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Reading this made me realise I needed to end my suffocating relationship and get out there while I'm still young (21) stuck doing a degree until this time next year, but after this I'm out of here.

Anyone else inspired by this book?
No but I have friend who has and he's a big jack kerouak fan. He will never say but I'm pretty sure it has influenced him to hitch hike across the US several times.
You are still quite young, so you can get away with this type of irresponsible behavior. However your sole existence will be to inconvenience people that don't deserve your shit. I suggest working on yourself a tad more before becoming an international hedonist.
Haha, oh don't worry - I'm not going to live my life like this forever, I've got too much going on back here (stuff I want to be doing) to do that. But yeah - do it while I'm young.
Amazing - how was it for him?
Haven't read his work, but people tell me I remind them of him.
I got kicked out at 16 and been on my own since (19 now) I was homeless for a bit staying in a nowhere town and before I signed a 2 year lease I decided I could do the same thing, but have a wacky road trip while doing it, so I sold all my shit and hitchhiked west, I still gotta graduate highschool but GED's are easy to get and tradeschools offer good careers,
There will be a time to slow down and take shit seriously but I don't wanna start a life in a world I don't fully understand, so I might as well see it to find my place in it
i have too many friends who went straight to college, are looking at buying houses with their highschool sweethearts and setting roots in the town they were born in, but thats just not for me. I dont wanna travel when i'm old and have kids, I like the nitty gritty, and if the hippy dippy liftstyle is too attractive then fuck it ill work kitchen gigs forever backpack the world and end up a dead drunk bum in the slums of thailand.

whatever i do its gonna be because I wanted to do it
Hope you 2 think seriously about your futures. I’m not saying either option is wrong, but I will say the things you prefer will change with time. What we want at 19 is usually different than what we want at 30, and if you dig yourself into a hole deep enough, it gets tougher and tougher to climb out of as the years go by. The world soldiers on with or without you, and nobody will want to accept or employ a dude without a diploma or degree who spent the past 10 years “learning the rules of the street man”. We know what you were doing during that decade, let’s not pretend the knowledge you acquired will benefit the IT department. But then maybe the idea of being a working stiff sends shivers down your spine. Will it when your health starts its slow but inevitable slide toward decay, and you find yourself without a network since you’re constantly on the move, without a good job since you have no skills, and without time left to do it? Only you can judge.

I think a true connoisseur of life would want to extend the pleasure of existence as long as possible, soaking in all the intricacies in a more balanced way, as opposed to trying to take it all in one big gulp. Time is a necessary investment for many experiences. It’s a key with no substitute, and it unlocks some of the finest doors. Knowing the history of another person because you were there to experience it, falling in love and attempting to make it work with a significant other, working with a few of the same people for decades and experiencing life’s milestones with them. These things have merit.
Don’t listen to these faggots op
Go travel the world
>be 28 an single saved loads working since 19
>fly to Asia and spend 4 years traveling places like Philippine islands and Thailand
>savings running out, hop over to Australia
>spend 2 years backpacking and working jobs like fruit picking and pedicabbing
>see entire country and leave with 25k in savings
>fly to ny, ny and buy minivan
>remove rear seats and put small mattress
>spend six months crossing to California checking out many sites along the way
>spend an entire year backpacking Northern California
>climb volcanoes, surf, ride mountain bikes through redwoods
>wake up late everyday to do whatever
>time of my life

Eventually I got stuck back in Texas being a wageslave but I’m gonna do it again first chance I get

Get a good minivan with dark tint
Get anytime fitness membership (showers, electric plugs, place to park and sleep at night, also their in almost every town nationwide)
When money gets low go to a local staffing agency for a temp job (all you need is food and fuel)

Pic related: my travel van
I read On The Road on the bus when I went on my first real trip. It set the mood beautifully and I enjoyed my time very much. I didn't finish it during the ride, and read the rest when I was visiting my hometown after. Inspired me to draw up a map of cities in my country I want to visit, plan the best route from them and to other European cities.

I'm in uni right now but get three months off every summer and winter. I'm stingy and worry about money too much, which I know I'll have to get over, but I really want to do proper roadtrip or at least a long time away from my city starting next month. What's holding me back besides the money is the fear of missing out on seeing my friends, though.
Take this advice OP
I live in my minivan too (town and country) and its cool i promise

When your 30-40 and "have no skillz" you simply learn a trade or whatever and then start your own business's
>Darma bums is my favorite Kerouac book
This sounds amazing.
>reaching the cusp of your 30's without a significant other
>all women your age are loose hippies
>wake up in the morning and realize you don't look as charming as you used too all those years back...

Sounds like a shit way to live after 25.
This anon is lying. Americans don't get 2 years to stay in Australia on a working holiday visa, only 1. And then he says "stuck back in Texas" meaning he is from the US. Entire story is bullshit
Lol. Have fun learning a trade at 40 and starting a business with 0 practical knowledge and experience. It’s not easy to do either one of those things, especially when you’re 40 and over the hill.
I'm considering doing a biking trip through Europe, stopping at any town or city that looks charming and spending some hours day. If I get tired I'd just book a room in the nearest city or camp somewhere, then go on my way the following day.

>reaching the cusp of your 30's without a significant other
This is gonna happen to us one way or another anyway.
>Nobody ever divorces
>reaching the cusp of your 30's without a significant other
imagine caring this much about women and letting them dictate your life. fuck off.
Americans get 1 year working holiday

Spent a couple months in Thailand then returned and worked cash jobs

After my first year was up I came back as a tourist which allows 1 year of stay which is supposedly 3 months at a time but I kept applying for extensions, they finally told me no more extensions at the 11 month mark so I purchased a ticket and flew out
>I’m total almost 2 years down under

Pic related: my travel van on California coastline
One piece of advice op, do not get in another soul crushing relationship.
You may think that right now you just have the wrong woman, but the fact is they are all horrible.
Use this trip to learn to be alone.
You will be far happier in the long run.
Any other good books to stoke the wanderlust?
The Motorcycle Diaries

>ends up in Tenderloin, San Francisco sucking dicks and smoking crack

Ho ho ho what a life.
You're immature.

'Significant other' doesn't just mean a girl to fuck, it means someone who will share your life, it means the mother of your children and so on.
read the Rational Male and you will never look at relationships the same
>stuck back in Texas being a wageslave
This is the key part, to live a life of freedom the poster has to go through bouts of menial labour.
I suggest you make your time more valuable so you can easily pick up well paying contracts, this way you can also settle down if you ever choose to do so.
That guy was a horrible rapist and murderer.
A true psychopath
This is a pipedream in 2018.
Its been years since even a sliver of the general population had this work out for them.
>end my suffocating relationship
Do it now, dont wait another day
This is the motherfucker that will spend majority of his life climbing the corporate ladder and realize that he wasted his life. I saved up money at 18 and traveled to Croatia, best choice I ever made. Don't be a pussy, don't be this guy.
Oh yeah, did that months back. Just reading it made me realise I wasn't ever going to get what I want with her.

Now I'm just working out where I'm going to go to travel and how I'm actually going to do it.
I make films and photography, stuff like that. The dream is to do it as a career, but I'd love to be able to travel the world making music videos for artists in different countries.
I don't think they're all horrible. There are genuinely happy relationships out there, and I'll get there eventually.

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