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Hello /trv/ I am trying to plan a trip to Nashville for my 21st but some of my friends will still be underage at that point. My question is, what is the likelihood they will be able to go out drinking with a fake ID? Is it worth even risking it? Thanks in advance.
I remember I had a flimsy new ID that felt fake and the bouncers were always looking at it and feeling it.
So they are pretty stringent from what I can gather?
It really varies from place to place; my guess is the type of places you'd be going for a 21st birthday blowout are gonna be the places that card hard (as opposed to a random shithole in an unassuming area that might not care as much). Bigger places that cater to young people have more to lose and some of them even pay their employees extra for catching kids with fake ids.

In my opinion it's not worth the risk of getting arrested in another city just for some "dude alcohol lmao" but it's your retarded friends' choice, not mine
Fair enough. Thanks for the advice.
I'm from Nashville, just get some E and tell the bouncers when you walk in with friends that you are the designated driver, or have your friends loudly say it in casual earshot conversation.
I live here at the moment and went to school in the city. Few things:

1: They don’t take fakes here, period. I think bouncers have quotas to meet for catching underage kids. There is no leeway at all for the touristy places

2: Broadway and Demonbruen St are the two big streets for bars, and where point 1 definitely applies. East Nashville will be hit or miss for you (and I’m not encouraging anyone to use a fake, it’s illegal). Some dive bars may take them, because why not, but that’ll be a sad place to celebrate your 21st

3: If you want a night of drinking, he’s the itenarary. Get dinner at someplace nice. First bar will be Patterson house, a high end cocktail place. Then go to a bar off Demonbruen. Then broadway. Then go to Lonnie’s, a karaoke bar that’s popular. Then go to Santa’s Bar. Finish at cookout.
Thanks for the advice man. Maybe I'll find some other way to celebrate. I really appreciate the itinerary by the way.
No problem. Broadway is a huge tourist trap btw, Demonbruen is where the locals go. But if you’re visiting just once broadway is fun. East Nashville is yuppie and hipster heaven. South and North Nashville aren’t safe, and have minimal reputable nightlife.
Is there anything you recommend checking out besides nightlife? Something we could do during the day?

First off, Carter Vintage Guitars is probably the coolest store we have in town for tourists who want an old school Nashville vibe. It’s right next to Arnold’s, the best place in the city for lunch.

Frist Muesum is pretty cool, but it's sorta small compared to a museum in a larger city. They typically have three collections at a time, occasionally four. I try to go four times a year to see all the rotations.

For authentic, non-tourist trap food go to Arnold’s (lunch only), Big Al’s deli, or any hot chicken place that IS NOT Hattie B’s in midtown. I prefer PepperFire. There’s nothing wrong with Hattie B’s (Nashville’s subreddit hates it because it’s popular), but the midtown location is stupidly busy.

See centennial park and the parethenon. It’s the Instagram photo spot in our city.

Walk around Vanderbilt if you or your friends are into college campuses. Belmont is small and has weird rules about walking on grass, avoid them. Also check out Fisk, historical black college with a very beautiful central building.

Bum around East Nashville just to say you’ve been there. Plenty of consignment stores and old record shops.

Pretty much it’s. Despite all the hype Nashville has been getting, its big attraction is still bars and country music. You could see a show at the Grand Ole Opry, but that’s for older people imo. I honestly don’t like it here too much and have gotten bored since graduation. I’ll be moving to DC soon.

Also never take a taxi here, have both lyft and uber on your phone since one may be surcharged
Damn dude you have been super helpful. Thanks again and I'll be sure to try and check out all you recommended. Hope all goes well for you in DC. Take care.
Prince's Hot Chicken>>>Hattie B's.

Also OP the country music hall of fame really is fun to visit, also east Nashville has a lot of new shops/ventures opening up. What are you into, OP?
I'm really into old country music (Johnny Cash/ Hank Williams erra) and the city in general. Food is also one of my favorite things. I really love finding a new restaurant that I like.

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