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Hi /trv/!

Any tips for Montenegro?

Just booked flights via Istanbul to Podgorica. evening arrival. Will be 5 days in the country. First and last night in the Hilton Podgorica, the two nights in between in an apartment in Kotor.

Any must-do and don't-miss thingies?

Also how bad will the weather be in the second week of april?

check out the old Austro-Hungarian military forts at the mouth of the Bay of Kotor

climb to the top of Kotor's fortress

visit Perast and Budva

try to get to one of the island churches (there are two facing Perast, and one near Kakrc), they're really cool

and if you have the time, there's an awesome abandoned submarine tunnel near the village of Rose, you can jump from its top the sea together with the local kids, I highly recommend it

Let's see what I can fit in our tight schedule.

How about the Niagara Falls near Podgorica. Worth going there for an hour?
Sooo... is Montenegro still such a jewel that nobody knows anything?

Hey bro, went to Montenegro and Croatia last year.

First and foremost. Get a car. Its a nightmare to drive around but even worst with public transport.

That being said, the scenery is amazing, and to top it of you can just stop the car anywhere safe and jump in the water. The sea is beautiful everywhere you go.

the holiday was one of the most relaxing ones we've had. I'm Maltese and Montenegro reminded me of pre EU Malta. Peacful, good food, great sea and beautiful vistas.

Budva is a shithole. We rented a place in kotor and drove to other cities from there. by far the most beautiful village imo is Perast. 100% by the sea and astonishing views. Tivat was nice with ponte Montenegro but nothing special.

Also, be sure to visit stefan sveti, it's astonishing, although the island is a hotel and you can't really go on it unless you pay.

Didn't rly stay in podgorica but visited the mall and got some really good bargains.
Thanks for that nice answer!

Car is booked already. First I thought about using a bus from Podgorica to Kotor and do something from there by foot - but the surrounding are just to nice to not drive around I guess.

Sveti Stefan is on my list already. However I didn't have Perast on my plan. Looks very nice and we will absolutely go there.

Stay in Podgorica is already cut down to only some hour in total.

By the way I stayed some months in Sliema for diving - nice Island you have there, Mister Malta ;-)
Glad you enjoyed it. The hustle and bustle is getting too hectic in my opinion but hey... That's why we travel.

In Montenegro be sure to have seafood. It s always fresh and simply cooked. We also got a nice apartment with a great view in kotor and ended up spending loveley evenings on the balcony, watching the sun set, darkening the mountains and lightrning up the sea with its amber glow, pure bliss. Enjoy it mate. Ots great to have some time off once on a while to enjoy the little thinvs in life
You are definitely missing out not visiting zabljak. The hike to Bobotov Kuk (tallest mountain of montenegro) is one of the the best day hikes in the world. There's a hostel there called Hiker's den there. The owner is really cool and will drive you in the morning to the base and tell you the routes to the mountain etc. There might be snow though in april so I'm not quite sure if it's possible to do the hike anyway.

Kotor is an awesome place for a day or two. Hike up to the fortress for sunset. It costs money to walk up but there is an another route on the left side that is free to walk. You'll see where the path starts on google maps.

Budva is just an overpriced tourist trap and my least favourite place of my 2 month balkans trip. The nightlife in old town shuts at like 12 too because of noise restrictions. Go to kotor instead for the coast.

I saw some comfy coast towns from the bus heading north from Kotor too.
Bump because I'm also going there.

What would you suggest if you had about 7 days in July or September? Gonna rent a car with a few friends. We're considering doing a tour where we go North-East to the mountains first, then down south, then up along the coastline. Flying to and from Dubrovnik (I know that's Croatia but it's the closest with a direct flight).

It seems distances are short, but not sure if the roads are good enough to travel 150+ km in a few hours?
What time of year did you go?

Its probably nothing but you sound a hell of a lot like a guy that was on the bus from Kotor to Zabljak in October.

Seconding the other opinions. The fortress in Kotor is incredible, there's also a hidden valley from there and a little cafe way way up where a guy squeezes fresh pomegranate juice and lets his goats roam around a ruined village.

There's quite a few good hiking routes from there.

Zabljak is also fantastic for hikes and the Golden Parrot is a great little pub for food. But its also quite bizarre.

nice quads. also it takes ages to get anywhere in the north on those painfully twisting roads. Montengren drivers frequently tailgate you but are otherwise okay. middle Montenegro is a great drive but the towns (including the capital) are nothing of note.
how expensive is it to rent a car? montenegro seems cool but i'm backpacking around, mostly on public transit, and have a limited budget
sorry, can't help around the hire car front, but the public transport is cheap and from my experience there I found it pretty reliable.

EXCEPT when I went to Zabljak and my stay just so happened to coincide with waist deep snow and the changing of seasons which lead to a 90% reduction in buses (no official announcment anywhere or a note on the timetables). Depends when you go but outside of traditional tourism season (i.e. October to April) a lot of shit stops with little to no warning
I'd probably be there in May, so hopefully that won't be an issue. Buses work for me, hope to check it out. Thanks for the post
I pay likes 130 for a fully insured little shitcar for 5 days. So like nothing.
File: 345345.jpg (146 KB, 960x720)
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sveti stefan

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