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American here. How difficult would it be to move to Switzerland, get a job, and ultimately gain Swiss citizenship? I have a bachelor’s degree in Geography and no criminal history if that makes any difference.
Fellow American here.

You're not getting in unless you're married to a Swiss dame, have lived there for twelve years, and/or speak French/German/Italian. Just move to the Rockies for your fill of the mountains, m8

I'm a GP Doctor in Australia, had a boyfriend who was Swiss. We tossed around the idea of me emigrating. I have quite a list of qualifications, and impressive work experience yet the process would be apx 10 years and I was already getting sick of my ex after just 12 months.
Move to Northern Italy while you still can.
What is it with self loathing Americans moving to Europe? The Rockies, Cascades, Sierra Nevada, and Appalachia are all much better than the Alps for mountain shit.
Because fresh outta college or soon to be fresh outta college people see it as a paradise. They see the job market here as impossible so grass is greener over the fence. Yet they fail to factor in that the job market for skilled labor is already capped for the most part in Europe, the amount of taxes paid, and other general misconceptions.

Seriously move to Salt Lake city, maybe denver, or somewhere around the pacific northwest. H1B's are much harder for companies to get now, so jobs in america are popping up a lot more here.
Switzerland is expensive as fuck. Consider settling in a nearby country and commute by train or car every day. You don't want to live in a country where you can't afford anything fun.
American whose wife works for a very large Swiss-based multinational reporting in. We lived in Switzerland for two+ years while she was at HQ. While I was pretty easily granted long-term sit-around-and-be-unemployed residency, I never managed to qualify for a Swiss work visa (despite a Master's degree and some theoretically useful skills). I worked remotely, under the table, the whole time I was there. It is among the least open to foreigners of any country in Europe, at least in terms of letting people stay permanently. In some cantons, your citizenship is subject to a vote by your neighbors.

So it doesn't seem worth it to try to me, but perhaps you will have a better time.
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>bachelor’s degree in Geography

I had to look up what you can do with a geography BA just in case my pre-impression of its uselessness was wrong. Just like I expected, not fucking much other than be a surveyor, grade school teacher, or city worker. I think the Swiss have got those covered.

Go be an Engrish teacher somewhere in Asia.
Bachelor is worthless, get something higher. Moving to Switzerland and then getting a job is legally impossible (except for reasons). Get a job remotely or apply for a master's, then you can move in.
Ask Tina Turner...

She's been there, done that, learned Advanced German for it...
Not OP and I'd have to check but I believe I have a friend with Swiss citizenship. Hypothetically would I be able to arrange to marry her for citizenship? What other steps would I have to go through? Thread just got me curious.
>H1Bs are harder to get now.
Thank God.
How hard is it to emigrate to Germany or Austria?
depends, how Syrian are you?
Not at all, but I tan nicely
>Requirements for Whites to emigrate to European countries
>Masters or higher
>Converse in all official languages
>Have job offer beforehand

>Requirements for non-Whites to emigrate to European countries
>Scale a fence

There seems to be a double standard here.
If you're trying to emigrate, Switzerland is in the Nightmare Mode difficulty level. Try something easier.

I myself was wondering recently how difficult it would be to move to the Netherlands.

>Universal healthcare and higher education
>Excellent transport infrastructure
>Over 90% of the population can converse in English
>Historically very tolerant of everyone, including immigrants
>Part of Schengen, Eurozone, NATO

Also, I don't think this will matter, but I lived there for two years as a kid when my father was in the US Air Force.

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