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What do you guys think about Finnish summer cabins? Would you like to visit one?
I'm starting to think about it for next summer but I haven't really looked into it yet
Looks/sounds pretty fun if you had a few mates with ya though
Well since me and my brother inherited one from our grandparents we've been playing with the idea about inviting people to visit us and see what's it really about. Like today we chopped some firewood, warmed up the sauna, carried water to the said sauna, drank some beer and grilled some sausages.
a guy i know has a finnish wife and they go for the summer every year. they rent those summer cottages, get stinking drunk as the finns do and then sweat it out. he loves it. not sure there is much else to do. i think it would be worth a month or a summer maybe.
This is pretty accurate. The day after the midsummer holidays the press reports on the number of people who got drunk, went swimming and drowned and compares it with other years.
I want to stay the night in one

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