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Anyone got tips, what are some easy countries to travel in as a very simple person? The title is bit clickbaity I admit. But lets say it this way, I barely can travel inside my own country with busses and trains (im stupid enough to still commonly miss the busses, go to the wrong places and so on), so the thought of moving inside foreign countries with busses and such trouble me. I also paid for a Spanish language course and went there for 4 weeks, learned only the very, very basics and couldn't keep up with the group even though it was a small course like that. Dont have a car licence either nor can I even fucking drive

Lots of other examples, but you get the idea, im stupid as hell and my IQ is probably around 85. What kind of countries would be easy to travel in? I am from Europe and speak decent English, willing to try to learn some other ones as well but I am very slow learner no matter the subject

Any tips? or should I just give up on traveling? I have traveled before but usually with family, thinking about traveling alone as I would have more freedom on choosing the countries and well, more freedom with everything. Except with things that my stupidity limit
If you know the very basics in Spanish, then go to Spain. Andalusia is super easy. Just don't go during the sumer.
Just take bus travel lessons. You aren't ready yet to travel my friend.
just go. you will either figure it out or get lost and die.
I went to Peru, knew only words and not phrases and got around just fine. Make sure you have offline maps and the local language offline in Google translate ready.
Just go to a city small enough that you can walk everywhere, buy a sim when you arrive and use Google maps to go everywhere

Or you could go to a cheap city and live in the center and use metro or busses only if you want

With this method you don't need to interact with anyone so if doesn't matter if they speak English

Go to the Netherlands. Everybody there speaks English, people bike everywhere (even to other cities), people are very friendly, it's impossible for you to get lost since there are towns everywhere. Outside Amsterdam and Rotterdam it's virtually crimeless, if you wanna visit those two you'll probably get pickpocket and scammed multiple times a day though.
As an undiagnosed retard i would've preferred a more blunt thread.
I'm not a mongel who can't read bus routes, but i am retarded to a degree for not researching cool things and just winging it
Go to Japan. I'll be shocked if you can fuck that up.
That or an English speaking country I guess.

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