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File: seattle.jpg (13 KB, 310x162)
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I'll be in Seattle for a little under a week in a few days. I've been once before and did a bunch of tourist-y shit. What should I do this time instead? Also what are good spots for the night life? My buddy and I plan on going out at least once or twice to some bars.
Bump for interest. My research says Capitol Hill for night life. But I've never been and will be going soon
This city sounds great
SeattleAnon here - Capitol Hill can be fun, but I’d call it more of a one hit wonder, once it’s done there’s not much to redo, unless you want to people watch, then there’s plenty of that.

If you are looking for an outside the city experience - check out wine or whiskey tasting on the Eastside (10-20 min drive east) from Seattle at the Warehouse or within the city of Woodinville. Most tasting fees cost range from $10 to $15, can be used against a bottle purchase, and offers a far less hippy atmosphere.

Want a free tour and tasting – check out Chateau St. Michelle, not the best wine, but free is free. Columbia winery is right across the street, and has a cozy living room feeling tasting room.

Cheers and enjoy the spring/summer season!
Thanks seattleanon I'll be busy with work during the days and will only have the evening hours during the work week. Is there anywhere fun and easily accessible during that time period?
Oh sure, Seattle is a compact city, but can be maddening in rush hour. Ditch the car and walk/Uber if staying in the city.

Garage Billards is a fun energetic place to hang out near Capitol Hill. Dicks or Skillet for burgers, Molly Moon’s for ice cream. If your travels take you into Fremont – 10 mins north of Seattle, stop by Theo Chocolate, I hear their factory tour is great.

If you catch decent sunny weather, and if not too touristy, take a trip up the Space Needle for some amazing views of the Olympics (to the west) and Cascades (to the east), plus plenty of lakes in between, or stop by the Ballard Locks and watch the boats.

Want a place to explore in the wild, have a car, maybe weekend trip? Most impressive would be Wallace Falls (2 hrs east and north), although the easiest to access would have to be Snoqualmie Falls (45 mins due east of Seattle).

Thanks. I'm looking more forward to my trip now. I might fly out a day early so I can hike. I come from a small coastal town and love the outdoors.
Will the wildflowers be in bloom during the end of June?
I'm looking at spray park and summerland mt rainier. I like the look of the meadows. Do you know any hiking trails where I could spend the night, either in a rental car or cheap air bnb type place?
You are very welcome and wish you safe travels! Check site:(wta org) for a list of hike reviews and ratings. I’m not familiar with sleeping in the car at the trail heads in Rainier but site:(NWHikers net) claims it is not permitted, yet lightly enforced.

Summerland is beautiful and at the right times offers impressive prairie flower and glacier views of Rainier. The last trail review on WTA shows Summerland still has mid-deep snow pack as of May 27th, 2018. Might be melting this upcoming week June 14th with our weather forecast finally hitting the mid-80’s F (~26C). I doubt much has melted since the end of May due to our mild wet spring weather. I would check WTA trail reviews in a week if the area has thawed out, if not, plan for Spray Park.

Inexpensive ($50-75/night) AirBNB’s can be found outside the park, look in Buckley (1hr) or Greenwater (30 mins) from Summerland, Fairfax (1hr) if visiting Spray Park. The cities outside the park will be VERY rural from circa Mining/Rail era (early 1900’s), but 4 walls and a bed beats the car.


File: 1526105739488.jpg (60 KB, 465x750)
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Heroin, heroin, and more fucking heroin.


It's all over the place in Seattle. Dirt cheap and practically legal. The city is following in Vancouver's footsteps and opening safe injection sites too.

Don't believe the bullshit about this being some kind of demon drug.

A three day binge won't kill you or turn you into an instant junkie. This city is like nothing you've ever seen when God is in your veins.
>not touring civil war battle sites while smacked out on fentanyl
get on my level kid
File: 1524241254271.png (89 KB, 469x346)
89 KB
Capitol Hill is for the fudgepacker nightlife.
Do you have any opinion on Elbe? I found a teepee camp that seems interesting. It's near Asheville. Not sure if the location is good because it's further south than Buckley and when I do google maps towards Summerland they have me drive through Buckley first. But if there is good hiking towards to south of mt rainier that is cool too
Seattle and that state is a fucking shithole

sage thread
you pulled this shit in the last thread
fuck off junkie
So my sister's roommates (boyfriend and girlfriend) are gonna be moving in august, I might be able to get their old room or another roommates old room, but the thing is I'm currently unemployed and in Spokane. Would having a job lined up over there be a good idea for me?
Considering moving to Washington soon, should I? Maybe a suburb outside of Seattle.
its expensive as fuck here. If you work in the city expect to sit in traffic all the fucking time. Also expect shitty weather. It is a pretty state though...
I’m okay with rain so I can live with it, and I come from New York so I’m used to expensive prices
Any anons been to Spokane?

I'm a milfag and I'm about to be stationed at the base there for the next 3 or 4 years.

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