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Hello everyone
Planning a trip to Ireland with my brother for next month, hoping to get a couple ideas
We are definitely doing the plastic paddy stuff, like Kilmainham, GPO, going to see where our family came from in Galway, Cliffs of Moher etc. Have been to Dublin for a few days once before, pretty much all we did was drink though.
What are some other good ideas for how we can spend our time there? For reference, we are planning on going for 7-10 days and are going to rent a car when we get into Dublin, so hopefully we will be able to get around somewhat easily
I'm not too fond of Ireland but I recommend the Burren National Park. It's a truly unique landscape, close to Galway.
Thank you, exactly the type of suggestion I'm looking for. It looks beautiful.
Went on a rugby tour a couple years ago. Limericks was a shithole but Cork was very cool. the downtown is on an island. the food market has delicious meat and cheese. the bars are fun too. the whole main drag is a good time.
Burren, Clew bay/Croagh Patrick, Ceide Fields, Glendalough.
Also Donegal is beautiful as fuck but pretty empty. Getting a car is definetely a good idea
Remember to kiss the Blarney Stone and tour the Guinness brewery if you are going full tourist.
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Wicklow is pretty underrated for hiking imo
Galway's great in the summer. Westport's a fun town. Nice stuff around there. Aran Islands maybe.Donegal's spectacular if you head that far north. Remote and wild.

A good strategy might be to do the Wild Atlantic Way.

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