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Hey, going to japan for a month, what should i do?
I like traditional arts, tattoos and great places to see. Where to sleep? Cheap way to live ?
Me too, bump.
Here in Japan right now, I seriously recommend travelling with somebody else, that makes it way easier to go eat in decent places. Not that they'd kick you out, but I always feel like an asshole going to an actual restaurant alone.

For places to live, you can get AirBnB pretty decently depending on location, and are usually the preferred option. They are bit pricier than hostels, for extended stays I like to have door behind which to keep my stuff locked in.
Capsule hotels are good(if you stay in decent ones), but only stay in those for one or two nights. There's practically no room for luggage, and they really aren't cheap enough to consider over any other option.
Manga Cafes or DVD places are also an option, but only do that if you want an experience, and if you do, prepare something to block your eyes with. They never turn off the lights. And anyway, overnight stay in one will be more expensive than a hostel.

If you want to live cheaply, go to supermarket and buy stuff to cook. But Japan is relatively cheap, if you budget 500(around 5 dollars) yen a day for breakfast from Convience Store, it should be plenty.
Convience Stores in general are very good, and you can grab most things necessary from one. Also, rather than trying to find a place in which to exchance money in, just get cash from machines in 7/11s. Exchance rates around Tokyo pretty much universally are not great, compared to automatic machines at airport you'll pretty much only find something that offers better rate by 0.4 yen.

If you are going to be travelling a lot within the city, either get ready to walk a lot(not that good idea in winter, the weather here is very annoying dry-cold) or budget around 1000 yen a day for trains and metros. It will be more than what you'll need on most days, but it's always better to overbudget.
Continuing >>1347814
Speaking of trains, get a Suica, or whatever kind of card people at Airport's station will suggest to you, they know their shit so listen to them. Getting one will be around 1K yen deposit, but in long run just being able to run that card over machines and inputting more money when needed is way more convenient than buying tickets every time. And your train card does not expire, at one point I went year and half without using mine, and when I got back it still had money from my last trip.
JR Pass is not worth it, unless you plan to travel between big cities. If you do, just get it for week that you'll be using the bullet train, in which case it is much cheaper option.
For cheap way to see the Tokyo, take a trip with Skyliner on a weekday during midday when people are either at schools or working. That train has seats that face the windows, so you can just sit there and watch sights. Take the train all the way to one end, then without exiting the station ride it back, and get out one station prior or after the one you originally got in. You'll only be paying for trip between two nearest stations.

For places to see... Since you're into traditional arts you should check out Kyoto. The temples there are fantastic, and make for great day trip of just walking around and seeing everthing.
I do suggest checking out Nakano Broadway in Tokyo, though. It's not exactly traditional art, but I imagine you've heard of everything in Akiba which is great for nerdy stuff, except everything is packed into thousand different buildings with tons of floors that have tiny floor-space. Nakano Broadway is more like traditional shopping mall, and it's easy to see everything on offer on four floors. There's anime and games of course, but also wrestling merch, horror movie stores, doll cafes, vintage... It's pretty fucking great in my opinion, if you wanna get a glimpse of all different things people nerd out about.
Check the japan general
>I always feel like an asshole going to an actual restaurant alone.
what are you talking about? Most restaurants in Japan have counter seats, there is nothing wrong with going alone, maybe just try to avoid friends oriented restaurants like izakaya and shabu shabu
>any Japan thread since /trv/ was born
>the same set of recommendations over and over again

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