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Should I move to Brunei or is in danger of crashing?
Why there? Got a job offer?
Girlfriend is from there. She’s studying in London right now but is going home ina few months. Thinking of moving there to teach English after graduating in three or four years.
underrated album
should I move to
>shitty 3rd world country

Answer is always no.

>for a girl

Double no.
what do you mean by crashing?
if you mean the economy, yes it was doing pretty badly due to the oil price drop, but now oil is back up again, they probably have less of a problem

i dont know much about the market for English teaching jobs but i believe it is a country that would require qualifications
you say you are going through university so i expect you would be able to find a job

many people say brunei is boring, but i say no news is good news. its safe, clean etc. what more could you want?

tl:dr if your relationship survives four years long distance, why not?

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