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File: 1503544663159.jpg (50 KB, 620x349)
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Could you maybe give me some locations of old, empty villages in Balkan countries?
I'd like to go exploring next month and I'm looking for something interesting to see.
they're literally everywhere
I know, but I need some exact locations to begin
Watch out for land mines and booby traps.
in serbia all villages around the small city Negotin are mostly abandoned. I can spare more info if interested.
I certainly am interested!
are there any completely empty villages or are there always some people left?
If there are people living nearby, is it ok to enter the fully abandoned houses?
also, are there any mines planted around?
There are no landmines in Serbia.

I was in the rural area between Negotin and Zaje─Źar last year. I can confirm it's a very lonely region. Some villages did look largely abandoned to me, like Tamni─Ź, which had 349 inhabitants in 2002, down from an all-time high of 1395 in 1948. I didn't see a single soul there (and in other villages along the way, for that matter), although it probably isn't completely devoid of people just yet. Just a matter of time until it's a ghost town though.
I see. Thank you very much, that's really helpful.
Do you think people wouldn't care at all if they seen me entering the houses? Or should I hide it if I encounter somebody?
by the way, do people in that region know russian?
>Do you think people wouldn't care at all if they seen me entering the houses?
I don't think anyone will be there to see you lol.
>by the way, do people in that region know russian?
Very unlikely. Serbia wasn't part of the Soviet Union so Russian was never mandatory for students, and the people who did learn in at school are old now and probably have forgotten most of it.

Also check out the Stara Planina region, also in the Southeast of Serbia.

Besides Repu┼ínica, the villages of Tatrasnica, Radi─Źevac, Aldina Reka, Senokos, Aldinac and more all had less than 50 inhabitants in 2002 according to their wikipedia articles. So that was 16 years ago. A few them are probably completetly abandoned now.
your help is most appreciated, anon. Best wishes.

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