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Was thinking about doing some driving about Germany seeing the less well travelled sights. Any suggestions for where to go? Planning for a trip of about a week with a rental car starting possibly in Berlin or Frankfurt
What do you mean by "less traveled sights"? Depending on your RealTravelerâ„¢ level Dresden may be a hidden gem or overcrowded for you.

Give me a reference and tell me what you're interested in (culture, history, architecture, nature, partying?).
>Dresden may be a hidden gem
Tbh more into historical sights or architecture, was thinking of making my way down south to see some more of Bavaria possibly some imposing castles etc
>wants to see the "less travelled sights"
>goes to Bavaria

sick meme bru
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Germans like to travel, there are 81 million of us and our Nr.1 destination is Germany. And the destination Nr.1 in Germany is Bavaria, so yeah, it is pretty much discovered.

if you like castles google the biggest ones and just visit them.
If you like to wander I recommend Rhineland-Palatina and there the "Dahner Felsenland", they even have a rout called "castle way", "Burgen Weg", here a overview:

If you come during the fall you should visit the wine festivals, great stuff.

Another thing you might look into is "Sächsische Schweiz", also great nature but less about old buildings.

Need more information?

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