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File: dropbear says gday.jpg (64 KB, 544x544)
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Driving from Melbourne to Cairns and back again.
Anyone ever do this?
1. Is Surfer's Paradise really a paradise?
2. Is it better to rent a van or take a Greyhound bus?
3. I'm very pale, is there a special SPF for albinos?
You'll be/you're in Australia. You're gonna need sunscreen. SPF 50 is fine.

>source: Never got a sunburn in 26 years in USA. Got one after one day in Australia.

If you're going up to Cairns be prepared to bring a lot of water; it's extremely hot and humid, even by Australia standards.
Not done that per se but:

No, Surfer's Paradise isn't really a paradise although not a terrible place either. Frankly I can't name a thing that you can find only there unless you're specially looking for a holiday resort-type of a place.

If roadtripping is your goal then you may want to go up to Cairns if not then I'd consider twice because there is nothing there. One of the most boring places I've been to.
File: 1521530303070.png (88 KB, 611x669)
88 KB

>Is Surfer's Paradise really a paradise?
Eh it's alright, depends when you go

>Is it better to rent a van or take a Greyhound bus?
Better to rent a van, less expensive for bus

>I'm very pale, is there a special SPF for albinos?
Idk but your arms will get roasted in whatever vehicle you take, so just be ready for that
>1. Is Surfer's Paradise really a paradise?
If you're into drugs and sluts, go nuts
>2. Is it better to rent a van or take a Greyhound bus?
Do you mean a coach? If you can get a decent rate on a van go for it... But you'd have to drive it back wouldn't you? Quite an effort.
>3. I'm very pale, is there a special SPF for albinos?
Harden up cunt
>Is Surfer's Paradise really a paradise?
If you're 18 and have just graduated high school, it's supposed to be. Otherwise it's overhyped crap, though.
>Is it better to rent a van or take a Greyhound bus?
Get the van if you can. Get the windscreen insurance because they'll bend you over and fuck you *hard* for the smallest scratches.
>I'm very pale, is there a special SPF for albinos?
It's called winter but you don't get that north of ~Mackay

>there is nothing in Cairns
While true, if he gets the van there's loads of national parks around the town. The Atherton tablelands, Cape Tribulation & Cape Melville, etc.
Australia is fucked. I fucking spend 20 minutes in the sun and get burnt to a crido. Goto some other fucken country and I walk around all day and it takes me a whole week to get burned.
But m8, Cairns is known as a 'backpackers paradise' online, they're planning to change the name to suit it. Also it is my jumping off place to SCUBA
Redpill me on Australia
My itinerary
>Sydney 5 days
>Hop on Off bus up Eastern Coast
>Port Macquarie 2 days
>Brisbane 3 days
>Gladstone 2 days
>Townsville 2 days
>Cairns 3 days
>Rent car drive to
>Alice Springs 3 days
>Melbourne 4 days
>drive to sydney
That will be Okay.

I'm from Brisbane and have been to a lot of those places. Top places to be in Australia are Melbourne and the Bondi region of Sydney. Also exploring natural places in Northern Territory/WA/Tasmania.

North QLD is boring.
No, Surfers isn't that great -from a party perspective the clubs are dog shit. From a surfers perspective it is also trash-southern gold coast (Coolangatta) and north NSW far better. Don't spend long in Surfers. Spend more time in Melbourne and Sydney.
>goes to Australia
>doesn't wear one of these
Combine with a lightweight long sleeve shirt and some nice linen pants.

Getting sunburned is the fucking easiest mistake to avoid. This is travel 101, mate.
>Melbourne and the Bondi region of Sydney
Mate, what? Unique natural wonders in literally every state and you pick Melbourne and fucking Bondi?

Keep in mind that Uluru-Kata Tjuta is pretty far from Alice Springs. A day each in Port Macquarie and Gladstone is more than enough, to be honest. Go canoe on the Noosa Everglades if you like that. I might even be your guide. :^)
How much time do you have planned to drive from Cairns to Alice and from Alice to Melbourne?
Get a cheap jerry can (or two) off Gumtree and fill them up at a cheap petrol station. Prices in the Red Centre are _mad_.
Melbourne-Sydney is a decent day's drive if you get up early.
Overall, backpacker/10 itinerary. That's not meant as an insult, but you'll be among other backpackers _all_ the time.
Yes, Bondi as a base to smash around Sydney city highlights, all other areas of Sydney would be shit to stay.
I've already bought one for Prime day. Makes me look like Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park, but that's okay because I'm the guy who always wears a white "I Love NY" T, or a Hawaiian shirt in Maui, or a ku klux clan robe in Mississippi, I like to buy the holiday uniform, it makes me feel more vacationy.
What are some good Queensland hostels for bald men who want to knife British backpackers?
Even as a flyover this video is extremely disappoing.

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