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File: Resan ritad i snap.jpg (211 KB, 1080x1467)
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hi /trv/, i decided to make a thread as there wasn't one in the catalog

Me and 2-4 friends (some are pussies and haven't decided) want to take my friends v70 and road trip down through europe
So i'm wondering about two things, firstly do you think that it is well laid out as in pic related? Obviously that poorly drawn thing isn't exact, will probably go Holland instead of german/french border. What do you think? Go the other way and take eastern europe first? Go further down into Italy? More countries in eastern europe that need visiting? I am afraid to break down there so would avoid most of it if possible. Mainly, what places need visiting? Will write a rough plan of places that i would think to visit if ya want to feedback that one

Secondly do you think a 4-man tent will house us good enough for the around 3 weeks we will give the trip? And eating food out of supermarkets, like bread and smoked meat etc? will we die? I can't really answer this as i have little experience living on the edge so to say (sheltered as a kid lel)

Don't know what more to write, i guess ask and ye shall recive.
Anyway cheers and have a good one
File: 1515561284684.jpg (340 KB, 1600x1067)
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Don't bother with the UK but I did something similar when I was 16, do it, literally the worst that could happen is you run out of money and can't get home so make sure you have emergency precautions in case of this. What country are you from? I wish I was young again.
We are all from Sweden, and at least i have a decent bit of money so should hopefully not burn it all.
Nah uk is boring, one would have to go all the way up to Scotland maybe but that ain't worth it
Make a fucking screenshot instead. Youre on 4chan, not 9Gag.

Why Poland? Go from Austria to either Czechia or Bavaria and then to eastern Germany. You wouldnt even need a boat to go back to Sweden.
3 weeks road trip is short if you want to visit all of these countries but it depends on you,
for example I did part of switzerland and northern italy in 2 weeks and I felt that I needed more time
you want to visit cities? nature?
when?(summer time I guess since you're gonna sleep in a tent)
tell us more
Calm down m8

I don't think we really intend to stay everywhere long enough to get a feel, but maybe longer is better. Problem is that I am the only one of us that have a job that I can easily take time of from
watch out for muslims driving trucks.
File: 1511493421674.jpg (54 KB, 478x414)
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>the worst that could happen is you run out of money
kek, more like the worst that could happen is you become a causality of the next 'religion of peace' attack.
Oh Yea because statistically that is so likely. Come on i thought /trv/ was free from /pol/ shitposting
>/trv/ was free from /pol/ shitposting
Nope, and it is only getting worse.
File: resan i maps.jpg (151 KB, 998x893)
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151 KB JPG
Here it is a bit more accurate, and as a screenshot
>Come on i thought /trv/ was free from /pol/ shitposting
nah i shitpost a lot here, enjoy your trip man
File: 1513556472934.png (446 KB, 603x348)
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>skipping the alps
>going to Berlin
>not going through alsace down into Switzerland then crossing over into Italy
See this is what i want. I agree maybe berlin is unnecessary (i've been there and meh).
I wanna see both the french riviera, the alps and tuscany thoe. maybe possible?
File: '.jpg (924 KB, 2740x1947)
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Very possible, just pass through burgundy to Colmar in alsace then take pic related through Switzerland, super fucking scenic, and lines in black are my personal favorite spots(grindelwald,lauterbrunnen,Saas Fee,Zermatt) and then you just make your way to Lyon and down to the Rivera
very much appreciated my man
just to add, from Lyon to the south, better take the Napoleon Route (Grenoble-Sisteron-Manosque-Gorge du Verdon)
if OP travels in late June, there's a good chance they might sleep in some Lavender valley

also from Strasbourg to Colmar, there's an alsace white wine road, worth a visit
File: 1506137644953.jpg (57 KB, 710x727)
57 KB
>going to Belgium
>going to Paris
>skipping Switzerland
>going to Venice by car on a road trip lol wtf
>skipping Munich
>going to Berlin
>going to Poland for any fucking reason whatsoever
>driving through the Baltic sea to get back to Borlange
Isn't the Riga-Stockholm ferry cheaper than the Gdansk-Kalmar ferry (assuming it's the one your going to use)? Plus that way you will see Lithuania and Latvia, and not to mention that Stockholm will be closer to wherever the hell you are from.
Keep it coming lads. Me and friend 1 will sig down this weekend and plan more. The map screenshots are extremely preliminary so relax
File: IMG_2931 - Copy.jpg (5.84 MB, 8190x1814)
5.84 MB
5.84 MB JPG
Me and my brother did about 10 thousand Km's through Europe a few months back for about 7 weeks.

We are Australian so the things that were interesting to us might be a little different.

I've done roadtrips all over the US as well.

>Me and 2-4 friends (some are pussies and haven't decided) want to take my friends v70 and road trip down through europe

Are you poor? You sound kind of poor. Anyways, with 2-4 people a rental car might be good value. Look at the fuel consumption difference, the peace of mind if your friends car is a shitbox and/or uninsured. As well as the enjoyment of driving a nicer car.

>Secondly do you think a 4-man tent will house us good enough for the around 3 weeks we will give the trip?

You will be craving your own personal space. You will have arguments. People will farting, snoring, waking you up.

The more time you can spend apart the better you will be, since you'll be stuck in a car all day.

I would look at airbnb'ing entire places, filter by 4+ beds.

>And eating food out of supermarkets, like bread and smoked meat etc? will we die? I can't really answer this as i have little experience living on the edge so to say (sheltered as a kid lel)

We lived off a combination of fast food, cheap supermarket food like bread and deli meats, but we tried to cook as much as possible every airbnb that had a kitchen. The most important thing is not getting sick, eating aldi bread for a week isn't going to kill you.

I would personally not drive your car into Britain, purely because it'll be the wrong driving side. We took a cheap ryanair and rented a car, but that was for a whole week.

My next post will quote your updated map.
File: IMG_2281.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024)
2 MB
Hamburg is a shithole. The drive to Amsterdam is boring. Amsterdam is expensive. But, was interesting and worth doing.
Belgium was awful. I told people it was like a horror movie. I didn't know what In Bruges was.

Paris is Paris. If you want to see it. You have to. Don't drive there. We got an airbnb on a regional rail line and bought daily passes each day and tripped in.
The drive down to the riviera is probably boring motorway unless you use backroads. The riviera is great. Verdon Gorge was a nice drive, Monaco was interesting.

The drive into the top of Italy there was good, even on the motorway.

>skipping Switzerland

We only spent a few days there but it was one highlight of our trip. We aren't use to huge snowy mountains though. So maybe you won't find it as interesting. It was very expensive. You had to get francs (or get jewed on the exchange rate). You have to buy a toll pass even for a day.

A universal problem we had in all the alpine regions we went to: bad weather. Clouds ruined a lot of pictures, this was September-Oct. Weather can ruin lake Como too. The drive across through lake Como area to Venice will be interesting. We took backroads through the vineyards and countryside, Venice is a shithole, a day in the canal part is all you need.

The route you chose in Austria is boring I think, we went down to Venice through the middle via that expensive alpine pass. Weather might make that a waste of time though. Vienna was is skippable.

We didn't drive in Cz but we did spend a day in Prague. It was interesting but it's such a tourist trap now that things weren't really that cheap, it needs another currency. We didn't do Poland.

Berlin was ok, we found all the major German cities fairly bland, the Bavarian countryside was nicer.

tl;dr, I would spend more time further south in Bavaria, Switzerland, the riviera and Italy and less time in Belgium/NL/Paris area. Weather permitting.

Pic related, what bad weather does to Lake Como.
File: 1515692465908.jpg (240 KB, 998x893)
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240 KB JPG
Walls of text over with: think about this:

Instead of Belgium, NL, Vienna, Paris you get Bavarian countryside, Austrian alps, San Marino/Rimini, Amalfi Coast, Italian countryside, a day in Rome, Swiss alps and glaciers, Verdon Gorge.

We personally went to Barcelona and Andorra before heading to Paris, some other people might have better ideas where to head after the riviara, assuming you don't go to Paris.

You can always fly to paris for a few days and see it individually.
File: Screenshot_15.png (538 KB, 701x454)
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538 KB PNG
Here's my route boys, what do you think?
His v70 isn't a shit car m8.
I am not poor, but my friends are to some degree
And also, thank you very much for the wall of text. It's very helpful
Get an Interrail pass instead. That way you can drink and don't need to spend the vacation in a car. Also, a tent? You're not in Sweden dude, you can't pitch a tent wherever you like for the night. Also keep in mind things like highway tolls, parking, the risk of break ins.
This is what my friend sent me, and i think this might be closer to what will actually happen. With the added tour to maybe marseille or nice

He doesn't like france or the french, and i mostly like the women so its natural
File: johans ritning av resan.png (488 KB, 1590x797)
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488 KB PNG
>not posting pic
>skipping minsk
>going to warsaw
>taking the ferry from the french rivera to tuscany
>skipping slovakia
Real Traveler license revoked
I have to agree with this dude, there's no point in visiting Warsaw.
Interrail is overpriced. Buses all day.
It's competitively priced seeing as you can get a room, beds, buy beer, go to a decent bathroom, have a table so you can play cards or whatever and always have your luggage with you.

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