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I will have the opportunity to visit Budapest for a couple weekends while being in hungary work. What are the absolute must sees and things to avoid? I know English and German.
Kiraly and Veli bej spas.
Avoid doing or buying anything at the airport other than getting an official taxi outside the arrivals at the taxi booth.
check out the spas, gellért hill, the castle district, city park, the medieval ruins on margaret island, the roman ruin garden and amphitheaters of aquincum, go caving in the szemlőhegyi or pálvölgyi cave, visit the great market hall, discover the ruin pubs of the jewish district, check out the national museum if you're interested in the long and eventful history of hungary and the hungarian people, catch a concert on a38 or at akvárium klub, stroll down andrássy avenue from heroes' square, take tram nr. 2 at jászai mari square and ride it till fővám square, climb the stairs of st. stephen's basilica for a panoramic view of the city, and eat out at least once in Kéhli (they serve delicious traditional Hungarian fare and they have live gypsy music every night)

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