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Me and 3 friends (all 30+) are going to travel the east coast of the USA with car for 3 weeks.
What should we do on the way?
We're staying in NY for 5 days, Philadelphia for ? days, Atlantic City for ? days and Washington for at least 1 night.
Then we want to spend a couple of days in Miami as well.

What is there more on the east coast that we shouldn't miss?
We are europoors btw

Trayvon Martin and that Bathsalt cannibal were both Florida things. Be aware that state is fucked up
You should check out Charleston and Savanah. St. Augustine could be neat to.
Cheers mate, will check it out
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Don't be a pussy I live in Miami and visit a friend in the swamp of Orlando to look at the real fucking weird mother fuckers. Also buy a gun.
Where can we shoot guns? What state has the most liberal weapon laws?
The Carolinas are probably your best bet for that.
Make some friends in a rural area and just say you've never shot and want to.
You'll be in some friendly rednecks back yard shooting range in no time.
source: I live in NC and would totally take a tourist shooting
Don't just take 95 all the way up the coast.
Get a good map and meander around as much as your schedule allows.
You don't get a good feel of the states if you stick to the interstates. It becomes super bland.
Get off the beaten path and the culture is actually really diverse from place to place.
Also eat as much bbq as possible while in the south (Florida isn't the south. Its a region all to its self, not that that is a bad thing)
>not going to nags head to see where the first flight was

missing out
I'd suggest heading more inland in the South; Appalachia is well worth seeing, as is Atlanta, but you should probably straight-shot straight from Atlanta to Miami you won't be missing anything in between.
>source: I live in NC and would totally take a tourist shooting

Invite me to your place, I promise I won't point your own gun at you, tie you up in the woods and rob/rape you :^)
I suggest once you hit Florida head down A1A it's a nice stretch of highway on the coast and beats the tedium of I-95.
We'll think about it, thanks for the suggestion

Looks amazing, cheers!

We're not going north of NY

If the OP pic is his route then 95 in Carolina is the worst, and he'd have to make a significant detour to the East or West of 95 to see anything worthwhile, so I say skip NC. I am a North Carolinian, as well.
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I live in Eastern NC. I have traveled the route in your Road Trip map several times. My work requires I go all the way to the North East corner of Maine and down to Florida at different times of the year. Ive also been to Toronto but never made it to Montreal.

>Portland, Maine
I love this town, great food and its on the water.
Check out Eventide (if you like seafood and raw oysters) and/or Central Provisions for some good food.

>Boston, Mass
I fucking hate Boston. Absolute subhuman trash.

> Hartford, Connecticut
I stayed in this city during a weekend between travel destinations, such a let down. It was like a ghost town at the bars on a Saturday night and lots of homeless beggers. Maybe I was in a bad area

>NYC. Lots to do here. You'll be paying to park your car at some garage which can get pricey. Brooklyn was cool, Manhattan can get expensive.

Never been here, I zip thru this area when I travel. Philly sports fans are complete subhumans, I imagine the whole city is like that

I love DC. Lots of good food, the city becomes kind of a ghost town at night also, since all the govt employees commute. I would say to spend a day checking out the monuments and museums

>Myrtle Beach SC
AKA Dirty Myrtle. I gangbanged a girl at a beach hotel here a couple years ago with a couple of my friends. Lots of sluts, mostly touristy shit, food is subpar

>Charelston SC
More elegant beach town than Myrtle Beach. Better food and experience for a more mature crowd.

>Savannah, GA
I havent spent much time here, but I like what I saw. Similar to Charleston. If you stop here and want a good place to eat, check out "A Lure" best shrimp and grits ever (get grits at some point in the south).

>Orlando, FL
Unless you want to go to a theme park (I hate them) I would skip this place all together. Nothing but a tourist trap.

File: rosey2.jpg (439 KB, 1534x2048)
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439 KB JPG

>Sarasota, FL
If you have time, shoot over to the west coast of Florida. Siesta Key Beach is beautiful. Lots to do at St. Armand's Circle. Cruise around the bayfront. Also the tour of the "Ca d'zan" is cool, its the Ringling Circus Museum and estate. Do the "John's tour" for an amazing rooftop view of the water.

I've been here but didn't get the opportunity to really enjoy it. I can't offer any recommendations.

>Florida Keys
If you have time, drive further south of Miami over the water and thru the keys. Key West was not worth it to me, its a high tourist area and lots of faggots. But Marathon and Islamorada are very nice.


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