500+ sqft. I wouldn't need that much space. Just a space to have a bed, a sofa, and a desk with a bathroom and kitchen. So pretty much studio or 1 bedroom condo) with metro in walking distance. In this case, is $ 500-600k still not good?

I'd look along the Silver line for houses in that price range

In general I really liked Alexandria

Also don't underestimate the ability for DC commutes to make your life miserable.
Maryland does have pockets of nice areas but there's no denying it's full of niggers and the worst drivers. Avoid.

OP, I would check out houses around new silver line stations. Long ass ride into DC but if you work in Tysons/Reston it would be an ez commute. And plus you wouldn't have to deal with Gupta on 66/Rt 7 or the toll road paying $50
DC proper is your best bet if you can survive in a 2 bedroom rowhouse in a recently gentrified areas (aka most of the ghetto trash has been priced out, but there are still a few holdouts) or a 2br condo in a place like NW.
Pretty much any area in NW (Shaw, U street, Mt vernon Sq/ Chinatown/Dupont )would be fine, but I would not go north of U street, Columbia heights is not a place I would walk alone at night after drinking.

Capitol hill is pretty great in my opinion, not a ton of nightlife but theres a ton a great housing stock, and it's possible to get a lot of house for 600k.
I rent one for $2500 and I'm on top of metro and only a few blocks from the freeway entrance. I'd visit here for a weekend when you have nice weather and I think you'd enjoy the neighborhood.
If you're younger, want to be within a 5 min walk to metro and bars I'd look around the Eastern Market area. By Stadium-Armory & Potomac Ave metros you could get a bigger place for less money.

The H street/NoMa areas are also pretty hip at the moment, mostly a lot of new construction condos among older rowhouses.
This for example would be right on the edge of where H street starts to become 'Ghetto', but in 5 years I guarantee most of the low income housing in the area will be gone.

don't bother looking in PG county, I work out there and even the "nice" parts are overrun with ghettoness. The only places I'd even remotely consider would be College Park/Hyattsville.

Clarendon/Ballston/Rosslyn is nice if you have to work somewhere in nova like Tysons or Fairfax, but traffic is a bitch and a half if you're going to commute into DC by car (so live near metro). It has a reputation for being Bro-ey but in general it seems to be better-policed and thus may at least feel safer.

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