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Any anons from the Pacific Northwest? I just recently took a job in Spokane, WA after living in the South Central US for my entire life.

What can I expect, and what are some must hits? I fully plan on wondering over into the national parks in Montana and checking out Seattle and Portland at some point.
Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma are both solid. Space Needle obviously. Hoh Rainforest is a must if you like nature but it is very deep from Spokane.
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Looks like it'll be an 8 hour drive. I also love making and drinking wine so i'll have to hit up the valley
From my experience there, the traffic sucks really bad since there's only one major highway along all the major cities. Also the cost of living there is really high because a lot of people are moving up there from California for Google and Microsoft jobs. But the Puget Sound is beautiful and excellent if you want to go scuba diving. And the forests (that weren't already cut down en mass) are like no other in North America. It's a really beautiful state and I wish you luck and safe travels.
Spokane is literally the most miserable, worthless, disgusting city I've ever had the displease of driving through.
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if you have a passport there's some nice towns in bc
Grew up not far from Spokane. Lots of outdoorsy stuff available: fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, etc.
Lived near Spokane for a bit, lots of nice outdoor shit to do and Idaho is nearby for more. Check out coeur d'alene too.
Snoqualmie in your OP is really nice too but it's just outside of Seattle on the other side of the state. Worth checking out especially if you're into Twin Peaks though.
I lived in Spokane for a while. First the good stuff, it is very easy to get around, if you are into hiking there is a lot very close by, there is some culture, always stuff to do if you want to go out for the night, and it is cheap compared to a lot of western Washington.
The bad.... Lots of homelessness, drugs, really shit roads. No where else have I had the swat team raid the place across from me twice, had people break into my neighbor's place at 2 in the morning, had to go confront tweakers trying to get into my car in the early hours of the morning. Honestly I like Spokane. The people are great for the most part and being able to drive 25 minutes and go camping is pretty awesome, but you have to be aware that crazy shit will happen.

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