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Hey, /trv/, I'm going to Toronto to help out with a research project in York University. I plan on living on the Village, but I have no idea where to eat cheap non-fast food and how to connect my phone to mobile internet.

Do any canadafags have some tips for an aspiring south brazilian scientist?
I heard Telus has good reception and speed because its used by cops in the Greater Toronto Area.

I use Freedom Mobile because I'm cheap

I don't live in Toronto though so I can't really help you much.

Also, there's basically no such thing as cheap non-fast food in Toronto except maybe street food. Even fast food has been going up in prices since the minimum wage increase.
You're better off cooking your own meals if you don't want to throw away hundreds of dollars.
I went to York for 4 years. In all honesty the Keele campus is utterly depressing, since it's located on the margins of Toronto between industrial parks and ghetto projects. But after few years there, the place grows on you, and it absolutely important you make friends or else it's very easy to feel isolated and just sit in your room all day. But I wouldn't recommend at all living in the village at all. In December the subway line extending to York was opened making, travel from downtown in under 30 mins. My friends who lived in the village are all moving south into the student communities part of UofT and Ryerson where shit is way funner. Consider doing this. You can still get a cheap place if you don't mind roommates and will actually get to experience Toronto. Because again, York is in an industrial wasteland.

I'll start with the easy one. Internet you will have in two forms. The one given to you as a student called AirYork wifi is everywhere on campus. Depending on your arrangements with your landlord you may have wifi. Otherwise get a phone plan and if you bring your own unlocked phone, go with either Virgin Mobile or Fido or Koodo and you can get like a 3gb plan for $50.
If you do find yourself living in the village, i would say its best to get around on bicycle especially from March to Dec before the snow hits. I worked for the community bike shop there which they're opening and the QUAD and you'll be able to have free access to tool and lots of resources, because the best way to see Toronto is by bike. In addition this bike will be your ticket to getting to the cheap places to get food, as selection on campus is mostly shitty and overpriced. If you bike just a bit east on Steeles st towards Dufferin st you will hit a treasure chest of plazas especially the large SuperStore to get groceries, or BulkBarn to get stuff per weight. But again, consider maybe just living in the village for a semester as you become used to Toronto living, and then finding a place south.

I still doing my undergrad at York but have taken off to travel indefinitely. If you do have and more questions email me: fecenich (at) gmail.com

Cheers and good luck

Thank you for your help! I'm actually surprised the Village is this bad. I expected some nice cheap restaurants and a lot of stuff to do.
Youre living in an idustrial area and will be surronded by ghetto blacks. Move downtown and take the subway buddy. York is the fucking worst man.
Thanks for The advice, man!

You guys have said so much about York that I think I'll probably try finding a place downtown. I'm not sure being able to walk to the Uni is worth it

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